For some reason, I was most comfortable with my earth and flesh sorcery as I used it constantly and for almost everything. I really need to learn to take advantage of the water and nature sorceries more. Can’t believe I’m pondering this as hulking goblins are on my roof trying to steal from me, but what else do I have going on? It was one of the moments that for some reason just kinda stretched, as if the world was frozen and I had all the time in the world to contemplate it. I could instantly make ice spears and hurl them, summon a tidal wave and drown my enemies, or throw rose vine seeds and use them to tear and strangle enemies while the animals of the earth heed my call to battle. A few weeks of rest and calm experimentation would do me good, if Earth’s invaders decide to leave me alone. Fat chance.


  Each moment was a flash of staggered movement, a rave dance in the day time, a slide-show of action. The cage broke as the Seed sprouted, four roots extending out and connecting to the four seedlings. I watched with my magical senses as the fifth root plowed through the double-layered reinforced stone roof with a full generator reinforcing it like butter and plunged straight down basement floor to the earth beneath the foundation. It kept going, far past what my senses could reach. Even as this happened, the upward growth was just as scary, growing two feet a second, and widening just as fast. The growth enveloped the three intruders like the Blob, crushing and absorbing them within seconds and bursting the shield they had in place. The purifying aspect of the tree also removed the horrendous smell of the goblins. Wondrous. The trunk widened to encompass my house and I then began to shape the enchantments embedded in the core of the tree to make the tree grow up while not crushing my house. The oak seedlings became roots for the World Tree and they also grew in girth, anchoring the cosmic plant, turning it into a shield for my living space. I now have a fucking treehouse, take that mom, telling six-year old me that grownups don’t live in treehouses. Showed her. I turned off the battery generator that had been redirected to the tree and then turned the other one down to low. Altering the growth enchantment to a mana storage and structural reinforcement enchantment took me about an hour, as it flowed to the entire plant.


  It looked awesome, it really did. My house was a part of the World Tree. I could sense the soul of the tree stretching out and connecting to something other, something that stretched far past what I could feel. Stepping back brought me to a cross breeze that wafted the putrid scent of the dead goblins lying around me. Getting rid of dead bodies is just too easy for my earth sorcery, damn good thing I’m not a serial killer. I sank the bodies into the earth and gathered them near the roots of the World Tree, might as well feed my newest pet.


  With the memory of the smell ruining my appetite, I decided to skip breakfast and explore. Those damn goblins had to come from somewhere, and probably somewhere close. I put away my rifle away in my house, blew a kiss to my lady and grabbed my spear as I set off. Not only could I smell the stench on the wind, but I could feel magic to the east that felt like my tree. Space or gate magic, I mean, the tree was definitely soaked in nature and life magic, but the soul of it gave off another more solid feel that didn’t have the crumbly touch of earth. I made it about fifty feet in all of my gear before sweat started beading my scalp. My flesh magic made my body in shape the other day, but it was still hot outside. I stopped and conjured a longer and wider stone version of a skateboard and put a repelling earth enchantment on it. My improvised hoverboard sat about 2 feet off the ground. I expanded the enchantment to the entire board and placed a propulsion enchantment so that it would move in the direction I leaned. Ten minutes of adding two foot-shaped indents into the body of the board for stability and testing and I was off!


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