I had a plan for a reason. I had a nice plan for a damn good reason, just in case this scenario didn’t go the best way possible, just in case Chance decided to stop fucking around. The woman’s rifle spit a round of some kind of magically charged plasma that blew right through both walls. My frantic dive to the side barely saved my ass, but I did manage to crack the thin stone underneath her, but I didn’t have time as the giant dude threw his spear threw my walls as if they didn’t matter. What didn’t matter was my well thought out plan, literally. These freakishly tall meatheads just overpowered my plan and shit on it. My shield deflected it, barely, knocking me back. Twin one and two were on my as I used the momentum from the spear to hop back to my feet. Using earth magic to soften the earth beneath them to slow them down, I conjured little walls in front of that, trying to trip them up, all the while dropping the thorn seeds on the ground. I released the cap I had on them and dumped more energy into them. I knelt to to present a target, trusting in my beefed up shield to block their strikes to give the vines a second to spround. Twin two’s kick bounced off but Twin one’s blade went right through my shield into my right arm. My scream of pain made him smile. His brother’s scream of pain wiped that smile right off. Twin one was on the ground, nasty sharp rosevines entangling him, slowly drinking his blood and constricting every limb like a snake. Twin two yanked his sword out to prune the vine caging his brother and as he did I thrust Gungir forward with my left hand, channeling diffuse energy through it. The spear threw a concussive blast of lightning charged air that blew him forty feet away.


  My flesh magic was already stitching my wound back together and pocket generator was supplying the energy, wiping away fatigue as well. The woman’s second shot hit me right in the gut, ejecting me down to the ground, my shield barely holding. Thank the Ripple for my battery vest. That shot took a whole battery’s worth of energy, and I had nine left, and no idea how many rounds she had. I could hear Rath laughing and chatting with the woman from where I lay on the ground. A shadow covered the sun for a bare moment, oh fuck. I used earth magic to shove me to the side and then burrow into the ground, diving forty feet under. The big guy had jumped off the gate and tried to land on me with his spear. I actually felt the impact through the earth. Ok, time to fucking cheat. Gathering my energy, I summoned hands of stone that grabbed him and his weapon, and pulled him down into the earth, about 70 feet down and encased him in a ten by ten stone box. That should take him a while. I did the same to the twins and put their solid stone cages about ten feet away from the big guy’s cage.


  That took about half of the total energy from my battery, five left full, with my pocket generator keeping me healthy, my personal energy stores full, and the overflow going to the empty batteries. I took ten minutes underground to slowly summon a wide disk of platinum, and then grafted it onto a disk of stone with a handle. From my experiments at the house, platinum seemed to be a null metal. I could conjure it as it was a naturally occurring metal in the earth, but it seemed to be immune to magical energy, to mana itself. I couldn’t put energy into it or an enchantment of any kind. It made for a perfect anti-mage shield. I couldn’t even do anything else with it. Party time bitch.


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