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He was no stranger to strife and the difficulties of life. Living life as an orphan while attending one of the world’s most affluent schools for the rich, tends to make his 17-year-old life pretty cumbersome. Still, the school gave him what he wanted- a higher education and if that meant he needed to be “the charity case”. Then so be it. Klaus Alexandros Roth, having just graduated top of his class, felt like everything was finally falling into place; He had exciting plans for the future and he was looking forward to this new chapter in his life, however, being abducted shortly after graduation and thrown into a world of cloak and dagger politics due to his bloodline was by no means part of the plan.

Join his adventure as he travels to different worlds, discovers his roots, and maybe makes a few friends along the way.


Synopsis Edited by Danetello. Please check out his work when you click on the link. (His Name)



This is my first attempt at writing and showing it to others. If i make mistakes please show lenience sempai!

Forgive them, but dont forget to point them out.

You will notice large flashy warnings of sexual content and gore. Yes there will be those things, but no sexual abuse or any other overly nasty stuff. 


Disclaimer: I dont own the cover and will remove it immediately if asked to do so.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Train Of Thought. ago
Chapter 2- The Wheels On The Bus ago
Chapter 3- Anti-Social ago
Chapter 4- Space Invaders ago
Chapter 5- The Awakening- Part 1 ago
Chapter 6- The Awakening- Part 2 ago
Chapter 7- The Awakening- Part 3 ago
Chapter 8- The Awakening- Part 4 ago
Chapter 9- To be or not to be? ago
Chapter 10- Powerless ago
Chapter 11- Being Hung-Over ago
Chapter 12- Complete ago
Chapter 13- Time To Play The Game ago
Chapter 14- Scientia's Song ago
Chapter 15- Breaking Hands and Rejecting Crabs ago
Chapter 16- Possibly, Maybe ago
Chapter 17- Dont Get Into Cars With Strange Family Members ago
Chapter 18- Lethal Shoes and Hard Negotiations ago
Chapter 19- Spinning The Bottle ago
Chapter 20- Give Them Cake ago
Chapter 21- Can You Even Lift Bro ago
Chapter 22- Remembering ago
Chapter 23- Follow Me, Mr. Crabs
Chapter 24- Mirrors ago
Chapter 25- Run ago
Chapter 26- Confrontational Choices ago
Chapter 27- Be Better ago
Chapter 28- It Could Be Worse ago
Chapter 29- I Think You Broke Mr. Crabs ago
Chapter 30- Rise From The Ashes ago
Chapter 31- The Cost Of Hubris ago
Chapter 32- Rise or Fall ago
Chapter 33- Into The Black ago
Chapter 34- Wars Of The Flesh ago

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Interesting, but erratic at times

Reviewed at: Chapter 27- Be Better

This is an interesting story. There is a clear core of engaging worldbuilding and fun abilities that I want to read more about, but some of the character moments and story events gum up what is otherwise well-built. Some spoilers will follow.

To start off with, the premise is that an orphan who became valedictorian at a prestigious private high school awakens on his 18th birthday and is aggressively inducted into a secret society of awakened individuals, finds out he's the wealthiest person on the planet, is mentally attacked by the family that's inducting him by what turns out to be the twin of his girlfriend who only dated him to entrap him with bullies, but secretly fell in love with him. When he overpowers the awakened twin, her mother decides he needs to die rather than be an ally because he's stronger than her daughter (despite her plan being that he would protect her) and her great aunt attempts to bind him into slavery or kill him, only to find out that Lillith, sister of the twins mother had a contract that would kill her if any harm came to the MC, who she secretly deeply respects, and summons demons and betrays the family. This happens in the first six chapters and I think is slightly indicative of the issues I have with the story.

