Despite Flyleaf's words, there was nothing Dyon hated more than wise old people… or more importantly, old people who thought they were wise. But… Dyon's talk with Elder Flyleaf had revealed some important things to him… things that Dyon felt held the answer to everything… he just had to piece them together properly.

Elder Flyleaf watched Dyon ponder everything he had said, 'what a serious kid…'

"Anyway, as of now we don't dare touch the sub-families because they're technically under the jurisdiction of the guilds… As any good government knows, it's best to separate business and law. Although I am a member of a sub-family, my actions don't speak for my family and I mostly work on an individual scale.

All this said, the major families are the most important to swing. As of now, the 3 families of the Acacia Academy are with us."

"Business and law? That's only secondary to separating religion and law… and yet your Grand Elders don't seem to have done that…"

Elder Flyleaf sighed, 'it seems changing his opinion on the grand elders is going to be difficult.'

But, Flyleaf couldn't help but admit that Dyon had a point.

In the human mortal world, in a country Dyon knew as America, one of the most important doctrines was the separation of church and state. This was so much more important than the separation of business and state that despite countless conspiracy theories and documentaries showing the effect large businesses had on law, the country itself still continued forward. Why? Because the separation of religion and law was maintained.

And yet, the grand elders were allowing their idolization of their ancestors to affect their decisions in the now. For them to be watching their Kingdom crumble before them, and still be unwilling to change the rules?... Dyon could understand the frustration of the families vying for the throne.

Suddenly the end of the long corridor snapped Dyon out of his thoughts. Well, it was more accurate to say that it was the loud discussion.

After Dyon's eyes adjusted to the bright lights, he found 3 waves of colors in a distinctly human world-like structure. The silver of the Eostre family. The gold of the Ingram family. And the green of the Conventine family.

And yet, in the midst of all of this, sat the most eye-catching sight of all.

Currently, Dyon stood on a high up platform made of metal. It stretched out a long way to either side before turning into two staircases.

Below this structure, was an oddly futuristic throne room… or maybe it was just the overuse of an unknown silver-like metal that made it look as such. Dyon's aurora immediately picked up that this metal was not normal at all, and yet for it to be used so extravagantly, could only mean that the ancient Elves were quite wealthy. But, ignoring this, the rest of the structures were oddly intriguing as well.

The sides of the room had seats going up at least 20 levels; and in the center was a long walk way to a throne. On which sat a figure Dyon couldn't take his eyes off.

Elder Flyleaf chuckled watching Dyon's reaction, "I hope you're not placing our princess in your heart right now… remember what I said…"

Without waiting for Dyon to scowl, everyone seemed to have heard Flyleaf's words, causing the atmosphere to quieten down almost immediately… hundreds of eyes focused on Dyon.

And yet, he only had eyes for one person.

On the throne at the end of the long pathway, sat a girl with a delicate figure. Dyon couldn't see her face because of an elegantly embroidered silver mask, but the gentle slope of her small, yet sharp, nose, the softness of her pink lips, the fairness of her skin… were exposed and all beyond words.

Her dress was a light blue, gently hugging her outrageous curves. Her hair was a deep blue that rivaled even Uncle Acacia, and her eyes seemed to penetrate everything to fall into Dyon's.

The look she gave Dyon made him almost forget the anger that was boiling inside him. It almost made him forget everything… until a beautiful dark-haired girl with golden eyes and crystal framed glasses erased all the feeling Dyon had just had.

Immediately, Dyon frowned, "I see you elves are really fans of your suggestion techniques…"

Dyon's voice was faint, but in the quiet room, with everyone's cultivation as they were, who wouldn't hear him?

When had Dyon ever almost lost his mind simply looking at a beauty? He may be enamored for a moment, but it would never cloud his judgement. And yet, he felt willing to do anything for this princess just now. And although it was for only a moment, it still made him feel uncomfortable.

With how Dyon had been approaching the last few days, he wouldn't forgive any offense lightly. Especially one that involved swaying his mind.

And yet, despite this, the sweet voice of the princess seemed to cut through everything, "Dyon Sacharro I presume? I apologize for the suggestion technique… but it's a part of the mask I wear to protect my identity… it was left by my father before he took his leave. After all, even I don't want to remain stuck here every minute of everyday.

By making anyone who focuses on seeing through it too long fall for me, it's the best form of protection. I hope you didn't take too much offense."

The brows of some of those in attendance furrowed. The princess was apologizing to a kid that was even younger than her? And for a reason that technically put her in the right? Was this Dyon child really that important?

Dyon said nothing for a long while, before simply nodding, "if that's the case, then it's not a problem Princess Acacia."

Dyon felt that the words of the princess were amiable and understanding. There was no reason for him to harp on this for too long. He could only blame Elder Flyleaf for hoping he would fall into this trap.

Unwilling to stay here for much longer, and wanting to get this over with, Dyon spun his wind will around him, leaping to place a foot on the rail before gently falling.

Everyone gave Dyon an odd look. They could clearly feel that the level of wind will he had used was at the first level… yet they knew that a first level wind will shouldn't be able to support an entire body, let alone fall from that height undamaged. It seemed they would have to give this child a second look.

Elder Flyleaf took the normal way, smiling to himself as Dyon leisurely walked down the aisle and towards the princess.

Everyone assumed that Dyon would eventually stop at an empty seat in the stands… or maybe at least respectfully bow to the princess before doing so… but neither of these things happened.

Instead, when Dyon was about 5 meters from the throne, he stopped, a golden array flashing beneath him. He sat cross-legged, the center of everyone's attention. One of his elbows rested on his knees and supported his chin as he looked the princess in her deep blue eyes, "so… princess. What did you call me here for today?"


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