Life Of The Vampire Girl

by TrollingTrolls

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Psychological Romance Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Gender Bender Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Erin was a boy, who loved playing fantasy games.
One day, he saw a new fantasy game, so he chose to check it out.
He created his character, a female vampire.
And then everything went wrong.


Follow the struggles of Erin in different world as a vampire girl.


Editor: TwilightForest


Cover artist: nothingisit4me

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Waking up in a cave ago
Chapter 2: Encounter ago
Chapter 3: Hunger ago
Chapter 4: Out of control ago
Chapter 5: Awakening ago
Chapter 6: With No Destination ago
Chapter 7: Follow the trail ago
Chapter 8: Pursuit through the forest ago
Chapter 9: Between life and death(1) ago
Chapter 10: Between life and death(2) ago
Chapter 11: Between life and death(3) ago
Chapter 12: Waking Up ago
Chapter 13: Taking a bath ago
Chapter 14: A sudden meeting ago
Chapter 15: Lord of the castle ago
Chapter 16: Conversation ago
Chapter 17: Start of the journey ago
Chapter 18: Goblin extermination ago
Chapter 19: Troubled heart ago
Chapter 20: Training ago
Chapter 21: Lurking Shadow ago
Chapter 22: Learning new skill ago
Chapter 23: Returning to the castle ago
Chapter 24: Erin's decision ago
Chapter 25: The wolf's ambition ago
Chapter 26: Marching out ago
Chapter 27: Start of the war ago
Chapter 28: Second awakening ago
Chapter 29: The castle in a crisis ago
Chapter 30: Battle with the werewolves (1) ago
Chapter 31: Battle with the werewolves (2) ago
Chapter 32: Battle with the werewolves (3) ago
Chapter 33: Battle with the werewolves (4) ago
Chapter 34: Battle with the werewovles (5) ago
Chapter 35: Battle with the werewolves (6) ago
Chapter 36: The war ends ago
Chapter 37: Erin's panic ago
Chapter 38: Back to the castle ago
Chapter 39: Blood Slave ago
Chapter 40: Erin's feelings ago
Chapter 41: Conviction ago
Chapter 42: A new journey ago
Chapter 43: The first task ago
Chapter 44: The test (1) ago
Chapter 45: The test (2) ago
Chapter 46: A sudden ambush ago
Chapter 47: Domain ago
Chapter 48: Encounter in the forest ago
Chapter 49: New companion ago
Chapter 50: Coming to the city ago
Chapter 51: Settling at the inn ago
Chapter 52 ago
Chapter 53: Out for shopping ago
Chapter 54: Tailor shop ago
Chapter 55: Lyse's power ago
Chapter 56: Gift ago
Chapter 57: Richard's feelings ago
Chapter 58: Evening Meal ago
Chapter 59: Mistake ago
Chapter 60 ago
Chapter 61 ago
Chapter 62 ago
Chapter 63 ago
Chapter 64 ago
Chapter 65 ago
Chapter 66 ago
Chapter 67 ago
Chapter 68 ago
Chapter 69 ago
Chapter 70 ago
Chapter 71 ago
Chapter 72 ago
Chapter 73 ago
Chapter 74 ago
Chapter 75 ago
Chapter 76 ago
Chapter 77 ago
Chapter 78 ago
Chapter 79 ago
Chapter 80 ago
Chapter 81 ago
Chapter 82 ago
Chapter 83 ago
Chapter 84 ago
Chapter 85 ago
Chapter 86 ago
Chapter 87 ago
Chapter 88 ago

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This story showed early promise but it ultimately fails to commit towards its own story in favor of cliches. Even though 90% of light novels commits this literary crime, it doesn't justify it. The story is about a pure-blooded vampire who's a demon lord and the protagonist who reincarnated into the opposite sex and becomes the love interest. The author attempts to throw in psychological elements of how the change in body and worlds affects the protagonist but it's all very shallow. Very surface level stuff that resolves quickly.

The protagonist is OP and is given noble status right away as Richard, the male love interest and demon king, attempts to justify this direction by training her. Although she fought for her life early on, this immediately shifted the tone of the story into a very low stakes 'slice-of-life'-like light novel series. Although the chapter length works in light novels, they don't do well outside the medium.

I wouldn't mind this if the story wasn't so cliche and immature. We only know characters on a surface level so this makes everything they do feel just things that happen. The storyline in which the protagonist has to sort out her feelings about drinking blood and killing people makes little sense because the author offers both solutions as correct while never acknowledging the contradiction. Okay, don't kill humans because that'll incite them to hunt them. Well, they're already being hunted and they keep killing humans.

The immature romance is the worst.

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a very good gb story with a isekai twist

An enjoyable genderbender story about a boy doing the classic thinks its a a game.... surprise!!! He starts as a strong beginner but soon realizes how weak he is and at the same time having not changed just race but gender as well. Best thing about this novel to me is the MC and ML and thier fumbling relationship. Also how the MC struggles with trying to apply his morals as a very different race. Ultimately it is a very fun read with frequent updates. It does not really try to push any envelops but I really enjoy it and look forward to every update.

