I grabbed a squeegee, conjured water on the corpses, and scraped them all in a pile, conjured a stone box, shoveled that crap in and sealed it off. The spiders were about the size of a small household cat, and 11 corpses made for a decent size box. It was too damn heavy to carry, so I shoved it to the wall with my earth magic, and conjured more stone all around it to make it part of the wall, like a nice box chair. I’ll deal with that spider casket later. Time to repeat my fortification strategy. I went to the six small basement windows and sealed them with quartz. Then, I conjured a stone table, about 6 feet long and 3 feet high. On this, I conjured three granite cylinders, two feet tall and eight inches thick. These were going to be my generators. Inscribing my improved Einstein magical formula on each one didn’t take long, but the gradual soaking of the enchantment into each one did. An hour later, the whole process was done. I wasn’t sure how long it would take for an enchantment to degrade, so I had all three on very low power, but each one had a different purpose. My plan was to check them every day to get an idea. Stone, when it breaks down, gives off plenty of energy, but I’ll definitely have to experiment with different materials. Maybe some precious metals will hold the enchantment better, like say a gold cap on top of the stone cylinder, with a handprint keyed to me for access control. Anyways, these will do for now.


  The one on the left is my designated battery charger. I conjured ten more versions of the smaller crystal battery that I had made earlier, and placed them around the generator. If I can’t hold a hundredth of what my crystal batteries can hold, but I can carry ten of them around, I’d be a fool to walk about unprepared. I linked each battery to the generator and turned it on. Now, for the carrying part. Back in my meathead days, I had purchased a weight vest, which had ten compartments for cylindrical sandbags. This was going to be my first attempt at dual body armor plus carrying around power. My personal energy talisman, for now, is rather small and weak, but its main focus is to keep me healthy and to up my own regeneration. The batteries would be for the oomph.


  The middle generator, now that one would be the main one. I turned it on, and then gave the energy a direction, down. This one would power my house. I added a main enchantment whose whole purpose was to cover my house and every wall and the foundations in stone. The secondary enchantments were of banishing, in case I needed to alter something, and then an energy capacity, so the walls could take a hit from whatever the hell wanted to eat me. The generator would keep that capacity full and my house a freaking fortress if I did it right. Now, to see if I could get fancy. The stone being created on the inside of the house would stop there, but I wanted stone on the inside and the outside. No such thing as overkill with unlimited energy. The stone quartz windows would serve as the energy conduit to the outside of the house, which after the inside, would then get covered. I put this plan in the enchantment, and after feeling it settle, I began to think about the third generator. Now this plan would be a bit of a stretch.


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