Feral screams woke me from the most restful sleep I had ever had. My flesh magic induced coma along with the pocket generator amping up my healing factor put my in the best condition possible. Ridiculous bangs accompanied the shrieks, making me frantic in putting my combat gear on. I was decked out. The screaming grew even more shrill as I checked out my window; little green ugly things were running around outside, and some of them were were attacking my house with shiny bows and some with strange silvery rods. Behind them was a small group of the little fuckers just across the street that were just staring at my house, their pitch black eyes looking up. My Seed! These bitches are after my Seed!

  More than I could comprehend hinged on that tiny gift from the Messenger god. Plan, plan, I needed a fucking plan. My spear wasn’t right for this job, it was for overpowered monsters mundane weaponry couldn’t handle; this was a large group of small creatures and I need precision. Running upstairs, grabbing my AR-15 and the spare magazines took thirty seconds. I slung it around my shoulders so it was hanging in my front, but not so I was actually holding it. With my spear in my left, I conjured five of the oh so reliable flashbang pebbles in my right. Taking a second to check all of my gear also allowed me to fully wake up and summon the anger that had been bubbling inside for the past couple days. I killed a fucking nightwalker last night and met an ancient deity, no goblin-lookin shitstains are gonna ruin my day. 


  “Shock and awe, shock and awe,” I muttered as I held the flashbang pebbles, pouring energy into the enchantments to crank up their power. These puppies would put an elephant on the ground. I pocketed three of them, opened the door and hurled the other two at the group across the street and then tossed the rest in my front yard. Slamming my door shut, I quickly modified my bone helmet to cover my ears and I made the quartz eye lenses to be like shades. Bet I looked badass.

  The flashbangs went off and out the door I hopped with my rifle in one hand and spear in the other. I stabbed the base of the spear into the lawn, activated my shield gauntlet and sighted down my rifle, finally putting army training to use. I gunned down the six alien creatures writhing on my lawn, bullets seeming to have no issue killing them dead, unlike the fucker from last night. The larger group across the street wasn’t fairing any better, I ran across and dealt with them, permanently. God they stank, their green blood carried strong hints of sewer and rotten flesh. I turned back towards my house and saw a group of three on top of my house. These ones were much bigger than the fodder I had just taken care of. About 25 yards away, they were definitely an easy shot for me. Old magazine out, new one in. I knelt and took aim, my crosshairs on the closest one. The rooftop invaders weren’t looking at me and didn’t even seem to notice that they had no midget army. All of their attention was on the center of my roof. 


  “Ugly fucks came to the wrong damn house today,” I growled, pulling the trigger. My first bullet ricocheted upward, revealing a rippling light where the puncture should have been. “Fucking shields?!” I cursed, not believing that someone else had magic, “Who the fuck said you get to have shields!” Their lack of a response just pissed me off. Angrily pumping the rest of my rounds on the shield revealed that it was getting weaker, as the ripples grew more frantic from the rounds hitting it.  I went through the rest of my three spare mags in less than a minute. Fine, if they were going to play ignore the human behind their fancy magic shield, and I couldn’t exactly bring the house down, then I was going to bring the house to them. I may not be able to get through their shield, especially since I didn’t want to harm my house, but I could work around that, or rather, under that. I walked back across the street and past my spear, upright in the yard, and placed both of my hands on one of the oak seedlings, feeling the magic running through it, connecting it to the others and the focal point on my roof. “You want my fucking seed? I’ll give you my fucking seed bitch!”

  I reached my mind into the generator powering the whole setup and set the energy flow to high, directed the raw mana to flow from the seedlings to the World Tree acorn and removed the growth limiter on everything while immersing my nature sorcery in the enchantments embedded in the plants. The seedlings visibly grew in size and width, growing more branches that snaked upwards all the while pumping the Seed full of pure life. The special ingredients I planted began to show their worth. I had put ground up lemongrass and sage which are symbols of cleansing and purity into the soil, hoping that it would fertilize a powerful aspect of purity to the tree. The rapid growth vacuumed all of the energy being sent at it from the generator as the oaken coating encased my house. I had no problem moving up my time table to make my house a fortress, and I guess corpses do make good fertilizer. The cage surrounding my latest planting kept the energy sealed, basically a pressure cooker, but I needed it to pop. I redirected the battery charging generator in the basement to send its energy to the four oaks and cranked up the flow to max. The rooftop cage started shaking, cracking with streams of light pouring from them.


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