Much of the story's foundation feels like it was molded out wet clay and later events casually reshape prior events to fit where the author intends to go. This leaves the narrative feeling somewhat 'floaty' as prior events don't always affect future ones the way you would expect. It's most noticeable with Lillith's arc, as the first few chapters make little sense after reading past chapter 20. Of note, Lillith's method of picking up the MC made no sense, the MC being stronger than the daughter they wanted him as an ally for shouldn't be an issue (and later on he receives dozens of invitations for alliances due to that strength), Lillith not telling her great aunt that she would literally die if Margose went ahead with her plan (they're telepaths and could communicate even with him present), and that the demons seemed to only be a defensive measure, but they were also the only ones that knew where and how the MC needed to be awakened. Were they already present in the world and just summoned to the location, or would the MC have just never awakened if Lillith's family hadn't decided to enslave/kill him? Or would he have awakened and just died? Why don't the families primarily live in the Secret Worlds where both they and ambient magic are stronger, and safely bring the kids over as soon as they're awakened?

The MC's strength and weight are also inconsistently treated, despite it being stated that he weighs just under a literal ton after awakening and jumps into the ceiling trying to take a step when he has to relearn how to walk. He weighs more than half as much as a midsized sedan and can hurl himself at least 12' vertically with a single foot. It's only addressed a couple of times with a hydraulic suspension in a supercar and a somewhat reinforced chair, but the ground would literally shake where he steps and he would sink into dirt until it compressed enough to hold him.

All in all, I don't intend to rain on the author's parade. It's clear that they've edited the story before in an effort to please critics and I do hope that they both continue to write and improve their craft. The core of an intriguing story is there, but the inconsistency of the characters and plot events makes it hard to appreciate the best aspects of the story as it is.

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Get thrown back to the shonen era

Reviewed at: Chapter 33- Into The Black

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. This novel is like one of your guilty pleasures. It reminded me of all the shonens I used to watch. Kinda nostalgic tbh. The story about a mundane boy picked out of his normal life and thrown into the unknown magical world is always interesting to read. The presence of higher realms, bloodlines and secret societies only adds to its charms. 

That said, there is a reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5. The reason is simple. For one, the archetypes are piling up. And not just characters but stereotypical situations are also added in. If you are writing some situation, just pause for a second and think; have you seen this situation in 2 or more stories? if the answer is yes then strongly reconsider whether you definitely need that scene or not. 

Second, we are barely 23 chapters in and the girls are starting to pile up. I know if you have to add a character then why not make it female so things can become more interesting? But I can guarantee you that this would backfire sooner rather than later. It is very difficult to write characters that are not '2-D' and still pining for the same mc. (One suggestion is to add lesbian or bi couples. This solves both the problems of having female chars and not being a love interest. I've seen a couple of novels use this method to add more females and yet not change the love-interest web).

Third, this one is related to the previous one. The development b/w the two primary characters felt a bit forced. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Last, the grammar. Usually, I don't bother with it, but this story has a lot of spelling errors. Simple spelling errors that any spell check would have corrected. Like World is often spelt Wolrd. (seems to be improving in the later chapters tho so fingers crossed).

That said, I have high hopes from this novel and will eagerly wait for each update!!

Andross Guile
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Good With Room for Improvement

Reviewed at: Chapter 25- Run


This is an enjoyable story. It's a perfectly adequate tale of an orphan who grows OP.)

The style's fine. It needs some polishing but that can only be accomplished with lots and lots of practice. There are some pacing issues but that's fine for a first draft. The second draft will be hell, should the author want to publish.

The grammar can be iffy but the author responds to criticism well and cleans it up promptly. Btw, a Grammarly score below 97 is...not good. 

The characters are very close to 3 dimensional. It's difficult to pick out exactly why they're not quite there yet. The main character is almost a Mary Sue. He's basically a demi god. He has his issues and hang-ups but he's a very merciful young man with a lot of power. The readers will see, if his character develops via Campbell (Hero's Journey) or be something original. 

The setting is certainly different. It's set in a multiverse on a planet not unlike Earth. The readers haven't explored much further than that but it seems to take inspiration from Norse or Celtic mythology (though the names can be quite biblical). It's somewhat reminiscent to World Tree Online. 

The story is still in its first arc and it's fine. There are some issues, like a moronic baddie, which just appears lazy. But, that is a cliche that is more or less expected on RR. The main character has too many resources in the first arc, but this, not so humble, reviewer suspects that this will change in the second arc. 

