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Maximilian, brought into a God's rat race to fill the numbers, was transported into another world. Nothing like the brilliant contestants that fill the other spots, Maximilian was an afterthought in the God's game. Confronted with the frustrating reality of being boiled down to three statistics, Maximilian needs to get his act together, or the worlds might very well suffer for it.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Literally the Last ago
Chapter 2: Hammer in the Dirt ago
Chapter 3: Boo! ago
Chapter 4: The Cost of Not Knowing ago
Chapter 5: Who's an Idiot? ago
Chapter 6: I'm an Idiot? ago
Chapter 7: God Gossip ago
Chapter 8: The Beginning of Pain ago
Chapter 9: About a Bet ago
Chapter 10: A Day of Rest ago
Chapter 11: A Guide ago
Chapter 12: Small Town Hero ago
Chapter 13: Signing Bonus ago
Chapter 14: Wages ago
Chapter 15: Inhuman ago
Chapter 16: Note ago
Chapter 17: The Response ago
Chapter 18: Four Coins ago
Chapter 19: Tea ago
Chapter 20: The Sharah ago
Chapter 21: Elation ago
Chapter 22: Blasphemer ago
Chapter 23: Searching ago
Chapter 24: Talks ago
Chapter 25: A Boy's Musings ago
Chapter 26: Growth for a Young Mind ago
Chapter 27: Causa Mortis ago
Chapter 28: Hooray for Not Being Crippled ago
Chapter 29: A Whole New World ago
Chapter 30: Prophecy ago
Chapter 31: Combat ago
Chapter 32: Double Time ago
Chapter 33: A Beast to Wield ago
Chapter 34: Brutality ago
Chapter 35: A Little Trip ago
From the Ashes... ago
Chapter 36: A Stowaway Found ago
Chapter 37: A Slip of the Tongue ago
Chapter 38: Hope ago
Chapter 39: A Welcoming Smile, A Quiet Word ago
Chapter 40: Brothers ago
Chapter 41: Right Hand ago
Chapter 42: A Teaching Moment ago
Chapter 43: Slaughter ago
Chapter 44: Bisect ago
Chapter 45: Demigod ago
Chapter 46: Gods and their Involvement ago
Chapter 47: Unsettling News ago
Chapter 48: Keeper ago
Chapter 49: The Successor ago
Chapter 50: Hindle ago
Chapter 51: A Pact ago
Chapter 52: Midday ago
Chapter 53: Fisticuffs ago
Chapter 54: A Plan ago
Chapter 55: Chances ago
Chapter 56: Cold and Heavy ago
Chapter 57: Test One ago
Chapter 58: Villainous Hand ago
Chapter 59: A Path Forwards ago
Chapter 60: Mecca ago
Chapter 61: Burning Eyes ago
Chapter 62: Small Step ago
Chapter 63: An Awkward Morning ago
Chapter 64: Coincidence ago
Chapter 65: Lauka ago
Chapter 66: Another Day ago
Chapter 67: Meeting ago
Chapter 68: Socialites ago
Chapter 69: Fair Enough ago
Chapter 70: Blessed Dreams ago
Chapter 71: Valeri ago
Chapter 72: Oath ago
Chapter 73: Blade ago
Chapter 74: Candid Opinion ago
Chapter 75: Web ago
Chapter 76: Harsh Shadows ago
Chapter 77: Insurrection ago
Chapter 78: A Rare Rest ago
Chapter 79: Minder ago
Chapter 80: Warrior Divine ago
Chapter 81: All Kinds ago
Chapter 82: Follow Me ago
Chapter 83: Warm Moments ago
Chapter 84: Puzzle ago
Chapter 85: Fix Me ago
Chapter 86: Touch ago
Chapter 87: Prize ago
Chapter 88: House Visit ago
Chapter 89: Blue-finger ago
Chapter 90: Carnival Games ago
Chapter 91: Forever ago
Chapter 92: Decide ago
Chapter 93: Heave ago
Chapter 94: Underlying ago
Chapter 95: Fault ago
Chapter 96: To Kill ago
Chapter 97: Paper ago
Chapter 98: Written in Blood ago
Chapter 99: Sacrificial ago
Chapter 100: Cogs ago
Chapter 101: Casual ago
Chapter 102: Personal ago

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i thought it was going to be a typical isekai power fantasy but actually there are human characters and emotional interactions and the protagonist manages to exert influence on the world without being an overpowered asshole

very cool

my faith in max is such that even if he started collecting girls like rare gacha drops i could only admit that he deserves to get laid ten times a day and continue reading

it is pretty slow at the beginning though you spend like 50 chapters in the same town but it's not just a bog-standard training arc the main character gets shit done and becomes cool in the process

based author had health issues but came back from hiatus with 30 chapters and they still be writing even though this story dropped off trending before it had a chance to really get popular what a chad

you wont be disappointe 


I liked it. Give it a shot. Perhaps you will like it too. It's a transmigration litrpg with a funny start. The novel doesn't treat things too seriously. The MC isn't a too-cool-for-school Jesus-mode pretty boy. He is kind of the exact opposite. I prefer these kinds of characters instead. 

Good grammar and spelling. 

Just needs more chapters. 


Hidden gem of character and world development

Reviewed at: Chapter 79: Minder

An enjoyable story with very enjoyable characters.

The story has a very intriguing setting with characters that have depth that is constantly being explored. It revolves around one of the only few champions to care about the world and his journey to uplift its residents in a realistic way. All while getting stronger :)

Grammar has little to no errors

All i have to say is gve it a try and you may be surprised.


Isekai from the other end of the spectrum

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: God Gossip

Here we have, at least as far as I have read, an isekai where the MC doesn't get a cheat or is secretly a genius. rather he is the only one who isn't.


The story has a slow start, giving more importance to detailed worldbuilding and descriptions then throwing you right into the story, but that doesn't mean it's boring. Rather, you feel like you are reading a movie, with a clear picture in your mind for everything that happens.

There are some hints o the future plot of the story, but the author takes his time introducing it to us. Same with the characters.

Grammar is mostly good. There are some careless spelling mistakes, but it's in no way unreadable.

I'm definitely going to continue reading this!


So far this story has been a fun diversion. 
The male MC's main strong point is neither his  fighting skills nor his over powered mental facilities. (neither of which can be claimed to be anything more than slightly above average)

Instead it is his people skills that shine. 
Which, quite frankly, is a refreshing change of pace. 


Entertaining. I really like the main character Max and I'm enjoying the book so far keep it up.


Seems good, want more

This is good stuff. So far a rather laid back system, which is nice. It might turn out all right, but I'm a bit worried by mentions of demon lords that this will shift into the tired trope of "transmigrated to fight the final boss". We'll see, I look forward to more chapters anyway.


Only 5 chapters so far, but a decent start. Transmigration litrpg that doesn't take itself too seriously. MC is self aware, but isn't OP or smarter than everyone else. Story isn't tragic or grimdark, but isn't LOLrandom either. Good grammar and spelling.

So far seems like a chill litrpg that's fun to hang out with. I gave it a follow.


Achievement-based Adventure

There still isn't too much out yet but I like what I've seen so far. First of all, making the progression system almost entirely achievement based is a really cool idea. It offsets what can be the greatest weakness of Litrpgs: progression becoming monotonous. Also, importantly for me, there are no annoying characters/sideplots thus far. That means no harems and no sycophants. I look forward to seeing where this story will go.


 The start good, feels really nice i real like this anime. It feeks good it have new chaoter i lije tyis much please nice.