Junior? Since when did a king refer to a child as his junior? This was a Celestial level expert! Unless they shared the same master, saying something like that was ridiculous.

The truth was that King Belmont had wanted to call Dyon his nephew. With his close relationship with King and Queen Acacia, not to mention how he was nearly 90% certain that a pair of friends he hadn't seen a long time were Madeleine's true parents, Dyon really could be seen as his nephew.

But, he couldn't reveal such a thing, not now. With how vigilant they were against the Ragnor, even the fact they had invited King Acacia into their sky box was almost too much of a give away. Had they not been confident in Dyon's ability to conceal himself, King Belmont would have never allowed him to come to their skybox.

There was a reason why no one reacted when Kawa charged out of the skybox and appeared before Dyon, Ri, Madeleine and Clara. Even though Dyon released his soul to its utmost, even to the point of unleashing many of his manifestations for fear that Kawa was an enemy, no one in the crowd had said a thing about it.

If the rankers had seen Dyon react to a celestial level expert, would their noses be so upturned as they were now? Would Femi still be so arrogant?

If the God Clan Heads had seen how powerful Kawa was and seen her relationship with Ri and Madeleine, would they have dared to allow Ode and Eboni to attack them?

Of course not.

No one had reacted, because no one had seen anything.

Kawa had the ability to conceal her own self and Dyon, for the sake of protecting his secrets, had concealed himself.

Never in a million years did Kawa ever think that Dyon would react to her. That was why she had confidently leaped out.

Luckily for them, Dyon had learned to be more cautious about certain things. Something he was clearly willing to throw out the window when it came to an attack on the lives of his wives.

"King Belmont, do you really intend to stand in our way?" Patriarch Geb's hoarse voice reverberated through the arena.

"You as members of the elder generation just stepped into a dispute between the younger generation. How could I not intervene?" King Belmont replied calmly.

"Younger generation?! He clearly made use of a saint level expert! How does such logic hold up?!" Patriarch Horus boomed.

Thadius snorted even as Dyon chuckled behind him.

The patriarchs turned their heads in anger, boring holes in the two of them.

"This is the kind of disrespect you allow you proliferate on your Planet Earth?!" Patriarch Geb had always had a petty reason for hating Earth. It was always among the weakest planets, especially since half of its population was mortal. And yet, it took the name of a will he found to be the greatest! He found this to be nothing less than a slap in the face of his clan.

"We're laughing because you're an idiot. Thadius isn't even 40 years old yet. Iris, my opponent from just a few hours ago is already a decade plus older than him. How is he not part of the younger generation?" Dyon chuckled lightly.

But, his words were like a stun grenade launched into arena. A saint not even 40? Was that true?

It was near impossible to tell by the naked eye alone how old an expert was. Without inspecting them with a 6th sense of sorts, or probing them with energy, it was impossible.

That said, when experts trained their eyes and senses onto Thadius, Dyon's words were found to not be lies. His life force was to pure and new to be anymore than 37 years old.

Many seemed to remember in that instant that the world tournament used to consist of four cultivation levels. The foundation stage, the meridian formation stage, the essence gathering stage, and the saint stage. It was only after years of decline, where saint experts became rarer and rarer that they were removed. After all, if it took you hundreds of years, were you still a member of the younger generation?

The truth was that in many outstanding universes, even being thousands of years old was considered young. But here, living centuries often placed you in the middle of your life.

'This…' Even King Belmont and Acacia didn't know how to feel. Queen Acacia wasn't fazed because she had seen many saints even younger than Thadius. But, the same couldn't be said for her husband.

How could these people understand that the demon generals were geniuses among geniuses? How could the demon sage ever choose any less to lead his armies? To be a demon general was an acknowledgement that not only your talent, but also your combat prowess, was in the top echelon of your cultivation rank.

In fact, in the year since Dyon had awakened the demon generals, they had already improved in their cultivation vastly. Even the slowest of the saints had filled at least 4 or 5 more meridians in the span of a year. A pace that was otherworldly to this measly universe.

Maybe the funniest part in all of this was how River and Ronica always toyed with Thadius. Why? Because even with all his talent. He was nowhere near the strongest of the demon generals.

That said, if you paid close attention to the reactions in the arena, there were a surprising amount of people that took this new piece of information in stride.

The first was maybe not so surprising. Lionel Belmont was always deadpan. After getting over his initial shock at Dyon's actions, little else could perturb him.

But, maybe the others were decidedly more interesting. Maybe they too were quite used to such high level saints at such a young age.

That said, that wasn't a good thing, because they happened to be enemies of Dyon.

Saru Shruti and her Planet Mino members.

And Ulu Lebna and her Planet Nix members.


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