In the cave within the Belmont Holy Land, Jade's grating giggle still filled and echoed through the space.

"Chenglei." Elder Daiyu's voice lost its usual calmness. "What happened?"

"Grandfather… I –" Chenglei didn't know what to say. He knew that his grandfather only intrusted him carrying out such an important task because he had no choice.

Although the Belmont family only had two celestial experts, one of which was King Belmont, and the other of which was their protector, Head Sicarius, their protection arrays were on a level that couldn't be looked down upon. This was exactly why King Belmont had felt it fit to focus his attention on the world tournament, keeping his eye on the movements of not just the Ragnor, but also the oddities of Planet Nix and Mino.

Luckily for the Daiyu, they had a certain level of assurance that they would succeed. But, it still required putting their lives on the line.

Elder Daiyu knew that if he lost his life, his possessions would fall under the control of the remaining Belmont – something that would make all of their previous effort useless. As such, he gave them to Chenglei, who was obviously too weak to participate.

As for why Chenglei was there at all, it was for the same reason why the World Tournament was being held to decide who entered. Chenglei's father, and Elder Daiyu's son, had said it once before. Chenglei's talent was enough to match up almost anyone. The problem was that the Daiyu had diverted all of their resources toward their plans away – focusing instead on building up allies and setting their plans in motion. This was meant to be how they repaid Chenglei for all of his sacrifices and patience. He was their future!

Jade giggled, "Let's just say the impotent boy tried to prove the doubter wrong and ended up paying for it."

Chenglei was without a doubt someone who was calm and collected. But, for some reason, whenever it came to this Jade, he couldn't seem to withhold his temper.

His veins bulged and his skin reddened, but how could he not know what Jade meant?

At the end of the day, he was a teenage boy with a wife he couldn't make use of. Day in and day out he would see Meiying's beautiful countenance. And then there was Jade, ever since she had started to wear that mask to hide her scars, she had become more and more alluring to him everyday. Despite her face being ruined, it didn't change the fact her body was near perfect.

The worst part was that Jade didn't see a problem with flaunting her body around Chenglei. She constantly kept her scars covered, but that didn't stop her from wearing skin tight clothing and trying to seduce him at corner. Then she'd giggle, knowing fully well he couldn't act on it even if he wanted.

Whenever he lost his cool and fondled her to his heart's content, she wouldn't even give him the satisfaction of reacting the way a normal woman would. There was no resistance in her eyes, nor were there any signs of her hating it. In fact, she invited it. However, in the end, Chenglei would inevitably be unable to finish his deed, causing Jade to once again laugh at him.

The Black Jade legacy that Chenglei practiced was unforgiving. It channeled all of his yang toward power in the initial stages, super charging his comprehension ability toward yang type techniques and wills. After he stepped into the last stage, which should coincide with him becoming a saint, he'd reach an all new level and also regain the freedom of his yang. In fact, that would be a point where dual cultivating would give him benefits few others could match.

Unfortunately, Jade didn't seem to care.

If Chenglei was more versed in the ways of people, emotions, and namely women, he might have noticed that Jade didn't show any adverse reaction to his sexual harassment because she practically lived for it. A woman like her, who had placed all of her worth in her looks because that was all anyone ever cared about… For her to suddenly lose all of that… The moments Chenglei lost himself in lust were the only moments Jade didn't feel an undying pain in her heart.

"What happened, Chenglei?" Elder Daiyu asked again.

Chenglei paled. He couldn't find the courage to answer.

"I'll answer for you then," Jade said, her smirk nearly penetrating her mask, "The impotent young master thought that this was as good a time as any to have some fun with his one and only loving wife. So he did so. Unfortunately… That loving wife of his wasn't exactly so loving."

Elder Daiyu frowned, "Impossible. Meiying has been sealed. Her actions are limited to listening to what either Chenglei or I say."

Jade giggled, "She hides herself quite well. She doesn't even flinch when the impotent young master asks her to strip. A commendable woman."

Elder Daiyu frowned, looking at his grandson. It wasn't as though he cared, in reality, Meiying was his wife. The problem he had was the timing.

"How could she…" Elder Daiyu's eyes flashed. "Dyon."

Elder Daiyu was a former dao formation expert. Although his cultivation had plummeted, he was still much smart and sharper than most. Although he couldn't see through Dyon's soul cultivation at the time because of his damaged dao – something highly connected to the soul – that didn't stop him from understanding how great of an array alchemist Dyon was. After all, he had been there when Dyon showed how he had sealed 14 sub families on his own to protect his secrets!

"Ah, my first love," Jade said reminiscing. But, given her tone. No one could tell whether she was serious or not. "Yes, it was likely him. But, that hardly matters now, because… Let's say I've helped you out quite a lot."

Elder Daiyu's eyes narrowed. He had brought along this girl because she might have been useful. In the end, he was right. But, she was also out for herself. And he knew that. He also knew that if she was confident enough to step to him like this, the items they needed were likely hidden. In a time sensitive mission like theirs, they couldn't afford the time to look for it!

Taking a deep breath, Elder Daiyu settled his emotions. Trying to convince himself that this wasn't as bad as it could be. "What do you want?"


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