Caedlum's shoulders slumped as a small smile played his features. He was happy that he had won, but he was truly too fatigued now. Unlike Dyon, he didn't have replenishing techniques, he could only rely on his body. However, because he had used his Asura transformation, even though it was only to a minor level, his recovery rate had significantly slowed despite his body cultivation expertise.

He stood, to the best of his abilities, and watched as Uma was taken away by members of Planet Mino. It seemed they were stunned by their loss, but at the same time, there was a measure of respect in their eyes for Caedlum.

What others didn't know just yet was that Planet Mino had been taken over by beasts. Uma, herself, was a member of a Primal Ape bloodline.

She couldn't be said to be a peak most member of this bloodline, but she had been deemed worthy enough to be sent on this mission along with the rest of their clan. That said, she wasn't their main hope, because that rested on the top 6 beauty, Saru's shoulders.

Many started looking at the top 6 beauty after this display. Although Uma was part of a different clan, the fact she had turned into an ape made them quite apprehensive as to what Saru might be. If a beauty like her turned out to be an ape as well, wouldn't that just be too sad?

However, Saru seemed oblivious to these gazes as she remained a picture of perfection frozen in time. She knew that although Caedlum had won, he was very much vulnerable right now. They had other members ranked highly in the top 20 that could take their place back forcefully. So, she wasn't too worried about their position weakening.

Saru's thoughts seemed to be reciprocated by the crowd. Ferocious gazes seemed to pierce Caedlum's heaving back as he tried to catch his breath. It seemed they were all waiting for the moment Uma was gone to be the first to step on stage.

The time passed almost too slowly, but as soon as the final member of Planet Mino left the stage, a surging crowd of young warriors pushed and shoved toward Caedlum's stage, jockeying for position as they sprinted forward.

Caedlum turned around, laughing bitterly to himself as he watched this scene. His muscles were completely torn, and his energy was depleted. He might as well forfeit to the person who stepped up first.

However, the first to land on the stage was someone no one had ever expected. Even Caedlum was surprised, a questioning look appearing on his usually stoic features.

"Hey! You already have a spot, you can't challenge him!"

Someone roared from the crowd, turning their ire onto the figure that landed leisurely before Caedlum. The crowd of warriors completely agreeing making their grievances known as they continued to make their way toward the stage, convinced that this person's challenge didn't count.

Suddenly, a massive wall of gold and purple appeared around Caedlum's stage, completely blocking out the coming challengers and causing Elder Den's brow to furrow.

"What exactly is it that you're doing? We've given you a spot in the top ten already, are you not satisfied? You want to use a fallen comrade as a chance to climb up the rankings? How pathetic can you get?" Elder Den sneered.

Elder Den couldn't understand why Dyon had stepped onto the stage. Why else would it be so other than him trying to secure a higher ranking?

"Either way, members of the top ten aren't allowed to challenge each other in this stage. But, I do appreciate you making your character quite clear to everyone in attendance." Elder Den concluded.

"Huh?" Dyon looked up from Caedlum, "I have no intention of challenging Caedlum, what are you talking about?"

Elder Den's brow furrowed, "Get out of the way and allow others to challenge then."

"I don't know what you mean," Dyon smiled lightly, "I'm not in the way. As long as they step onto the stage, they can be considered to have challenged Caedlum. But, it doesn't seem like they want it enough, so I'm just having a leisurely chat with a friend of mine."

Dyon's hand clasped Caedlum's shoulder, which at first caused him to wince, before an inexplicable feeling of relief and comfort washed over him. Caedlum's eyes couldn't help but widen in shock – he immediately understood Dyon's intentions… But, just how powerful was Dyon to be capable of causing such a drastic change in his body so quickly?

Who didn't know that the more powerful a cultivator's body, the harder it was to heal? After all, the quality of material making up your body was greater, which means what it took to damage it was greater, which also meant what it took to heal that damage was obviously also greater. And yet, Caedlum could feel his muscles mending at a noticeable pace even as his to-be challengers pounded against the array he created.

"Move." Elder Den's eyes sharpened, "Or I'll be forced to move you myself." His hand waved, immediately destroying Dyon's array. But, to his frustration, before the warriors could surge forward, yet another barrier appeared. He felt silly playing this game of cat and mouse with a junior. He was a peak saint! Destroying these barriers were child's play, but he had no way of stopping Dyon from creating more. And something told him that if he tried to attack Dyon directly… That puppet might make a reappearance.

Suddenly, an obsidian tree spanning hundreds of meters bloomed behind Dyon, with clear veins of transparent crystals running up its trunk.

King Acacia and Belmont, who were of course in the skybox, could only shake their heads at this point. This boy had shocked them one too many times… They were almost numb to it. Him learning the Acacia Family Manifestation technique? Sure… Why not.

'Our ancestors are probably rolling in their graves…' King Acacia sighed.

If King Acacia knew that Dyon had already bullied his ancestors, one could only imagine how he'd react.


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