High Skies Piracy

by Elliot Moors

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Female Lead Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

On Solam, pirates raid the skies armed with deadly magic.

Stephan has lived a quiet, sheltered life of hard work and academic pursuits. He married for business, not for love.

Truth be told, he's a pansy.

Now he's on a pirate ship held aloft with arcane energies. Trapped in a steel box with criminals of the worst sort.

How does a reasonable man survive in a place such as this? Will he return home, or will he be seduced by the wild vices of freedom and open air?

Cover illustrated by Rude Rubicante:


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Shuttle to Nowhere, Part 1 (START OF 'FAMILY MAN' ARC) ago
Chapter 1: Shuttle to Nowhere, Part 2 ago
Chapter 2: The Grand Tour ago
Chapter 3: Can't Hack It ago
Chapter 4: Landfall ago
Chapter 5: The Spider ago
Chapter 6: The Choice ago
Chapter 7: The Job, Part 1 ago
Chapter 7: The Job, Part 2 (END OF 'FAMILY MAN' ARC) ago
Chapter 8: Adventure on the Horizon (START OF 'BIRTH OF A GENTLEMAN' ARC) ago
Chapter 9: Unstable Sorcery ago
Chapter 10: A Cursed Vessel ago
Chapter 11: Unauthorized Deviation ago
Chapter 12: Swashbucklin', Part 1 ago
Chapter 12: Swashbucklin', Part 2 ago
Chapter 13: Just Rewards ago
Chapter 14: Bottom of a Bottle ago
Chapter 15: Big Day (END OF ‘BIRTH OF A GENTLEMAN’ ARC) ago
Chapter 16: The Manhunt (START OF ‘THE CHARMER’ ARC) ago
Chapter 17: The One Who Got Away ago
Chapter 18: Loss and Revenge ago
Chapter 19: Guilt ago
Chapter 20: The Glint of Gold (END OF 'THE CHARMER' ARC) ago
Chapter 21: Still Waters (START OF 'WESTWARD' ARC) ago
Chapter 22: Hard Landing ago
Chapter 23: Headhunting ago
Chapter 24: A Lesson in Brutality ago
Chapter 25: The Survivors ago
Chapter 26: Easy Money ago
Chapter 27: The Price ago
Chapter 28: Cut ago
Chapter 29: Greener Pastures ago
Chapter 30: Parrrlay ago
Chapter 31: Two Madmen Walk Into a Bar ago
Chapter 32: Afterparty (END OF 'WESTWARD' ARC) ago
Chapter 33: Cash Prize (START OF 'BEST ENEMIES' ARC) ago
Chapter 34: Curfew ago
Chapter 35: Clean Plate ago
Chapter 36: Tumba at Dusk ago
Chapter 37: Goodbye for Now (END OF 'BEST ENEMIES' ARC) ago
Chapter 38: Go Fish (START OF 'THE LOVE BOAT' ARC) ago
Chapter 39: Hot Welcome ago
Chapter 40: Blue Haze ago
Chapter 41: Last Laugh ago
Chapter 42: Captain of Nothing ago
Chapter 43: Children of Strife (END OF 'THE LOVE BOAT' ARC) ago
Chapter 44: A Splendid Mess (START OF 'THE FINAL PIECE' ARC) ago
Chapter 45: A Visitor ago
Chapter 46: Lies and Truths ago
Chapter 47: Best Laid Plans ago
Chapter 48: "Safe" House ago
Chapter 49: Huddle ago
Chapter 50: Pesky Emotions ago
Chapter 51: A Little Light (END OF 'THE FINAL PIECE' ARC) ago
Chapter 52: Burn (START OF 'GO FOR GOLD' ARC) ago
Chapter 53: Race the Dawn ago
Chapter 54: Kinslayer ago
Chapter 55: Echo of the Ancestors ago
Chapter 56: Those who Remain (END OF BOOK ONE) ago
Chapter 1: A Sullen Kind of Peace (START OF BOOK TWO, 'SWEETEST DEVIL' ARC) ago
Chapter 2: Working Girl ago
Chapter 3: Rehab ago
Chapter 4: Memories Stained Red ago

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l nimbus
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The Grammar section is useless.

Reviewed at: Chapter 2: Working Girl

As someone familiar with Elliot's earlier work, I may have known what to expect when venturing in HSP. Good quality, fleshed-out characters, a great blend of light-hearted moments in dark settings and serious stakes and consequences. It didn’t disappoint.

High Skies Piracy is more than a solid read. It’s an enjoyable one as well. It does focus more on the characters and the plot than flying ships! aspect of the story but it still more than satisfied me.


