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Maximilian, brought into a God's rat race to fill the numbers, was transported into another world. Nothing like the briliant contestants that fill the other spots, Maximillian was an afterthought in the God's game. The God went so far as to give Maximilian a weapon that he considered a joke.

Unknowingly giving Maximilian his only advantage.




Hello there, to be perfectly honest, I decided that I wanted to upload something to this site, and have been spitballing ideas for massive epics that span novels worth of content, but have decided to to just upload a whimsical story that I wrote on the day of uploading this fiction. I have no plan for this story, nor will it be particularly original by any means, and updates whenever I write something, so please don't bet on it being a work of art by any means! I will try to make it at least an enjoyable experience!

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  • Overall Score

Only 5 chapters so far, but a decent start. Transmigration litrpg that doesn't take itself too seriously. MC is self aware, but isn't OP or smarter than everyone else. Story isn't tragic or grimdark, but isn't LOLrandom either. Good grammar and spelling.

So far seems like a chill litrpg that's fun to hang out with. I gave it a follow.

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Seems good, want more

This is good stuff. So far a rather laid back system, which is nice. It might turn out all right, but I'm a bit worried by mentions of demon lords that this will shift into the tired trope of "transmigrated to fight the final boss". We'll see, I look forward to more chapters anyway.

  • Overall Score

Entertaining. I really like the main character Max and I'm enjoying the book so far keep it up.

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 The start good, feels really nice i real like this anime. It feeks good it have new chaoter i lije tyis much please nice.

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Bland. The plot, main motivation, problem to overcome, deus ex machina, and comic relief... is the MC being an idiot. The author beats you over the head with this absolute truth about twice a chapter. I know the MC is 6 foot 2 inches tall, that he is male, and an idiot. That's it. Personally, with this small amount of information, I tend to fill it in with relatable headcannon. I think he might be a certain overall wearing Italian plumber with a red hat. But that's just me. Nothing proving me wrong anywhere in the story.