P.S.: I'll review this again in a couple months...probably.

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A story with a lot of potential

Reviewed at: Chapter 33- Into The Black

I had reviewed the story earlier after leaving it at chapter 16 because the mc had underwent a huge change and the story was failing to catch my interest but now I think it was a mistake to judge it so early. This story just have 30 chapters but it already contains more meat in it than many stories with 100s of chapters. The author is easily one of the upper tier ones around here. Though the writing style felt a bit too formal and stiff at some of the earlier chapters and even a bit now, I can see it'll be resolved as the author grows along with the story. If this is handled properly, I can see this story climbing there at the peak and I'd like to be present when it does. Now to other parts-

The author's grammar is not great by any means and makes quite a few mistakes (especially the commas man, I pointed out some from ch. 17 n up because no one else did) but he does clear up all of the ones pointed out to him so can't complain much about it. Plus, he can only get better at it, not worse.

The characters are nicely fleshed out. Our mc starts off great with a likable personality but then he undergoes a huge change that can turn off many people. I too had complained about it in my previous review but now I think it was a mistake. I really like the mc even now. Yes, the change was abrupt and drastic but don't judge without atleast giving it a try. One thing I love about it is that the mc isn't as passive and forgiving as he was before. Though other people might find the mc as arrogant or rude, I certainly don't. I love his draconic nature and I hope the mc doesn't change that aspect of his much except maybe to have more control over himself. The side characters too are decently made, though sometimes the interactions feel a little stiff or unnatural but that will be solved as the author gets more experienced. It is certainly great considering this is his first fiction ( of many more to come hopefully lol).

All in all a good story with potential to be a really great one if handled correctly. If you can get along with the new n changed mc then you'll enjoy this but if you don't like him then you'll probably just keep bitching about it. I'm excited about the new arc and further character n story development, hopefully the author doesn't disappoint. A word of advice to the author - this is your story and you can never satisfy everyone so I hope you don't change the story just for a few dissatisfied people. Other than that, great work till now, I'll update my review after the story makes some deeper progress.

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Oh it had so much potential, man it started so damn good!!! But then it just threw it all away!

We have some pretty impressive character introduction for the protagonist at the start, and what a character it is too! He gets faced with moral choices, and deals with the consequences of those choices, the whole drill, we get to see him relaxed and under varying states of pressure, we get a good little peek in his noggin, and we get put through a rollercoaster with him with neither him nor us knowing where it's all leading up to!

Oh man it started so great...

And then it fell on it's face, the protagonist's personality gets wiped, oh yeah, awakens some powers and then instincts override all his common sense, his entire life might as well not have happened, everything he learned gets thrown away to make way for the personality of an edgy teen on a power trip. Or possibly arrogant young master, can't really tell which.

And then there's the relationship too that gets tossed in there. It is so forced! It just came out of nowhere, neither the protagonist nor that girl had any reason to be so attracted to each other, hell they just met really, and I don't want to spoil it too much, but if you really think about it borders on being both incest and child abuse at the same time without actually being either, which makes it creepy on top of everything.

Moreover there was no rags to riches buildup or anything of that sort, no no, he goes straight to the peak of power, OP right out of the gate. His rags to riches buildup was back when he was a normal human, but after he got superpowers he jumped straight to the top in one go, no problemo.

We had a smart protagonist with an intriguing personality, and we had interesting characters slowly starting to surround him.

But by now, we have a dumb as bricks, testy, power tripping, op protagonist, who enters into a relationship for someone who could just as easily be his

Spoiler: Spoiler


for like no reason other than the author probably couldn't keep his dick in his pants while he was writing his power trip story...

And we still didn't even get to the part where he goes to the 'secret worlds'. Although I find the pacing quite agreeable since a lot of major events occur on a regular basis, and the author is just taking a sort of more thorough approach to getting the protagonist and side characters introduced before jumping into that stuff... But it's been 400 pages by royalroad's account and it's still kinda unclear when he's gonna get around to that part. Now that I think of it the pacing seems to hae sorta stalled while the protagonist is just chilling in some hotel waiting around...

