Before They Came (Magical Apocalypse)

by nathanv70

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Grimdark Magic Male Lead Post Apocalyptic Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Our way of life it ended faster than we ever thought possible. It didn't happen with a nuclear war, an asteroid, or a damn ice age. It ended because of another war, far away from us. The ripples from that war changed the fabric of everything. If only we had known that it was just the beginning.


Btw, the beginning chapters are short, but get longer as the story goes on. Thank you for your time and your patience.



The MC struggles with himself.

He has human flaws including IGNORANCE.

The MC starts the story out drunk, which has a major impact on the story in the beginning and way beyond.

The story takes time to unfold, please be patient. 

This story does not shy away from the darker elements of life.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Before the Wave ago
Chapter 2 - Halfway Prepared ago
Chapter 3 - Best Trip Ever ago
Birthing Pains ago
Munchkin Time ago
Inner thoughts ago
The Last Level ago
Reinforcement ago
A Maybe Plan and Complication ago
Success ago
Risk Reduction ago
Punching Down ago
Avoiding Bloodshed ago
Turtle Up ago
Body Consolidation ago
Remembered my acorns ago
The Unclear Weapon ago
Triumph and Boot ago
Regaining Composure ago
Work with the Circumstances ago
Gungnir ago
Pest of the Night ago
A Hint of an Answer ago
A few welcome drops of knowledge ago
Branching Out ago
Rudely Awakened ago
Another Atypical Morning ago
Surprise from the Sky ago
Little Warning ago
Second Contact ago
An Elder Race ago
These are not the Humans I'm looking For ago
First Step towards Peace is always War ago
New Dog on Top ago
Rock my World ago
Wings of Fate ago
Planning for Hell Day ago
Paranoia Prep ago
Wish I had Music ago
Light and Fire, and maybe Plants ago
Unanticipated Loss ago
Coming to Grips ago
Too much Angst ago
Pathetic Piety ago
Trying Teens ago
Forced Acquiescence ago
Rough Patches ago
Negotiations ago
Real Life Reset ago
Frog in a Well ago
Depths of Idiocy and Ignorance ago
Riverside Livin ago
Smarter Prep work ago
A Mind of its Own ago
Beef up the Pup ago
The Fifth Ripple ago
Rough Neighborhood ago
Poor Planning Diverted ago
Bad Movie Madness ago
New Sheriff in Town ago
Reflecting with a Piece of My Other Self ago
Chapter 62 - Replacing Gungnir ago
Chapter 63 - Svalinn ago
Chapter 64 - Danger at the Doors ago
Working up the Ladder ago
A reminder ago
The Staggered Change ago
Pieces of the Puzzle ago
The Rest of the World ago
The Sixth Ripple ago
Evacuation ago
The Other Side ago
Unfulfilled Expectations ago
Containing the Earthquake ago
The Shoe is on the Other Foot ago
The Quick Turnaround ago
Renegotiation ago
Chapter 78 - Possibilities ago
Chapter 79 - Children of Power ago
Chapter 80 - Work Conflict ago
Chapter 81 - Yeehaw ago
Chapter 82 - The Southern Rundown ago
Chapter 83 - Master Plan ago

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Power Fantasy with room to grow.

It's too early to say if the plot will grow from where it is, or if the story as a whole will develop beyond being a webnovel.

The premise is familiar, but the powers are interesting. Exploring a new magic and world are definitely the highlights of Before They Came thus far.

The main two shortcomings as of chapter 71 are the lack of supporting character and the MC's reaction to power.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Overall this is still a short and fun story. Hopefully it continues to grow into a great one.

Rhys Makainer
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A Rockin' Ride Down The Rabbit Hole!

Reviewing this at chapter 60, here's my opinion:

It's interesting, unique, funny, and has some really awesome moments! As in multiple instances of "crowning moment of awesome"!


Develops onion-style, peels off layer by layer, with each reveal making the world increasingly fascinating. Includes quite a few tantalising glimpses which I'm so looking forward to the Author developing further!

The plot moves along at a good pace, with some variety to mix things up a bit. Makes for addictive reading, you'll gulp down chapters by the dozen before you know it.

Just a tiny gripe that sometimes, I feel like "whoa, everything's just going your way eh, MC?". But that might just be me, and I agree that it can be tough to avert the perception of convenient coincidences or, ahem, plot armour. And if one tries to explain everything, it would cripple the pacing.


MC is quite relatable, tons more believable than most others. He's very human, makes mistakes, but also learns from mistakes FAST. Also, has his moments of awesome!


The conversational style makes for very smooth and easy reading, goes down like... a cold beverage that's both light and tasty. Something you could drink all night.


No grammatical mistakes or typos that I could notice, nothing to jar the reading experience. Done very well, thumbs up!

... one maybe-spoilery detail below...


... I really like that the MC plays to his strengths. It's not so much that he's OP, because OP-ness is always relative. Kill an Orc with one blow, get crushed by Godzilla the next minute, for example. It's more that the MC gives the impression of OP-ness through a combination of D&D Wizard-level preparation (or striving for it, which I like), playing to his strengths, and manipulating the battle or battlefield like someone who's studied Sun Tzu. So amazing, so much enjoyment from reading it.

Oh, one last thing, read this story cos it was recommended by @aminex! :D

  • Overall Score

I enjoy the story and would recommend to others (Currently at chapter 9). My only issue is that he gets really strong really fast and that his knowledge seems to be from nothing but intuition but even that shouldn't allow him to do what he has done. But other than that I saw no grammar or spelling errors and while the chapters are short its fine and not a huge deal.

  • Overall Score

The main character is a magic user, so far a primary earth mage. The chapters may be short but they are pretty fulfilling reads anyway. A book that seems easy to keep up even with sporadic updates and short chapters. I had no real issues with the spelling/grammar. His fiancee had 0 chance to develope into a character i would give a damn about but i guess it helped in some ways. The MC is well rounded with no real strong points, except his magic/where he learned it, In the 7 chapters you begin to get a feel for his personality which is nice.

Henry Morgan
  • Overall Score

Fun story, bit early to tell how it all goes, will follow.

Hope Bones5
  • Overall Score

Ok book just reads like Fimbulwinter by William E Brown to truly give a good shot because while ok story just isn't the best when you have something to compare it to with such similarity.

  • Overall Score

I love this story always reading new chapters whenever they come out.

  • Overall Score

The author has stated that he's taking inspiration from the Fimbulwinter series. I've read this series, and can say with 100% assurance that the author ain't kiddin.

Is it original? Not even close. Do I care? Not one bit. It's been a fun read so far. My only gripe is the chapters are about half the size that I'd like, but given that I'm not paying to read it that's not something I can complain about. Author is still updating, so I'll keep reading.

  • Overall Score

Very well done so far

So far so good, I have truly been enjoying the world building and magical learning in this book. Another peice of this book I have enjoyed is watching the main character go through trial and error to find out what is best  and how to thrive. I am really looking forward to the waking of a certain someone in this book as well as a certain animal coming out of stasis. I recommend this book to anybody who likes fantasy/magic/space/pets and even if you dont enjoy those I highly recommend just trying it out.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

 I rarely do reviews but you, my friend, know how to write. Your characters have common sense and actually have a personality. The MC is not some crazed overpowered dude who always succeed no matter what the challenge is. He works hard to achieve his goals even if the outcomes aren't what he expects. Overall I like the story because there is a sense of logic to the characters.