I'll admit, it took me a few chapters to warm up to the story. The first two chapters danced dangerously close to the line of 'same old tired cliché of a generic character going through the same situation' but the following deviations and stubborn refusal to fall for the pitfalls this type of story and the characters in the cast can provide more than endeared it to me.

Indeed, at times I even felt like it poked fun at the reader (of all people) for expecting certain character stereotypes (Yin as a tsundere.). This was done subtly, and not visible to people not actively looking for it. That said, the overall pacing was on the fast side, as any respectable piracy story should be. This is maintained right up until the end, making it very suitable for binging.

The fight scenes are well-done, with actual shit happening instead of pages upon pages of purfekt dodges and counter-kill, beetch. People got banged up, shit got hurt and anchors were put through hulls. Cannon-sized shotguns were employed and common sense firmly sat in the corner.

Descriptions were on-point without rambling, and often lent very real life to the pages and the scenes within.

The flying ship! aspect of the story seems to have been silently ignored, often, as we didn’t get the mandatory entire wall-o-text chapter explaining every nuance about it as soon as possible. This might be because the MC, who had up until that point seen them as everyday things, didn’t feel the need. But, eh, I'll just blame the author. It's more to see him squirm that way.


Like I said, it took me a little while to warm up to the book itself, and the writing style. This is just through the first two chapters (for reasons I stated above). Once Elliot gets a chance to flex his muscles on his strongest suit, the gainsayers shall be hooked like they've got an an hor through them. Fast, on point with some very deep moments, it’s obvious the author knows what he's doing and very much enjoying it.


(Why do I even include this in my reviews?)
No complaints, moving on.


In my opinion, the strongest suit of the story. The cast is varied, wild and fleshed-out. The villains and antagonists systematically refuse to fall for easy stupidity so common in One Piece knock-offs. Oh, they aren’t from, say, A Practical Guide to Evil, mind you, but time and thought was put into everyone.

I very much like Stephan, especially how his more down-to-earth personality and character sharply contrasts to the rest of the crew (and cast both large and smol.) Some people might whine about 'beta male' early on, but then i'd just look at them like a steaming cow turn landed in their hair and move on.

Stephan needs some time to establish himself, while the rest if the immediate crew is very in-your-face. Again, I like the contrast. Every member of the cast brings their own unique personality and background. None of them feel like cookie-cutter props.

Character progression is paced nicely, and not just for Stephan, for others as well. Having an entire damn roster of characters growing and evolving (while causing general chaos and getting into trouble) is no smol feat, and Elliot should be recognized for it.


There is nothing wrong with High skies Piracy. No obvious flaws or failings. Nothing I can really criticize. That in itself makes this well worth a read. With solid action, great worldbuilding, and the oh-so snarky, helpful and insightful before chapter quotes (you'll see what I mean when the story drops a character on you out of the blue and you already know them without anyone having talked about them in-story) this is a resounding success.

8.8/10 would rob again.


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Pirates, fighting, enticing characters and magic!!! What’s not to love? 

The characters are very in depth, you can see the writer shine through, which I personally love to see in a story. 

I also find fantasy pirates to be a very intriguing concept! And so far I’m very impressed as it has all the regular components you’d find in high fantasy, but it comes with a twist! 

So far the story is very intriguing and I’m finding it hard to stop thinking about the characters! I think the writer does a good job at expressing the characters emotions and pulling you in, so you feel entangled with the character, and you really feel for them. 

The descriptions and landscape are great, incredibly rustic. It’s not hard at all to envision the story in your mind!

Overall, I can’t find many, if any faults in this story, especially giving it’s a web serial! 

Well done! 

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I found the opening to be rather intriguing. The predicament that Stephan found himself in at the start of the plot was interesting; I wasn't sure at first how he would get out of it. From the very start, I found myself invested in Stephan's situation. It was easy to get a sense of how dire being held captive by the slavers was for Stephan. 

The characters introduced over the course of the next chapters all felt like they had distinct personalities. I thought that Yin in particular was a fascinating character. I interpreted her behavior around Stephan at the start to be a result of shyness. The dynamic she has with Stephan was interesting, which I think is a result of the way it was written. We have the scene where Stephan wants Yin to help him cook, as well as the one where Yin shows up to help Stephan with the two men. The scenes are spaced out in a way that I couldn't help but want more of Yin and Stephan's interactions.

Overall, the prose is solid and flows fairly nicely. I like the way the world is introduced as the plot progresses. It isn't too fast or too slow-- I think the pace in which the world is revealed is a perfect balance.

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First off, I want to admit that I have a bias toward pirates and airships. Growing up a Final Fantasy fan, my love of the movie, Treasure Planet, and being a fan of One Piece all makes me a sucker for this setting and story.

