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(Out of Story) So ... Rewriting Seems To Be Popular-


Yes this is an obligatory note to say, I have decided to rewrite this story too. Most of my works are/were created in a hurry, and so could use a touchup here or there. I will leave what I have up for now, but within a week will be taking down the old chapters and adding back one at a time.

On the plus side, I have also setup a Patreon account for obtaining donations. It's a minimalist account, I'll let you set what you want to give. As everyone says, 'every little bit helps', and that's no less true for me than it is for you.

This also means, I can put up 'preview' chapters through Patreon, as a patron-only benefit. The usual lead time of half a week to a week may apply, depending on my attention to the clock.

And now, the changes for this story, for the rewrite.

Most of it should remain fairly the same as before, with minor changes here and there. I've been wanting to add in the occasional other perspective; I'd do this by inserting "PoV:" followed by the character's name, centered at the top of each scene featuring the changed perspective. If a scene doesn't have this detail, it's considered to be inside the head of the main character, the young man named "John Wayne". At least this way I -- and other readers -- should be able to keep straight who's who.


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