Seeing Delia's struggling, Jessica relaxed a bit, hoping that her words had been enough. She was a part of the Wind Blade Sect and was completely unwilling to destroy their rankings by tanking her own.

The ranking systems were complex. But, there was a reason why Dyon had registered under the Elvin Kingdom.

Every ranking not only effected the prestige of the individual, but also the prestige of the clan they come from. Jessica was well aware that although she must preserve her life for the sake of her clan, she also wanted to do so while minimizing the impact such an action would have.

However, Delia's next words only forced her smile to freeze.

"Tell yourself whatever you need to, to feel better. But, warriors should have integrity. And none of you have that." Delia's white hair waved wildly as she braced herself to fight against the big sect seeded geniuses.

"See what your talking got us, Jessica? Nothing but wasted time. Let's go." Lehabim launched himself forward, his saber flaming in an arc toward Delia.

The three remaining seeded geniuses attacked as well, ready to kill Delia if need be.

Delia stepped forward, her blade clashing with Lehabim's and forcing him back. Her arm vibrated under the pressure. This wasn't the fighting style she was used to. She always danced and flowed with her sword play, but… that kind of style now would give her opponents too many chances at attacked the teleportation pad behind her.

Before Delia could think of counter measure, blades of wind whipped out from Jessica as she maintained her distance.

Delia stumbled, wincing as the sharp wind cut through her skin. But, there was little time to focus on that has Hashim's rod and Orbis' hammer attacked her from both sides, intent on crushing her.

"Ice rain!"

A storm of hail spun around Delia viciously, blocking their approaching weapons for an instant and allowing her to leap out of the way.

Delia panted heavily as she looked at her slowly approaching four enemies…

'What do I do?...'


Outside of the array maze, the situation wasn't much better.

The wounds of Ri's skin and the blood the trickled from them only increased with each passing second. Even the gash in her forehead had reopened, nearly blinding her vision completely.

And yet, she continued to fight as it seemed hundreds of meridian formation basilisks wanted her head. Ri's state had made them all forget that she had once been a peerless beauty on the battlefield. All they saw was an enemy, a bloody mess that would only look better by being found at the end of their weapons.

'I have to use it.' Ri thought to herself weakly as her knees buckled. "AAGGHH."

Ri forced the Tree of Life and Death into existence.

The roots spun in the air wildly, piercing through the unsuspecting basilisks and causing shrills of agony. But, it seemed like even with their lives on the line, the basilisks didn't dare disobey the commands of Silvyr. If they let Ri teleport away, even the eradication of their entire race might not satisfy that she-devil.

So, they ignored the piercing obsidian branches, continuing to pressure Ri and no allowing her the space to breathe.

But, the small influx of stamina helped Ri hold on for just that much longer. Although her soul power was quickly running out, her essence energy and bodily wellbeing were improving slowly.

Seeing this, Silvyr frowned before she made a gesture toward a Vice Commander in the distance.

Once reaching the Essence Gathering level, communicating with a hundred meters with your essence was possible. This way, you wouldn't have to use wind will as a substitution as Dyon had been.

To use this on a battle field wasn't very effective, though. For one, the reason you had to be of the essence gathering level was because sustaining such communication required enough energy. And secondly, if communicating with just one person took so much energy, imagine how much would be required to communicate with hundreds if not thousands as Dyon had with his communication arrays.

However… Silvyr communicating with her closest Vice Commander to send an essence gathering expert over to finish off Ri? Easy…

The Vice Commander immediately reacted to Silvyr's voice, training his eyes on the distant Ri. "You." The Vice Commander leaped back from his fight with the demon general, pointing toward one of his subordinates. "Go and finish her."

The essence gathering expert nodded, training his blood lust onto Ri's injured figure.

The expert was a middle-aged man who had been fighting amongst the Uidah for a long while now. His talent wasn't exceptional, as such he had had to slow down considerable when he was in the meridian formation stage in order to become a 4th grade essence gathering expert. Although this was a far cry from the 3rd grade levels of the Vice Commanders, it was still very much respectable… Especially in comparison to the universe he was about to fight right now.

The man flashed forward, edging toward his pray.

Silvyr watched from atop her throne, a smile playing on her features as her plan was set reach its conclusion.

With the death of Ri, whether the warriors within the maze had broken to her demands before or not, they would definitely break now. After that chaos was sowed successfully, Silvyr could go about destroying the outer portions of the army.

Then, would she really let those members of the big sect go?

'How ridiculous.' Silvyr chuckled to herself. 'You expect me to have come all of this way just to kill a few nobodies? If I don't conquer a tower, what's my purpose here?'

The Uidah King God Clan had attacked such a lowly planet. This was already beneath them. If they somehow came back with no real fruits for their labor, wouldn't that be much too embarrassing?

The members of the big sects were destined to die. They just didn't know it yet.

So, as the seeded geniuses edged toward Delia… And the lower 4th grade essence gathering expert edged toward Ri… And the demon generals and the elves could only watch helplessly, locked into their own bloody battles… Despair loomed over the lotus alliance.


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