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I have explained this in comments in later chapters but I do want to make this official, I am going to be redoing this chapter as I believe I found a better way for him to gain his sorcerous abilities, and to make him less op but still having the same opportunities. This means that I am going to be redoing the entire story, but big changes in the beginning followed by consistency reviews down the line. Thank you for your time and patience. 

  Ok. Time to put the last of my drunken courage to use. Obviously, things are not normal. Stray cats going insane with  the ability to claw through wooden doors, check. Girlfriend is a new tree, check. My turn. Kicking the dead cat back into the hallway, I shut the door to the room and pushed the dresser up against it. Closing my eyes, I focused on the message of the first ripple. Oh god I hope I don’t screw this up. Sitting with my back to the dresser, I formulated how I wanted to gain a serious advantage, and what better way than magic. Because what fuckin nerd doesn’t want to be a mother fucking sorceror. I’ve read too much and this was too weird to pass it up. Now, for those of you who don’t know, sorcery is the concept of your soul being given understanding of an element, to the point where you can conjure (create), banish (get rid of) and manipulate it freely. [Breathe in, breathe out]. But what kind of magic would keep me alive now and allow me to grow later? [Breathe in, breathe out]. What scales with time? Knowledge. Nature. Man it’s hard to focus. Damn, I don’t have time for this! Forcing my mouth to say what my mind was scrambling to put together got harder as time inched forward. I drew some inspiration from my favorite series and shouted,


  “I wish for a journey through the Primordial Chaos to grab what sorcery my soul can grasp!”

  Space shifted. Time slowed. Breathing stopped. Life morphed. Colors assaulted. Bliss and agony ripped through me. Put the craziest acid you can find with an epic rave and then condense it to the size of a pin and throw a solar flare at it. That was me, in that timeless moment. But I didn’t have time for that either, I had a plan, albeit not a very well thought out one. I focused my small soul on mana, the stuff of magic itself, and runes, the language of magic, to make the temporary permanent. The lights around my pin sized self coalesced into understanding. The pin grew. I grabbed that branch of understanding and walked it to earth. I tasted pebbles, granite, metal and crystal while visions of traveling through the core of the earth rocked me, volcanoes bleeding. My self cracked. Humans come from earth, FLESH! Need that too, gotta heal, regenerate, heal me, heal others, fix what was broken and make it stronger. The branch split. Blood, bones, ligaments, skin and nerves. My chaotic shape morphed from a pin into a torso with legs/head/arms. This stream of consciousness was helping branch and connect the magic together. STREAM! Water. The branch split again. Humans are made of that too. Ice invaded my veins; water poured from every orifice while cocooning me. My shape deepened and details returned. Eyes formed and fingers flexed. I didn’t have long. The human shaped pin that is me was falling, falling back to nature. NATURE. Nature springs from the elements I had grabbed. The branches of earth and water joined into understanding of plants, soil, and life. Unbidden, the core of magic in my being wrapped the tendril of nature to that of mana. Slamming back in my body, I heard the joining name itself, ley lines.


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