"What do you think we should do?" A group of Planet Mino elders sat around, seemingly discussing something as though they were in a world separate to the chaos of the outbroken war. However, interestingly enough, all of their attentions were focused on a young girl. That young girl was, of course, none other than Saru Shruti!

"Do you all remember why I came here at all?" Saru responded after a moment's pause.

"Of course, Princess." An elder responded quickly. "But, there seems to be too many variables at play here. This may not be the right universe to use for your coming of age ceremony. Not to mention it's far too early for you to take such a test anyway… You know your father didn't want you to leave until –"

"I was far too cooped up in that place. Don't you think coming to this universe was fruitful though? How else would we have learned what we have…? To think that the dysfunction of this quadrant was seep so far to its roots… You are right about one thing, it isn't safe to remain here anymore…" Saru's eyes glistened with something imperceptible as she looked off to Dyon's figure in the distance. "I like him." She suddenly said.

"This… Princess you must choose your words carefully." The elder responded with a nervous sweat coating his back.

"Is there a problem with what I said?"


"Can you find another that is so young, capable of beating me, and also isn't from a clan I would have to marry into as a woman?"

"But… He's sixteen years old. He's much older than you! How can he be considered a talent?!" The elder was hyperventilating at this point. Without King Shruti here, there was no controlling Saru's actions. What if she really chose this man? By the time they got a message back to their quadrant for help in stopping this, it would be too late and their princess would be tainted!

Even worse, a sixteen-year-old with a mere meridian formation cultivation? He's be laughed out of their clan and forced into a servant role. So what if he could fight above his station, at the end of the day, that was only against these subpar beings. He was clearly the very best this universe had to offer, and yet he was so pathetic. If he hadn't injured Saru, how would she have placed so poorly.

"Cousin." Arivata interjected. "You know they're right. That's not to mention, how could you be the third wife of anyone? I agree that he is a good man. But, good is not enough."

"You're all wrong." Saru replied simply, still looking off into the distance.

"Wrong?" The elder furrowed his brow alone with the rest.

"Can you see his soul strength?" Saru asked.

"Of course. It's at the lower second stage. That's even more pitiful than his energy cultivation."

"Wrong. We as body cultivators know little of array alchemy, but you should at least comprehend the basics. How often have you see him use an array laced with purple and gold?"

The elders were stunned. How had they not realized this?

"Although I don't know what level he's reached, he's at the very least capable of drawing a master level array, which means his soul can't possibly be at the second stage like you think. And, despite the fact we're body cultivators, our souls grow along with our cultivation over time, so the fact that you, as a celestial expert, can't see through his soul, means that his soul strength far surpasses yours."

"This… But, Princess. Even if his soul talent is exceptional, you understand as much as anyone how that isn't translatable to true strength. The soul is simply too fragile. He'll have an advantage in comprehending wills and stamina in using them, but at the end of the day, if his energy and body lag too far behind, he won't be able to make use of his wills past a certain point. Didn't you see how much strain using a mere first level intent placed on him? Even you're capable of using an intent without struggling that much!"

Saru sighed. "How can you all be so blind?... How is that soul useless to him when he comprehended a supreme law! And you dare to say that the benefits are minimal? With his use of death qi, even if he met up against our best sixteen-year-old geniuses he would at the very least be in the top 50%, and that's without access to the same teaching and resources they have."

The elder's lip twitched when Saru said top 50%. Was that supposed to be impressive? This was a Princess of a Supreme God Clan! Not some commoner slave girl!

However, they could not deny how impressive it was to understand a supreme law at such a young age… Even their princess had yet to, and the amount that had at Dyon's age wouldn't be a mere top 50%... It would be more like 0.1%. That said, with how many trillions of life forms there were, that number was still quite large.

"You think top 50% isn't impressive? Well, let me tell you something else… You all understand that the sutra I have mastered allows me to comprehend my opponent the more I battle him, correct?"

The elder nodded solemnly. It was one of the reasons Saru was looked upon so favourably by their king despite the hundreds of children he had. She was simply the most talented.

"Then you know I'm not lying when I say that he has cultivated for less than three years. Before he was thirteen, he knew nothing of the martial world. Nothing."

The space became silent as the words of their princess set it. Suddenly, their eyes widened in astonishment.

"Oh, and he also happens to be a peak first grade warrior."



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