Ri watched Dyon win quietly from the VIP area. She was well aware of Dyon's strength and could see through Uta completely. Maybe the only bit of surprise was that Dyon had showed Uta mercy – if you could call crippling someone an act of mercy.

Dyon stood there silently for a while, trying to calm his nerves before he blanketed the area with his 6th sense to find out just how far away Eli was.

But, just as he was doing so, he picked up on a very familiar aura.

Turning his gaze toward a row of sub-VIP seats, Dyon's gaze landed on Oliver, Pertinacis and the Sapientia and big sect members that were with them. However, that was all. He only spared them a glance. He didn't have a good impression of Madeleine's family, and while he wouldn't go out of his way to punish them, he wouldn't go out of his way to greet them either.

This act seemed to snap the Sapientia elders out of their surprised. Under normal circumstances, a glance like that wouldn't have meant much. But, now knowing that Dyon had a deep relationship with Madeleine, they found it nothing short of rude to disregard them as he had.

"Powerful or not, this is unacceptable." Pertinacis' mother didn't seem pleased. It was clear she had no context for the relationship between Dyon and the Sapientia family, but it seemed like even if she had, she wouldn't care. She had completely forgotten her disregard for Dyon just moments ago.

Suddenly, Dyon's arm cocked backward before he launched Uta's unconscious body into the VIP area 5 stories above, having him land perfectly at the feet of Planet Deimos' table.

"Victor! Dyon Sacharro of Earth!"

The loud booming of the receptionist awoke the crowd. Replays of Dyon's victory rewinded and played forward again and again as Dyon made his way to the side tunnel.

On the VIP floor, Ri smiled to herself. 'You provoke people too well, Mr. Jaws.'

Ri couldn't have been more correct.

Eboni's beautiful face twitched with anger as she saw one of her own lying face down before her. Maybe the worst part was that Dyon's wind will had deposited him gently, as though that was meant to be an act of mercy on his part. Eboni wanted nothing more than to rip Dyon to shreds and make him bow at her feet.

Ode wanted to snicker and laugh, yet she wasn't the first to grasp an opportunity to do so.

"Planet Deimos, hm? When your ranker loses to a no name, are we meant to still take you seriously?" A warrior of Planet Nix chuckled amongst his peers, "Even his supposed wife is a joke."

The young man had skin as dark as the night, but his eyes had a sharp hazel to them that was only a few shades from gold. Everything about him and his surrounding clan members made them seem like panthers prowling in the night. It was as though the light had no affect on their darkness.

Ri's blue-silver eyes flashed with anger. But, she didn't get a chance to say anything as the warrior continued. "Oh? Did I make you mad? I'm only speaking the truth. You're supposedly an Elvin Princess and yet even your own planet didn't know about you until a few weeks ago? Makes me think about how real your rank really is."

"We're here to compete, are we not?" Ri's blue-silver eyes shifted as her pupils morphed into slits and her canines elongated. "Let's compete then. I'm tired of people who only talk big just to lose in epic fashion."

There was a pregnant pause as Ri's words. Her purity had all but disappeared as a feral beast took her place. If it wasn't for the fact she still wore her dress, many would have forgotten that she was once the very definition of elegance.

However, no one felt the impact of Ri's shift as much as the warriors of Planet Mino. Their beast blood roared to life under Ri's suppression. It was the very first time they felt their bloodlines being challenged.

That said, if you looked closely, some seemed completely unperturbed… If Dyon had been here, he would have taken note of this immediately. To shrug off the suppression of a Kitsune could only mean one thing… You too were a supreme beast. The problem? This universe hadn't had any records of supreme beasts in centuries…

"Young Mistress Saru." A young man with brown skin reminiscent of India spoke quietly to a beauty of that could only match Ri and Eboni.

Her brown skin was soft and delicate. Her black hair was a jet black that still shimmered healthily under the arena's lights. And she wore what Dyon would recognize as a traditional sari dress. It was long and flowing and was made of a rich blue that complimented her eyes.

This was Saru Shruti. Top ranker. Member of Planet Mino and the six beauties of the universe.

"I know," She responded faintly in a voice sweet as honey, "She can't be from this universe either. It's impossible."

The conversation was brief. But, the ripple effects its importance would have was unprecedented.

It was clear that the Nix warrior hadn't expected Ri to react the way she had. Judging by her interactions with Dyon, she seemed like a calm and gentle person – but to reveal this bestial side like she had… It made the Nix warriors think to themselves again: maybe she really is that powerful.

However, the young man didn't allow himself to show his surprise. "What a joke. Compete? If your husband's prowess means anything at all, it would be a waste of our time.

He's a follower of the demonic path, and yet he allows his woman to calm him instead of losing himself in the power. He's nothing short of weak and pathetic and beating a lowly ranker of a lowly planet hardly changes any of that."

Hearing his words, Ri stood calmly, her dress fluttering lightly as a dense black aura began to emit from her.

The members of Planet Nix began to laugh. Or, more accurately, the members of the Nuru God Clan.

"My name is Chike Nuru, and I have to say, this is the first time someone has dared used such weak darkness will before me.

Let me tell you very clearly, princess. The reason why I know your husband is weak is the very reason I know you're weak. The Nuru were born in darkness. Our hearts have been charred black and our wills have been tempered in the night. Your will means nothing before me and your supposed beauty is nothing before the young mistress of our planet."

Ri only continued to step forward.

The dark aura that fogged around her began to form ethereal tails, whipping wildly behind her. At this sight, the eyes of Saru Shruti narrowed as she thought a singular thing. 'Kitsune.'

"Let me tell you something, then." Ri replied faintly. "Chike Nuru. Barely top 100. Clearly willing to throw away his life for a woman who will never care for him. And idiot who somehow thinks my will is as simple as just darkness."

The Nuru were taken aback by Ri's words. Not darkness? Then… What was it?


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