So yeah. There's so much wasted potential here, it looked like we'd get some great characters, character progression and worldbuilding, but most of that was just thrown out the window already early on.

The only good thing I can think of that's still in the story is that the lore surrounding people with superpowers/bloodlines and these whole oh so secret worlds is quite intriguing. It's just sadly not enough to keep me tagging along because I've kinda had enough of the protagonist losing his shit everytime someone so much as looks at him funny. And I guess the grammar is pretty great too, yeah it's better written than most webnovels by a mile so kudos for that I guess.

  • Overall Score

At chapter 5 and hooked. Will update after binging. Try at least the first few chapters if you haven't already. Definitely recommend.

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If minds could shine what colour would they have?

Five chapters in and I already love this story, so much already happened and yet everything is growing steadily and surprisingly, MC is turning to be a smart and strong willed character that has the guts to stand for himself and the others around him. Thank you dear author for this great piece of art.

Jar Head
  • Overall Score

Alright so I’m giving this 5 not because I think it’s perfect but to try and off set some of your .5s which you definitely don’t deserve and it’s also because I’m not some professional reviewer who thinks that if I wrote this book I’d do better. Those people couldn’t do it either. I’ve loved what you’ve put into the story up until chapter 29. You’ve done a great job at fleshing out your characters instead of just jumping into the actual story. Also instead of making some perfect team you’ve shown how each of them have their own problems and not just the mc as well as connecting a lot of stuff. Ive seen a lot of people talking about how you ruined the mc because now he’s rude at and shit and white I can kind of agree with that it’s also something I don’t think you should change because I know for a fact if I was him, someone who’s also lost friends to drugs and stuff, seeing rich little shits acting like their lives suck I’d beat the shit out of them. However I do hope something happens to where his temper isn’t as bad. Another  thing you’ve been doing is accomodating your viewers and what they want but while it may seem good it can also be bad and I hope you don’t do it too much because in the end you’re the writer who has the guideline of the story you want to write. Also if people are yelling at you that you’ve copied something else( which in this case you clearly didn’t , and idk why tf people are yelling at you) and you don’t believe you did don’t listen to them and change everything because the few are telling you to. Also, your story is becoming more popular so you should probably try and organize a release schedule which would probably help you stay popular because people aren’t going to want to read something that will come out once a month at one point then 3 times a week at another. You should try and figure that out while you’ve been producing a ton of chapters. For how fast you’ve been producing chapters I think a once a week thing might be good for you or like every other week,but that’s up to you. All in all your book has been great and if other people who are trying to see if this books is good or not, read it yourself and don’t read the comments because they won’t reflect your own opinions half the time

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I think that this story's like a treasure chest waiting to be opened.

The stroy has a nice pacing in my opinion, not too fast yet not too slow, which leaves enough time for world-building and good character introduction, without dwelling on the same situation over and over again.

I really like it when an author takes his time setting up believeable characters. It's the difference between heaven and earth so that's a huge plus from me.

The writing-style is enjoyable and and gives a casual feeling. There are some grammar issues but the author makes a constant effort to improve and correct mistakes, which have been pointed out.

What feels a little off to me as of chapter 28 are the sudden changes of attitude/thinking some characters show. I have no problem with them having those changes and they are understandable as well but I would like more monologue at those times. Going as far as recommending more changes of perspective to see what thought strand led to the change. Showing the POV of this character only. Especially when the author puts in such a huge effort to let the reader understand the motivation behind each character. That way we'd be able to understand how they tick better.

The story has great woldbuilding, believable characters, an interesting MC and a lot of potential. So why not give it a shot?

  • Overall Score

 I love the idea of this story so far. The secret society's, ancient blood lines and hidden treasures. The perfect recipe for a great book. I would like to see more world building,a little more caracter  development. Solid goals would be nice to. The MC is currently going with the flow. However I'm sure these will be answered and addressed in the following chapters. So write faster!!!

P.S I love this story!

Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler