The three disciples along with Violet and Arthurian looked toward Dyon to see his reaction. They expected to see anger, rage, possibly helplessness and sadness, but all they saw was a young man trying his best to hold back his laughter.

Seeing Dyon’s reaction, the crowd became more animated and heated with rage.

“Lock him up forever as tribute to senior sister Violet!”

“Castrate him!”

“Burn his name into the pillar of shame!”

Voices of dissent filled the core sect. While the men stood forward to defend Violet’s honor, the women felt deeply disgusted by Dyon as they could wholly sympathize with Violet and her plight. Which of them hadn’t had to deal with sexual harassment from a man stronger than them? Some of them had actually been raped by higher ranked disciples but didn’t dare to come forward since they didn’t have fathers as powerful as Violet did. So, they could only vent their anger on Dyon.

Dyon shook his head, trying to hold his laughter back. “Alright. Alright. So, I tried to rape this woman, but your valiant senior brother saved her, right?”

The three disciples looked up at Dyon without a hint of shame in their eyes. “That’s right.”

“Do you mind explaining how that happened?”

The Master erupted into a fiery rage. “Who are you?! Who do you think you are to question these brave witnesses? For them to step forward to condemn a core disciple as mere inner disciples, they have far more courage than a coward like you!”

Dyon shrugged. “I just found the story funny because someone as weak as Arthurian has no chance of restraining me from doing what I want to do.”

At this point, the gaze of the Caedes family head turned cold. “Do you believe that a mere interim core disciple like yourself has the ability to defeat someone who’s held the title of first ranked disciple for so long?”

“Aiyah,” Dyon scratched the back of his head. “So many biased individuals. Are you trying to pay me back for killing your pathetic son?”

“YOU!” The Caedes family head almost flew into a rage. He hadn’t connected that person to this one until Dyon spoke. Now, he had even more reason to bury Dyon without cause.

“It’s simple, really.” Dyon said with a shrug. “Since your story says I was chased away by Arthurian, just let me fight him. I’d really like to see how such a coward stopped me.”

The Master frowned. Unlike everyone else, he was only here for the sake of his daughter, not some conspiracy. To him, the idea of a first ranked core disciple defeating an interim one made perfect sense, so why was Dyon so confident?

Suddenly, the Mother of the Cathedral spoke. “You are quite silver tongued, evil doer. However, you’ve forgotten that the story also stipulates that your power abruptly increased due to the valley. It’s already been two weeks since the valley was closed. It’s obvious that you’re only so confident because you’ve had more time to adapt to a legacy you accepted.”

Dyon began to clap. “Well said, old bat. Well said. If you weren’t so wrinkled and close to death, I might think of pressing you beneath me too.”

“HOW DARE YOU BLASPHEME THE WHITE MOTHER LIKE THIS?!” The priests of the Cathedral flew into a rage. Who dared to anger the Mother like this?!

“White Mother?” Dyon fell over into a hunch, grasping at his stomach and gasping for breath. “Since when could the title of White Mother be held by just anyone? Call her that one more time and I’ll make sure you never speak again!”

Before the priests could speak out again, they felt an overwhelming pressure press down against their hearts. Looking into Dyon’s eyes, they didn’t dare to speak again.

The core valley fell into an abrupt silence. They were so distracted by Dyon’s overbearingness that they didn’t notice the small shift in the Mother’s eyes when Dyon said she didn’t deserve to be called White Mother. It was clear she understood that she didn’t. However, she was also trying her best to hide her rage, she had never in her life been disrespected like this.

‘Spirit, play exactly the parts I ask you to play and change the angles to portray what I want to portray.’

In that moment, a projection appeared in the skies as Dyon’s hand flipped over, causing a miniature tower to float above it.

Everyone’s eyes involuntarily raised high to see a scene that shocked them all.

“Your death will be very painful.” The image focused on Dyon walking toward someone they couldn’t see just yet.

Dyon sneered. “Do you think such a weak powder would work on me?” He strode forward with murder in his eyes. “Meridian Constricting Powder stops one from properly controlling their energies. But did you ever consider that I don’t need to use energy to defeat you? Did you consider that just my body is enough?”

Right after those words were projected outward, the image flipped from Dyon’s angered eyes to Arthurian. Then, under everyone’s shocked gazes, they watched as Dyon’s hand flew forward, slapping Arthurian away with a single strike.

Blood and teeth flew into the air, and Arthurian’s face even completely collapsed on one side. It was a miracle that it was fixed to the extent it was now.

Then the image paused, the final scene the crowd saw was Dyon standing over Violet’s naked body and her tears streaming down her cheeks.

At that moment, everything took a turn that stunned everyone there.

“As you all can see, two weeks or not, someone as pathetic Arthurian has no business defeating me.

“I understand what you wanted to do. You probably wanted to make me pay for tainting you while still making sure everyone understood that your still maintained your innocence, hm?” A sinister smile spread across Dyon’s face as his eyes pierced toward Violet.

“The reason I asked for the story to be explained isn’t because I feel falsely accused. It’s just that I wanted to make sure everyone knew that a) someone as pathetic as a Caedes family heir has no business dictating what I can and cannot do, while b) making sure you all know that your pure princess has long since been tainted by me.

“Truth be told, she’s quite far below my tastes and is no more than trash among the true beauties of the martial world. My wives, for example, are each world toppling. I normally wouldn’t even take her as a servant girl.

“But, after two months of seeing nothing but fog and statues, I was akin to a man who hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink in years.” Dyon shrugged. “So, I used her as a temporary cock sleeve. It was better than using my hand, anyway.

“In my opinion, she’s barely a 2 out of 10. I wouldn’t recommend.”



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