“Is that him?” In the sky, within the group of Devil Cultivators, Sokzac suddenly asked a Lilith a question. In response, he received a nod which caused an imperceptible killing intent to shoot from his eyes.

Yet, to his surprise, Dyon’s head immediately turned in his direction.

The clash of wills only lasted a moment before Dyon’s eyes turned back to Lilith. Seeing her standing there perfectly fine, a disgusting thought crossed his mind. It was impossible for her to heal her soul so quickly unless she made use of Soul Market.

Seeing the disgust in Dyon’s eyes, Lilith immediately felt uncomfortable. She hadn’t had any reaction when Dyon was accused of rape, mostly because it was far too odd. Someone of Dyon’s level would never stoop to pick at someone like Violet unless he was a true perverted bastard. However, no matter how much Lilith hated Dyon to the core, she didn’t get that sort of vibe from him.

His disgusted look when he looked at her proved this. For him to look at her like that and even be willing to kill her, a beauty a thousand times better than Violet, how could he go after Violet? Clearly there was some conspiracy.

‘He must have gotten a legacy from the valley, so they want to use this as an excuse to take him away. Since he’s from the Jafari family, he wouldn’t agree so easily as the others because he likely has an inkling about the secrets of this quadrant and Soul Market… Which means…’

Lilith’s look became complex as she understood Dyon’s look of disgust. He must know that the only way to heal a soul quickly was by absorbing another soul. Either that, or you needed a heaven defying plant or treasure on the level of the Soul Tome. Clearly, he wouldn’t so easily believe she had the latter.

Somehow, she felt uncomfortable under his gaze. But then, her eyes became cold. ‘So what if I used it? What right do you have to judge me?’

Dyon looked away, not bothering with Lilith anymore. But, this only enraged Sokzac who felt like he was being ignored by a puny essence gatherer while he was already a Celestial! Even if all dozen or so celestials in the sky right now fought him at once, even while suppressed, he was confident that he could obliterate them all.

“PROOF!?” The Master’s voice boomed in response to Dyon’s questioning. “ARE MY DAUGHTER’S TEARS NOT ENOUGH?!”

Dyon snorted. “No.”

The veins on the Master’s forehead threatened to pop. “Good. Good. Good.” He spoke through gritted teeth. “Bring out the witnesses then!”

Dyon watched on expressionlessly as three disciples he immediately recognized walked out. These were none other than the three disciples that had followed Violet that day, the same three that Dyon had given pills that saved their lives.

Violet inwardly sneered. She assumed that Dyon had been so confident because of these three. After all, they knew what happened. ‘You’re so naïve. Did you really think that they’d back you? Who are you?! To dare turn me down, I’ll show you the difference between the two of us!’

When the three disciples appeared, they began narrating a story that moved the hearts of those present.

“It was only a few days before the valley would close and Senior Sister Violet was guiding us through in hopes we might get lucky.” One began.

“That was when we ran into Dyon. From what we could understand, a few months prior, he had an altercation with an esteemed Grandmaster of Sapientia Corner.”

The three nodded in unison. “He had the audacity to try and sexually harass the Grandmaster, Clara Gallagher.”

When those around heard the name, they sucked in a breath. Even if they didn’t have any branches of the Sapientia clan here, they still sometimes travelled into the tower, especially as disciples of the best sect in the quadrant. Coupling that with the fact their best choice of weapons and pills was Sapientia Corner, and many of them had heard of Clara.

At this point, they couldn’t help but look toward Dyon with disgust. Even their key wielder would have to bow in respect to her, yet a mere core disciple, and not even an official core disciple at that, had disrespected one of the most talented young women on the saint floors?

The three disciples displayed signs of obvious disgust as they looked toward Dyon, clearly not worried about their lives. They had been promised protection as long as they followed along with Violet.

“Grandmaster Clara wanted to kill him immediately, but our Senior Sister was kind enough to step in and vouch for this evil doer. In the end, she was forced to take a small loss and say she was this evil doer’s girlfriend, for hope that Grandmaster Clara would have pity.”

A wave of anger with through the disciples. Violet was the number one beauty of the sect, yet she had a heart magnanimous enough to do this, but she was repaid with pain and hardship?

The three disciples seemed to have a lot of practice telling this story, even their reactions and acting skills were perfectly on point as they showed anger matching that of the crowd.

“When we met in the valley, this evil doer wanted to take advantage of Senior Sister’s goodwill, stating that she was his woman now since she had told the world that he was her boyfriend.

“When Senior Sister refused him, trying to explain clearly, he lost his mind and attacked us. Although he was an evil doer, his power seemed to have increased substantially after entering the valley.” The disciples emphasized this. They didn’t know why, but Violet had told them to do this. “We’re mere inner disciples, so we lost quickly, and although Senior Sister fought valiantly, she lost in the end too.

“If Senior Brother Arthurian hadn’t appeared, Senior Sister would have lost her innocence.”

“Thank you senior brother!” They said in unison, bowing toward the Caedes family with respect.



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