"I am Uta Geb. I am a warrior from Planet Deimos and am of the Geb God Clan. I have no intention of bowing out."

Dyon said nothing, instead beginning to walk forward.

Was there a need for any more speaking? He announcer had already introduced him, why was he wasting him? 'Wasn't I pathetic? Didn't Ri choose wrong? Weren't you sent to probe me? Fight then."

Immediately noticing Dyon's intention to not play his stalling game, Uta leaped backwards, slamming his fists together.

"Geb's Gauntlets."

Coverings of stone bloomed into existence, coating Uta's arms and hands before hardening.

The members of Planet Deimos watched this silently. They were quite familiar with the Geb family techniques, and this was merely a first step. In fact, it was the weakest stone Uta could forge for himself. Everyone immediately realized that this was not in Uta's personality at all. He was one who wanted to crush his opponents with his ultimate strength from the beginning, and yet he was holding back?

'He's trying to use tricks to win.' Thought the beautiful Egyptian queen like young lady.

A faint snicker came from her side, "Look at that, Eboni. Your Geb family is always biting off more than they can chew and now he's regretting it."

The girl who spoke also came from Planet Deimos. But, she was of the Horus God Clan. With the Horus family finding their roots in the sky, and the Geb family finding their roots in the earth, clashes between these families were quite frequent. They only maintained the semblance of comradery in order to not be picked apart by the other planets.

That said, they all shared the same disdain for Planet Earth. Despite the best efforts of the receptionist, any person who thought for even an instant would immediately realize that Earth's geniuses were avoiding confrontation. After all, Chaos Arena was owned by a God Clan. How could they not know that they were here?

And yet, Dyon and Ri had shown up. If they somehow now lost to a person who wasn't even listed on the rankings despite using one of their best, it would be truly embarrassing for Planet Deimos. But, when they saw Dyon's demeanor, it was suddenly becoming a more and more real possibility that a loss was inevitable.

"Ode, if you spent less time being jealous about not being among this universe's beauties, maybe you'd be as powerful as I am." Eboni replied lightly, taking a sip of spiritual wine as she trained her gaze to the arena below.

Ode's brows twitched. In reality, she was quite attractive in her own right. Long silver hair, striking eyes and a loose white gown that somehow still clung to her figure. And yet, she fell just shy of the other beauties.

However, what pissed Ode off was that Eboni should know quite well that their hatred had nothing to do with such a petty jealousy. It was rooted very deeply in the history of their families and even permeated throughout this generation. And yet Eboni continued to make such remarks because she knew it would get to Ode.

"This isn't the time to be fighting." A quiet young man spoke out, but the effect of his reprimand was powerful.

Eboni Geb. Top 30 cumulative ranker. Ode Horus. Top 30 cumulative ranker. And yet, neither dared to go against the words of this young man.

On Planet Deimos, there were many powerful clans. However, within the last hundred years, three had risen to prominence. The Geb. The Horus. But, none more powerful than the Aumen.

The young man was of normal stature, being about 1.9 meters tall. But, he seemed to glow with his every movement. His skin constantly gave off a heat that made it hard to sit anywhere near him, and his hair seemed to be a bed of gold flames, constantly flickering in the air.

This was without a doubt the strongest Planet Deimos had to offer. Tau Aumen.

Below, atop the arena, Dyon was still approaching the cautious Uta. He felt no need to size such a character up – Uta was too weak.

"Since you insist on cowering, I'll come to you."

Dyon's words sent a roar through the crowd. They couldn't see Uta's subtle movements or slight trembling. All they saw was a warrior prepared to fight, and another arrogantly approaching him with no semblance of technique.

"This is a young man Madeleine fell for?" Pertinacis' mother raised an eyebrow. Although Madeleine wasn't close with her, she still saw Madeleine as her step-daughter. So, seeing how arrogant this young man was with seemingly no proof to back up his bold statements, she felt as though Madeleine had made a poor decision in her young age. She could only begin to lean with the claims of the main branch elder even more so.

Pertinacis said nothing. He was faintly aware that he was the same age as Dyon, and yet, he hadn't done anything comparable to what Dyon had accomplished. But, was Dyon really comparable to a top 30 Planet Deimos ranker? Even if Uta wasn't in the cumulative rankings, being the top 30 of a planet was a big deal. Especially when Dyon's name was nowhere to be found in Earth's top 30.

However, in what seemed like an instant, there was nothing but silence.

Dyon's feet flashed forward causing him to appear mere inches away from Uta's large figure.

The beating of Uta's heart quickened. When he looked down at Dyon's blackened and flaming eyes, it was almost as though he was the one a meter shorter. He felt like an ant, like his life didn't matter – he even wanted to kneel down, but his knees seemed locked into place.

He flailed out his arms, trying to make use of his earth gauntlets while scrambling to harden them even further. "Geb's Gauntlets, stage two!"

The cracks in Geb's gauntlets hardened, darkening in the process as Uta cemented his feet to the ground.

Dyon seemed oblivious to the massive stone arm heading for his head. He was pissed off about a lot of things right now and this Uta character was just going to have to be his vent.

Dyon's center of gravity dropped, his legs spreading as his right arm tightened itself against his torso. His muscles rippled and bulged, reddening under the strain of being pushed so far. "Demon Emperor's Will," Dyon said faintly, "Act 1, Stage 1. Perfection."

A stream of heat jetted from Dyon's pores as a red gold aura caused nearly everyone in attendance to tremble violently.

There was no noise. Even Uta's swinging fist seemed like a feather fluttering in wind. A fist that could crush almost any meridian formation expert. A fist of a top 30 ranker. A fist that was reduced to nothing.

Dyon's arm finally released all his built-up tension, his fist flying forward and cutting through the air like a meteor through the atmosphere.

Uta stood not a single chance.

Dyon's fist collided with his torso, tearing through his skin and bone and searing his flesh in black.

"Ugh," Uta's voice was faint, even as he flew backward with a flaming hole in his chest. He lost consciousness.

And yet, Dyon didn't let him go as his feet flashed forward once again, immediately appearing next to Uta's flying figure and grabbing onto his thick neck.

The sickening sound of Uta's cracking spine reverberated through the quiet arena. Dyon had stopped his momentum so abruptly that Uta's neck had nearly disconnected from his body.

In the end, Dyon stood there quietly. His lean torso rippling under the blinding arena lights.

He firmly gripped Uta's neck, ignoring his foaming mouth and rolled back eyes.



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