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decent start for new writer, still have some cons

the novel are quite decent, the fight scene are quite good (but only for small scale or few person, since the war part with army aren't great), at one point there are decent character developing, but in another one (especially after chapter 24, or in the first war arc) some character like the mc are a bit out of character, and the villain are shallow like 2D one, and at this arc the author rushed a bit too much that you don't feel attached to any of the humans and werewolves, and a lot of character get killed like "game of throne", except most of them are shallow, only 1 or few new character that actually a bit more developed are getting killed later instead, that not how you write a tragedy scene here, and Out of everyone you wrote about, only Stefan and the maid gave off a 'real character' kind of vibe (maybe aside from mc and the lord). You're just forcing things too much and too far
the romantic part can be decent, but if you don't make a good character change/developing and make them out of their character then it only end up bring down the romantic part along with it, at least after the war arc (chapter 38), everything begin to be more stabilized now, and hope the author learn and fix it later

The way that this is currently written, it reads a little more like boy x boy than boy x girl (until after chapter 24 where the mc finally accept that he is a "she" now), so I suggest those who hate "boy x boy" feeling and gender bender thing don't read this"

these past few chapters in the war arc (in another website where it further ahead) have been set on full throttle for a little too long. The action isn't as exciting when you leave it a full speed the entire time. And Fix your pacing and flow, you're destroying your world here in this arc, at least from chapter like chapter 44~45, it becomes decent again

The grammar are fine, only some missing or typo, nothing to hinder your reading much, and the world setting is the type of "kill or be killed", but later like chapter 45, it show that the mc and other isn't a purely murder machine and do have their own limit and morale there, which is nice

(comment from other reader: You really cant blame richard for being possessive. Erin is too damn cute in later chapter)

(the review have some copy from other reader like "otokonoko", to help analyze the novel for author and reader )

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Obligatory Still a better love story than Twilight

I don't think the story is great. But it isn't bad. I found myself enjoying the story and even with the somewhat shallow romance at the start. I do find myself rooting for it now that I am all caught up. 

Really, The biggest issue I have is that the first half of the story or so, The pacing wasn't great. It really felt like it needed to be slowed down. Thankfully, later on, it seems a lot more mellow.

I do kind of wish we got things like more about the MC's family. I still think it'd be fun to watch his sisters reaction to what's happened to him.

Overall the story isn't great but was still fun for me to read.

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Stop being so critical

  1. This is a good story so far I don't know why others rate it like that so please don't stop writing...For the others the MC showed worry about the change in gender but it looked like something in how he was brought over help speed up acceptance of the overall situation but he/she still has several problems he/she is going through...This is also the author's first book so please just enjoy the story
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Filed Under 'T' for Trash

Feels like someone looked at anime stereotypes and dialed it to 9,000. This has the effect of coming off incredibly simple mindded and sexisit as fuck.


For example, bunch of peeps die and the main female character (Erin) is upset about this. Main male lead (Richard) has this response:

“Richard sighed. Erin was still too emotional. Girls were girls, after all!.”


It doesn't sound that bad on its own and I could accept it if maybe we’re saying this one character thinks like this or maybe the world does cus its fucked up or whatever, but the whole story is endlessly written like this in this tone. The overall feel I get is that this is the general thought process of the author as it’s never addressed and just taken as fact that women are basically shit. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I were to come across a sentence that states the only use a girl has is to adore her man and shit out kids and not to worry her pretty little head about any of the real problems as the men will deal with it.


Kinda seems to have a fucked up opinion on men as well making them all come across as rapey. Again, this is fine if you want to have one character acting like this. But it’d be nice if it be shown as something wrong instead it's written so matter of factly that I kinda worry what the writers like in real life. It’s as if this is expected to be normal behavior if a man comes across someone he’s attracted to.


Now maybe I’m wrong and we’re building up to a big twist down the line where the main lead turns out to be the bad guy and the main girl doesnt act like something a weeaboo would look at and ask if you didn’t feel it came off as a little too unrealistic, but im 38 chapters in and I just can’t find it in me to continue.

Ignoring all I’ve mentioned above its just not an easy read. Maybe if someone was to proofread it for the author it would help make the sentences flow better, tighten up the loose premise of a plot, and remove the goddamn idiocy of some of the crap that shouldn’t have made its way in there to start with.


So yeah…. Not a fan


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Nice Story (and good vampires :P)

As this is one of my first reviews I will keep it short. This story is a pretty nice lighthearted story, even with the bit of gore attached. It looks like this story will be a non-yuri gender bender romance, which gets from me some bonus points :P Anyways, except for the kinda bland writing style and bit of lacking characterization (which is done more throughly later on) this novel is pretty good. A recommendation for everyone who likes Gender Bender and cute MCs ^-^

  • Overall Score

These are some of the lamest vampires ever written, definitely at the level of twilight or vampire diaries trash. No soul collecting, regeneration from any wounds not caused by holy weapons, no familiars etc. Basically none of the cool vampire powers from Hellsing.