Dyon frowned, immediately placing Ri and Madeleine behind his back. They didn't want this, but now that Dyon's body had broken into the saint realms, their bodies were akin to feathers in his hands even when they struggled. Unless they used their wills, something they'd never do against their own husband, they wouldn't have a chance at resisting.

When the saw Dyon's large back, tattooed with brilliant white, black and gold wings, they couldn't help but feel a sense of security even with the impending doom.

Dyon had every reason to be apprehensive even if the Belmont Ancestor was by his side. For one, the legacy of the Belmonts could not compare to the Daiyu even remotely. One was a former Emperor God Clan, the other was a Royal God Clan at its peak. And secondly, even worse, the Belmont Ancestor was already running out of time!

Dyon made a grasping motion at the air, but he immediately wanted to hit himself afterward. He had instinctively wanted to use his weapon's hell formation to kill Chenglei as quickly as possible to stop the summoning, but how could he without his soul?

However, Dyon didn't give up.

His skin reddened as his circulated his Demon Emperor's Will technique, pushing it directly to the peak of the first act.

Reaching back, he lightly touched Ri's hand, ignoring the comfort to focus on the ring on her finger. In the next instant, a grandmaster spear appeared in his hand, just one among the many in the celestial deer sect inventory.

"Extreme Yang. Darkest Jade. Daiyu of the East. Ruler of the North." Chenglei continued to focus on his chants. He had to deal this. He was the only one who could do this. Exactly like Lionel Belmont, only a select few of a clan could call upon their ancestors. Although it was unknown to Chenglei how Lionel stopped others from doing so, that was the last thing on his mind right now.

Right now, Chenglei had no idea where his grandfather was. In fact, seeing Dyon now forced a deep sense of dread to settle within him. Although the fate of his grandfather was obvious by now, he didn't dare to finish the thought.

By this point, Dyon could only desperately hope that his strength was enough. Chenglei was still being surrounded by the few hundred saint Daiyu left, and without his wills, the likelihood that he could make it through was nearly zero. The problem was that he could feel that his Demon Emperor's Will had significantly weakened. It was originally a technique that relied heavily on his demonic will. Without it, it lost 50% of its effectiveness. This made what should have been a x8 multiplier, a mere x4!

However, it was at this point that his demon generals aimed their long-range attacks as well, being intelligent enough to understand that this was a time sensitive task.

The skies twisted and bent, an enormous amount of energy accumulating. Both sides acted, although with diametrically opposing goals. One for absolute attack, and the other for absolute defense!

Dyon's arms flexed, the muscles of his torso pulled in tightly as his hazel-green eyes landed on Chenglei. In the next instant, a flurry of attacks were released.

Endless streams of wills raged forward, however, their organization was impeccable. Although Dyon wasn't able to communicate with his demon generals now, they understood their roles perfectly. They had already shifted into their various corps, organized by will specialty, causing their attacks to blend perfectly without any clashing!

The Daiyu were stunned. There was simply a different level of organization the Demon Generals reached under Dyon's presence. It was as though his very will permeated through all of them. A feat only possible if each and everyone of these prideful geniuses saw him as their undisputed leader!

"Help me." Dyon motioned to celestial expert.

Without so much as another word, Dyon's arm flashed forward with blinding speed, releasing a spear the shattered the air as though even space was a hindrance to it.

The attacks of the Demon generals blasted the Daiyu apart, raining down chaos in their once organized defensive formation.

However, knowing this was their last chance, the Daiyu pulled out everything they had, even shamelessly using the last remaining Niveus Sect members as meat shields to achieve their goals.

A once highly lauded God Clan was reduced to nothing but a sect of women crying for mercy. While a once respected Emperor God Clan was reduced to the lowly state of using their allies in such a way.

Evelyn could only watch with horror setting in her eyes as the women she called sister, the women she herself led here, died one after another, being thrown out by their supposed aliies.

But, none of it mattered. There were simply too few enemies left. The attacks of the demon generals blasted through, leaving an alley from space from Chenglei to Dyon's quickly approaching spear.

Its silver light glistened in the sun, but its beauty was lost on Chenglei. Fear grew in his eyes as death seemed to be awaiting him. However, he resolutely channeled his bloodline, furiously chanting the final words.

Yet, no matter how much he wished it, he could tell that he wouldn't have the time to finish. Handicapped or not, Dyon had still multiplied his saint body's strength by 4. The spear was simply moving too fast.

Chenglei closed his eyes, futilely chanting even with the knowledge he wouldn't make it.

And just as expected, in a mere instant, Dyon's spear was before him.

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