That being said, this story has plenty of objective merits as well. The setting is detailed with enough worldbuilding lurking at the edges of the plot to hint that the author has thought a lot about the world. The maps provided with the story speak to that as well; they remind me of the maps I found in books I read during my childhood and teenage years.

The world itself has a lot of interesting fantasy elements that meld together to form an interesting whole. On their own, some of the elements aren't completely unique but in the context of the world, they made me wonder about how they fit into the larger picture. All in all, it's a great setting for a high flying adventure story.

As for the story, I won't say much but it does the job of stimulating a sense of adventure. Stephan works well as an agent for the reader to see the world through because he is a repressed pencil pusher at the beginning and must slowly open up to find who he really is while exploring the world in search of ancient treasure with his crew. Mystery, adventure, and action make the plot satisfying to read as it ramps up.

Lastly, the characters. I'll admit, at first, I wasn't as keen on some of them. Not because I disliked them but because they didn't catch my interest. However, as Stephan acclimates to the crew and life as a pirate and through POV switches, we learn more about each of member of the Tits Up! which reveals the individuality hidden under their archetypal surface. Additionally, Stephen himself isn't merely a vehicle for the reader. He has his own motivations as he grows closer to the crew and balances out the crew's high octane personalities with his own. They make a great cast of renegades with their skills, antics, and, most importantly, the familial bonds they build during the story.

Ultimately, this story is a fun adventure filled with interesting and likable characters. It reminds me of movies like Treasure Planet and Atlantis, and video games like Skies of Arcadia, most of the early entries in the Final Fantasy series, and a bit of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. If you like any of those things, or just want a good magitech adventure story, I recommend reading.

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It's like borderlands but driving a science/magic pirate ship! Albeit few grammar issues which could easily be fixed later on as the Author familiarizes themselves better with tenses, it is very easily legible and easy on the eyes with the text format unlike some word blobs I've seen in my time.

The overall story is very interesting with a world I can't wait to know more about, between the technology of the ships themselves, the society that makes them possible and the vastly interesting kinds of different characters atop them.

As for the characters themselves, between the, at first, rather average Protagonist... on his journey through a strange new world and cast, fresh characters like Torch and more keep you entertained as the Protag himself grows alongside them.

Whilst as a combat buff myself, the action could use some more spicing up in my personal opinion, but keeping it unbiased? It's well written and scripted with abundant fantasy elements to keep most readers jittering to continue.

This story is very much the "Putting base fantasy completely aside" sort, bringing enjoyment for both new readers of the genre and old with fresh ideas and creations by the Author whilst not going into too much detail too quickly, keeping you curious and guessing on what the actual f just happened.

If I had advice to give to the Author, is go through the early chapters and check on some rather jarring mistakes in the past to present tense. such as;

' They panicked as their clothes caught fire, bumping into one another and screaming as they patted themselves down.

Torch rose to his feet.'

The second sentence's start can feel like a hiccup, personally I would go for; Torch as he rose to his feet, "XxXx" he began digging into his coat before producing-

Like that it flows a bit better, other than some more of these scattered about the early chapters, good show sir! or madam! I don't know! :D

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Excellent adventures of a great found family

Reviewed at: Chapter 54: Kinslayer

Great story with exciting characters filling out a great world.

I love the found family we have here, and i also like how each of the characters undergo their own arcs that explain their interpersonal relationships with each other. You get enough PoV's to really get to know them, see how and why they act the way they do and what makes them tick.

That being said. The MC has a habit of getting a bit lost in the dialogue. He is often a spectator to the more whacky characters antics. This is especially true in scenes taking place on board ships. Where the crews knowledge, teamwork and skill is on display. Meanwhile the MC kind of just.. exists.

That being said, combat is done excellently. fast paced and frantic conveying the motion of the fights through simple and easy to understand language. Though i did have to look up a few weapons being used later on as they get quite exotic. We do get to learn with the MC about much in this world. But after the first couple of arcs, and most of the learning is done, the problems i meantioned earlier start to arrise.

9/10 for the first 28 chapters

8.5/10 for the later chapters as stephan is forced to share the spotlight more.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

I love the idea of the novel, it is set in a great world and the author builds off the foundation he made. 

The story flows well, it is well written, and with okay grammar. 

I will love the map at the start, gives a clear picture of the world we will be traveling. 

Great character introduction and the intricate with each other, showing the chemistry that they have with each other. 


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This review applies up to chapter 15.

have read a fair bit of web based fiction, as well as fiction in general, and very few have managed to catch my attention. High Skies Piracy has done more than that, it has made me a fan, and I believe that it is more than capable of standing amongst the fantasy greats, online or otherwise.

Style 4.5/5

The style is light and breezy most of the time, but it’s also capable of becoming heavy whenever the story demands it. In other words, a near perfect fit, aside from a few passages that dragged on for a bit, but never enough that reading became a chore.

Grammar 4.5/5

Grammar is near flawless, with only a few hiccups here and there, though not enough to be distracting.

Story 5/5

The story, at first, seems reminiscent of Black Lagoon, with a hapless every man thrown headfirst into piracy. But then chapter 4 comes along and the story starts introducing its own unique concepts, as well as its own identity. The worldbuilding is top notch, (I especially love how, without engaging in an infodump, the reader is made to know about the Concord’s position relative to the rest of the nations) the story is engaging, and the action scenes are sufficiently swashbuckly (if that’s even a word) that they never feel dreary, but also capable of handling violence in a way that feels proper, not gratuitous. (That’s not to say that there isn’t a lot of violence, there is. It just never feels like it’s inappropriate, or hamfisted.)

Characters 5/5

If Royal Road allowed for 6/5s I’d have put that here. The characters are, simply put, the strongest part of this story. If, for some reason, the story had been not as good as it was, I would’ve still continued reading just to see the characters interact with one another, it’s that good. (Slice of life AU please, Mr. Moors! jk).

At first, the characters appear to be your generic pirate crew archetypes, with Quintilla in particular being the badass female captain archetype reminiscent of Fate/Extra’s Francis Drake amongst others. But as the story continued, the characters grew into their own, filled out the other traits that sticking to the archetypes would have never done, and they became people in their own right.


Furthermore, not only are the characters believable and likeable, their chemistry is as well; the interactions between the crew are amazingly well realized, and like I said, I would totally read a slice of life AU with these characters in the starring role.


A fun romp through a uniquely and masterfully realized world with amazingly written characters. If you aren’t reading it already, do it now. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Fascinating Story and Detail, Just a bit confused

Reviewed at: Chapter 4: Landfall

Overall, this is a good and interesting story... The map sure did give a lot of information to the reader.

Style itself was good, just kinda confused why the font was intentionally made bigger than usual.

As about Grammar, obviously good and better than me at least.

Story is interesting enough to grab the reader to read without spoiling their fun.

Just somehow I didn't manage to get immersive into the character. I wonder why? Although it's lifelike enough...

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score



High Skies Piracy starts where it needs to. Stephen Lordling is who he has been up until that point in his life. I was drawn in. I wanted to see if that could change, and if so, how much it could change.




This story has a distinctive style that fits the setting and the characters it contains. Often, you'll find a writer's voice grip you from the very beginning. Not neccessarily because they have a firm grasp of writing fundamentals, but because they think like you do or like how you want to. Elliot Moors's writing style in High Skies Piracy didn't immedietely suck me in because I felt an unspoken kinship with his unique voice. While reading, I acquired that thirst. Through reading this book, I feel like I've learned what it is like to be not one, but a number of different pirates. Oh, and I love the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. They are a great way to introduce a chapter's theme or even just tidbits of lore without breaking the narrative flow.




High Skies Piracy has an incredible story. It is paced in such a way as to not overwhelm readers with too much new information (of which there is a lot, because Moors has built a large and deep world to host the story), but always give you enough of a lead on what there is to know to get you wanting more. While reading, I never felt like I didn't have enough information to understand where a character was or why what they were doing was important. I never felt like there was a chapter that didn't need to be there.




Elliot Moors wields grammar with the proficiency of the Golden Son's own legendary pistol.




The characters are an ecclectic and intriguing bunch. High Skies Piracy has characters of many races all coming together to fill out the deep world. Different species and perspectives clash and/or complement one-another to carve out the stories path. One thing I would like to say about the characters is that I hope some of the more mysterious backstories are fleshed out further. I expect that they are in Moors's mind, but that he has a plan to reveal that information only when it is most relevant. The fact that I want to know so much about these characters really speaks to how well they are designed.





High Skies Piracy was a worthwhile read. Take the time to learn about the world, made easier with the help of the map, and you will be taken on a thrilling adventure. You will learn what makes each character worth following. I think Elliot Moors's fitting style, his diverse characters, and deep world are his strongest assets. It isn't perfectly what I look for in fantasy, but that is the point of reading more. Exploration of a different kind of fantasy story than the same tired dungeoneering concept I return to over and over again is an important dose of variety. That is why I say that even if you think you won't enjoy the story because it hasn't yet pulled you in after the first page, chapter, or arc, keep reading. A pirate wouldn't settle for a life of safe entertainment, and you shouldn't either!