“Get up boy!” A solid, scaly headbutt to the arm woke me out of a deep slumber, “Wake your lazy ass up!”


  “Whassup?” I said, wiping grit from my eyes, “Huh?” Rath’s giant head was in my face. I scooted back away, scared almost shitless. “What the fuck happened to you? You’re fucking big?!”


  Rath, who yesterday was the size of an iguana, or double the size of a large housecat, was now the size of a hefty labrador retriever.


  “I know!” he exclaimed, “I went to your basement last night cause I couldn’t stand your smell, and these nice stones were giving off such tasty mana, so I slept next to them and woke up like this.


  His head turn around, facing his back. “Check it out! My wings are back!” Two tiny almost vestigial looking wings were on his back, the size of my hand and flapping hard. “Ladies love wings.” He cackled.


  Looking out the window, I saw that the sun had just risen. Hell time. Taking care of my morning ablutions and grabbing a small snack was peaceful. The birds greeted me when I walked outside decked out in the stone workout armor with the two pocket generators secured. Reaching out mentally to Norn, I checked through him that there was nothing in sight to worry about. Turning on the generators and activating the healing and gravity enchantments, I began to run around the neighborhood, cranking up the gravity till everything started to hurt. I put in a pain block to deal with the soreness, and continued. I slowly got faster until I was sprinting at top speed, the healing enchantments wiping away the fatigue. Then I began to crank up the gravity part, and kept going. I could feel my hard fibers gaining muscle while every ounce of fat on my body slowly melted away. I was condensing a 10 mile a day everyday for a month workout into 4 hours, and sorcery made it easy. At the end of the four hours, I was perfectly capable of sprinting around twenty-five mph for an hour straight thanks to my healing enchantments. With my cardio taken care of, I took a food and water break, eating nothing but protein and a couple multivitamins.


  Strength time. Cranking up the gravity more, I began conjuring stone weights and doing every exercise imaginable, tearing my muscles to thin threads. The pain block kept me from feeling the insane pain, but I could tell it was getting its own workout. Stopping every ten minutes to eat more protein, drink water and use the bathroom, I kept this up for four more hours. Deadlifts, squats, curls, pushups, box lifts, powerjumps and more, this became my obsession during that time. The enchantments kept me from getting tired and they built the muscle thousands of times faster than a normal metabolism could. All I had to do was the work itself and supply the nutrients. As night fell, I cranked up the gravity till I could barely walk; I really had no way of knowing how much it was, and then I took a step at a time, pushing the healing to the max. Every time a step became easier, I cranked up the gravity to match. When the ground started to crack underneath me, I turned it down by one notch. This is where I’ll train. Forcing my legs to move was no cakewalk, but it was much harder to keep my heart from exploding or my veins from popping. My walk turned into a jog. The amulet took care of all of that, the constant healing adding more power, adding mana itself to the very cells to make them even more powerful on the basic level. I conjured stone barbells to hold in my hands. This whole time I was breaking down my body, the healing amulets were adding mana to everything they fixed, weaving an extra element to every thread that rebuilt. My jog turned into a sprint, sweat pouring from me. I conjured water in front of my face and drank it down, and then conjured more on top of me as a quick drench to remove the sweat. Every time I lapped my house, I stopped for food, though I couldn’t feel the pain, my body was screaming for nutrition. This went on for two more hours.


  It was dark. The sun hid its face and Norn tucked himself into a branch far above me. I lay in my front yard, done with today. The gravity enchantments were off, but I left the pain block and healing ones going. My chest was heaving. “Oh get over it you wuss.” Rath mocked, laying on the porch swing, “It was just a little workout. You’re lucky I’m still here keeping your hungry visitors away.”


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