"Are you okay?" Ri asked worriedly, reaching for Dyon's bandages. They had been partially torn off because of Dyon's wings, but because of the position they were in, they had mostly survived.

Noticing this though, Dyon reached down, tearing them off completely.

The crowd seemed to be watching Dyon's every action. And it seemed like with his recent wins, his fan club was growing out of proportion. It wasn't as though no one had noticed how handsome Dyon was before, but that was a trait that was normally ignored for males in the martial world unless they were powerful – something females didn't normally have to deal with. However, having now proven himself, he wasn't short of admirers much to Ri's admonition.

For the shrieking voices to reach so far down, it was clear there were a lot.

Madeleine giggled, "It seems they want to add our husband to the male suitors list." Her smile was bright even as she helped Ri clean Dyon's wound and bandage it again.

Ri's small hands glided over Dyon's lean torso almost as though to say he was hers before she growled angrily.

Dyon though only had eyes for Ri and Madeleine. "You two need to be careful, okay? I can threaten him as much as I want, but I doubt that would change anything. Regardless, for his words alone. He's dead."

Madeleine nodded. "I'm 19th and Ri is 27th. With any luck, we'll be put in the same group. That will lessen the pressure."

Dyon nodded. As much as he tried to rein in his actions to lessen rippling effects, there would always be people out there that cared more for their own glory than even the lives of collateral. What did Ri and Madeleine ever do to this Femi character? Wouldn't he have been able to fight Dyon anyway if he waited?

The more Dyon though about it, the angrier he got.

"Hey." Madeleine's small hand found its way to Dyon's cheek. "We're warriors too."

Ri nodded affirmatively. Neither her or Madeleine had gone all out yet. And, that was on top of the fact that dual cultivating with Dyon had major benefits to them as well. After all, how could dual cultivating with a saint not?

Looking at his wives, Dyon nodded. "Alright."


In the stands though, there was another heavily debated topic aside from where Dyon ranked on the male suitors list, and that was Dyon's weapon.

It wasn't lost on the experts how amazing that weapon was. To manifest its own soul, and for it to be so large, there was no question that it was extraordinary. But, no one dared to speculate about the rank of this weapon… Because if they did… It would cause chaos.

Daiyu Chenglei had had a transcendent weapon, yes. But, how many others had a weapon of this caliber? Without a deep family lineage and legacy, how was it possible to such a thing? Even the Elves had lost all of theirs.

"That weapon… There's no question." King Acacia spoke.

"You know that sword?" Queen Acacia asked.

King Acacia grit his teeth.

"Aww, husband. Are you struggling with acknowledging your son in law?"

"Hmph. That kid doesn't even have any awareness of what he just exposed. He was so focused on looking cool that he even took out such a thing."

Kawa Acacia poked her husbands face playfully, "Doesn't he have your sentinels to protect him. Who here could hurt him even if they wanted to?"

Seeing that King Acacia was reddening again, Kawa giggled.

"What sentinels are these, Edrym?" Big Red asked.

Down below, it seemed the monitors were randomly selecting the next group. Luckily, that next group had no one of note, so Ri and Madeleine were safe for now.

"They're the dao formation puppets of the Elvin dead kings valley." King Belmont noted.

"Dao formation?!" Big Red nearly choked on his food.

King Acacia shook his head, "They should have long since fallen from that level. But, it's clear they're still in the celestial realm. The worst part though is…"

"They're comparable to first grade experts, right?" King Belmont finished his friend's sentence.

Silence reigned in the room.

It was one thing to be a celestial expert. But, to be a first-grade celestial expert was completely different… Even in this room now, aside from Kawa, they were all at most third or second. This was because although they were all geniuses, they were capped by the poor cultivation in this universe. Kawa was lucky enough to be raised in a different universe entirely, as such, her talent wasn't capped.

But, even they were the exception. Most celestial experts in this universe were extremely old 4th grade experts who managed to stumble onto some luck to break through.

"I don't mean to rain on your parade anymore friend." King Belmont cleared his throat. "But both Madeleine and Ri are both peak first grade experts."

"What?!" King Acacia's head snapped. He felt like his vision was going blurry.

There was a massive difference between just being a first-grade expert and a peak first grade expert. But, that wasn't what really pissed King Acacia off. If the two of them were the only ones who happened to be of such a level, there was only one linking factor… Dyon.

Even Queen Acacia was surprised. "Are you sure? What about Dyon?"

King Belmont shrugged, "I'm not sure about his energy cultivation. He never seems to make use of it directly – it only seems useful to him for balancing out his body and soul prowess. But his soul…"

"I don't mean to tease you too much husband, but his soul isn't that far off from being comparable to ours."

"What do you mean? I've already scanned his soul strength. He's at a measly lower second stage level."

Dyon had of course felt King Acacia scanning his soul. But, despite the breach of etiquette, he had forgiven it since he was Ri's father.

That said, Dyon had learned his lesson from Ulu. So, he lowered his soul to an even greater extent. But, this time, he had lowered it almost too much. It seemed his father in law was looking down on him.

Queen Acacia sighed, looking at her husband pitifully. King Acacia used to be a genius among geniuses and his perception surpassed nearly anyone. In fact, his battle prowess used to be far higher than his cultivation dictated because he could simply read everything his opponent wanted to do ahead of time. Even when he was a lower celestial expert, fighting a half step to dao formation expert wasn't a problem.

However, as he felt himself losing his mind, he had researched ways to cut off his True Empath abilities. Unfortunately, his method was no where near as perfect as Dyon's grand teacher. As such, his cultivation had to be supressed to the first celestial level. He could no longer manifest his soul. And without Kawa by his side, it was likely that he would have died a hundred times over in the past few years.

He was a shell of his former self.


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