Age of Victoria

by alstonsleet

Victoria Blythe wanted adventure. She wanted to explore the world and escape from the strict etiquette of British nobility. With her father fighting in India, the governess assigned to raise her controlled every aspect of her life.

The financial downturn of a friend of the family would lead to her sister's longtime engagement turning into an immediate marriage.

Victoria's thirst for adventure and tomboy ways would not prepare her for the sudden advent of the apocalypse.

Can Victoria and her friends survive this new world of Classes and Skills?

Completed and available on Amazon.

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Just my thoughs, read it up to chapter 34...

 It was fun to read, but dropping since it's amazon only. Kindley being U.S is trying to monopolize everything for a price...

As for review (contains spoilers) 

Spoiler: Spoiler


My rants:

Fun facts: japanese web novels aren't being deleted AFTER becoming light novels and being sold. They are just edited + added pictures / drawnings...

For me amazon breaks novels since they got lost in numbers of others with price tag and only small trial. A lot of people are gonna skip it now since number of pages went down, or seeing only 4 chaps + amazon only notice (10$ for kindley unlimited for U.S.A customers), or paying +3$ for access to book that doesn't have a big fanbase?... Authors profits from comments of people pointing mistakes and fix theirs chapters and later they are using corrected chapters to earn cash. Do they even share it with "unnoficial" editors?

Well bigger benefits in my eyes are sites like patreon with 1-2 chapters released 1 week earlier for subcribers, or support author buttons since bigger amounts of chapters = bigger fanbase = more people = people who wants to say "thank you" with small or bigger donation.


Not your variety Steampunk Victorian novel.

Usually, when I read a book that is set in the Victorian era, the author ultimately uses a system of magic based on Steampunk.

I love a good Steampunk novel, but this author has done something a bit different.

Reminiscent of Gail Carriger's Parasol Series, the magic here has more of an urban feel.  

The added bonus is Victorian characters learning to use and understand LitRPG mechanics.  Choices and circumstances have forced these characters to confront morals and social expectations in order to not only survive but to thrive.

Silver tail

Different from what I'm use too but so far I'm enjoying it. Its tone is fresh while also letting the character be realistic.

The main charter is not op but uses a creative use of what is around her which is nice to see.


Fresh take on Apocalypse LitRPG

Six chapters in and already my new favourite. Well written, with a convincing period-piece setting, a nice foundation of characters and attention to detail, I have great hopes for this new series.

Apocalypse / system LitRPG stories that throw modern technology back to the 1800's or have MCs that luck into some special perks are becoming more and more common. Instead, this one centers on an adventurous young girl in said 1800's (or thereabouts), her rather ordinary starting conditions and her determination to use this chaotic situation (that's how you spell chance, isn't it?) to shake off the societal shackles of the times she lives / lived in.

Also, not this author's first story, so most of the usual toothing aches of new stories seem to have passed us by wink. Can't wait for more chapters!


P.S. I trust that the right balance of dmg notifications will soon be found tongue-out.


The setting is very well done with the first 6 chapters. We are set up with a MC who is a tomboy and gets a warrior class paired with a well written old fashion setting.

I really like this story so far and I hope there is a grimmer tone to what is about to happen as there is probably going to be a lot of people dying. 


An unique take on the genre

Wasnt that sure at first, but after couple of chapters, i can say i really do like the story and its characters.

Victoria Blythe, the  MC is stuck in the rigid rules of the Victorian era society, and she only wants to be free from it, to go on adventures. She gets her chance far sooner than she thought that it would be possible, in an entirely unexpected way. The characters after the abrupt change, do slowly adapt to the new reality and all the new weird rules, but the old society norms are pretty hard to get rid of, even in this changed world.

The setting chosen for the story is certainly unique, and the author has done a good job at it, sorta short introduction, but considering the MC, i dont think it would have been a good idea to make it too long. Some really unexpected twists at first with how the story turns out at the start. The usage of game tropes has been done very well so far.

Another nice point is that since its a Victorian setting, the characters themselves do not know anything at all about general LitRPG mechanics, and have to find it out by themselves, this difference compared to other stories in the genre certainly does make the story feel more unique. The pacing feels fine to me, since it is just the start of the greater story.


I really dont see any problems myself with grammar, and even if there are any, they do not hinder the reading at all.


Im really interested in how the author will go further with the story, there are just so many interesting possiblities here.


I really enjoy the Virtual Reality stories.  And I admit I'm a sucker for Victorian Romance as well.  This seems to combine 2 genres that I very much enjoy into 1.  So far, its been very good.  Its almost unique in its setting.  Particularly here on RR.  

No problems with Grammar, good sympathetic characters in an apocalyptic setting.  Looking forward to more.


Read this on Amazon good story great character's from there point of view from how there world is changing


I've just finished reading the book on kindle and I can't wait for a sequel.

It's a great story and I feel it avoids some of the biggest pitfalls that a uthers of this genre fall into.

- its not a number crunch, so many litrpgs I've read spend half the book explaining stats the characters have chosen and why that makes them oh so clever.

-it touches on how people are reacting to the situation in a believable way. It's not a story about a shut in who's spent hours unknowingly preparing for this event.

-Every character has believable personality Traits even if it's just side characters with little focus on them. 

Overall a really enjoyable read