After their initial surprise, though, anger began to boil on the features of the patriarchs. They were completely blinded, and quite frankly, were about to make a very stupid move.

If they were at all intelligent, they would begin to think about where a genius like Thadius could possibly come from. Then they would think about how said genius, despite having every right to stomp over the entirety of this world tournament, was instead playing subordinate for Dyon.

Without a full host of information, anyone willing to think that far would immediately think that Dyon's genius was also linked to this young man. And just one step further and they'd conclude that Dyon and Thadius must have a master capable of raising disciples on that level.

In the end, if such a master existed, would they really put anyone in this universe in their eyes? Much less the patriarchs of mere God level clans.

In any other universe, the God Clans here wouldn't barely be fit to be Focus Academy level existences. But, these old farts were so used to reigning supreme over everything that they couldn't even be bothered to think that far.

However, before the patriarchs could say another word, yet another wave of heat threatened to melt away the stadium. This time though, it held none of the beautiful violet that came with King Belmont. No… This time, it was like the golden blaze of sun descending the horizon.

In an instant, a middle-aged man with golden hair that looked like the fiery mane of a lion descended from the skies. To his sides stood two young men. The first was someone everyone recognized – the first rank of the foundation stage, Tau's younger brother, Ur Aumen. The second was someone even more famous. The true rank two of the cumulative rankings, only behind Lionel Belmont, Tau Aumen.

It was clear that this middle-aged man, then, was their father. The head of the Royal God Clan of Planet Deimos – King Aumen.

"Young man." King Aumen ignored them all, including Dyon, focusing his attention on Thadius. "Tell me, is your master the owner of Heaven's Wine?"

A sudden thought seemed to materialize in everyone's mind all at once. Who else could be his master if not for a hidden expert on that level?

Heaven's Wine wasn't an establishment held to only Earth. In fact, it was found throughout every planet in this universe. Many even speculated that it just might be found elsewhere in the quadrant as well.

Many had been looking forward to seeing the performance of this expert's students, but none had seemingly chosen to participate. Or, maybe none had made it clear that they were his or her disciple.

The only true disciple of the Heaven's Wine owner that Dyon knew was Iaachus. However, although Dyon hadn't been out to look for him, he hadn't noticed his presence at the world tournament either.

To everyone in attendance, if Thadius was truly a disciple of this expert, then it made sense why his other disciples hadn't participated either. After all, if they were such high-level saints at a mere 30 to 40 years of age, this tournament would be nothing but a joke to them!

Thadius snorted, "All you need to know is that Dyon is the successor to my master, and therefore, for all intents and purposes, is my master."

Thadius didn't have much patience for people like King Aumen. Thadius' previous actions had made it clear that he listened to Dyon's commands, and yet this King Aumen still asked something so obvious. It was obvious that he was only asking because he couldn't wrap his head around Dyon being so great.

King Aumen turned his attention to Dyon, boring his golden eyes and scanning someone he thought he'd be able to see through easily. 'No cultivation? 2nd stage soul? That can't be right…'

After witnessing Dyon fight Iris, King Aumen knew that it was impossible for this to be true. It was a fact that understanding wills boosted your combat prowess, so technically speaking, if you were masterful enough with your wills, even a foundation stage expert could beat an essence gathering expert who was weak in his wills.

In fact, it was possible to match up to even celestial level experts at that low of a stage, theoretically speaking. This was because will level fusions, if on a high enough level, could trump intents often times just like how even low-level supreme laws were worth investing in even if you grasped intents.

However, even if King Aumen accepted the possibility of Dyon having no energy cultivation, having such a weak soul would have made it too difficult to learn the wills he knew. Which meant only one of two things. Either Dyon's body cultivation was that tyrannical, or, he had the ability to hide things even from him as a mid level celestial expert…

"Are you willing to tell me who your master is?" King Aumen faintly released his aura, trying to probe Dyon further.

Dyon smiled, "It's no secret."

The crowd waited with baited breath. Was he really about to reveal it?

"I'm the last disciple of the Celestial Deer Sect. However, I'm also the successor the Demon Sage Sargeras."

The heart of Patriarch Pakal seized. This was a name written in the annals of Pakal lore. How could he not recognize such a name? The man who had sacrificed his everything for the hope of a better future.

Sargeras Pakal.


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