Abandoned Card System



1.6 - A whole string of fucks, the system is broken.


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It's shorter than previous chapters because time gets away from me. Later chapters should be lengthier though. Enjoy.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. FUCK!

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate to use vulgarity. It's so unnecessary to daily life, either on Earth or on this world too. Especially with the lesson a person's father taught so dramatically; it could scar a child, yes it could. Swear with even a so simple 'damn' while on the job once, and have your father drag you to the nearest bathroom to drink the liquid soap-

... and, no. I'm not about to start a crime spree of 'serial vulgarity' in this world; it's just ... what the *&^%(* else am I going to think in my head?!?!

But it's just me and red here ― Heather ― and now Mitna, back from her own little fuck fest ― standing together. Zinia seems to be off in the weeds a short distance away, where she reappeared from that space in Korrabelle's domain. A mere ten seconds later, Patricia comes swinging her youthful body out of the inn, and scrambling towards us with gusto.

She called out while she charged ahead, boobs bouncing in the kimono. "Wait for meeee-"

And of course little Sayuri is not here; she'd have yet to travel this way.

But the rest of the crowd still had this ... unusual look across their faces. Whatever had happened, whatever had been said, he would have to figure it out, or ... face the music.

"John Wayne, you has some explaining to do-"

Oh fuck, even Ignacio is against me too?

"Um, hey guys, w, what's going on here?" I'm trying to start out calm, conversational, and I don't know if I'm even being effective.

Arthur Woodman stepped forward, leaving his axe back with his mate Bethany Drummond, and pointed a finger. "John, you owe us an explanation. How long have you known this Card System is so broken?"

"... huh?"

I'm literally baffled.

I mean, I thought all the anger or frustration would be at ... having multiple wives in my household. But no. Art just confirmed, it was all about ... the state of the Card System?


Sigh, face palm, sigh again, done.

"Look. Guys and gals ... eh, whatever you want to be called. I really am aiming to have a serious talk about all of this. But in lieu of all the other things we faced ― this is still only just our second day here ― I wanted to find a way to 'ease into' the topic. But if you are gonna press me on this- Let's start over. Everyone calm down, let's talk it through. What are your thoughts, exactly? Wait, what exactly did she say?"

I stopped talking, and let everyone talk, all at once. I'm no great conversationalist or anything, I cannot follow more than two voices at a time ― and there's probably thirty of them speaking at any one time. To me, to each other, to the skies and/or to Korrabelle ― just, chaos.

The story Korrabelle told ― through some kind of video screen from her 'bedroom' ― was as I feared, the truth, as she saw it. Cue the self aggrandizement, the self promotion, even in the downward swing of saying how broken the Card System was, and to tell them how much she wanted me, poor old me, to be the one to fix it. No wonder they're pissed; knowing I'd been having secret conferences with Her Greatness the one and only Korrabelle the Goddess(?) of Chaos.

But still, I can kinda get the gist of what's being said for what comes next. Surprisingly, a select few might have opted for a suicide or 'death by bad thoughts' at the hand of Korrabelle; I had not thought this through either. Some more would want to deal with their Cards and decks and trades in a much more efficient way. But I think, the majority are just plain mad, for being left 'out of the loop'.

Is this what leadership is? What governing is? I mean ― did I, or did I not, make their decision for them?

If I weren't the one 'elected by the will of the people' here, I'd ... wanna go run and hide, and let some other unlucky bastard to handle the load. But no ― today's unlucky bastard happens to be, you guessed it, me.

My three wives here, and even Mitna while she's at it, they're trying to defend me; I guess if they defend me, I'll ... defend them later? or maybe it's a mutual thing, they would want to defend my too because it's the right thing to do?

Patricia is trying so hard to direct the logical flow of their arguments; and for that, I think I'll love her honestly. I don't think even my little sis Joanna from Earth could do so well, given the circumstances. Red ― oh damn I do mean Heather ― is throwing arguments like I imagine she'd swing a sledgehammer; whereas, Zinia is more like silent but ... occasional comments like surgical incisions here or there. Only a goddess like Korrabelle would know what Sayuri would be doing now ― and like hell am I gonna ask her!

A full hour of this and ― oh what a headache I've had the whole time. I think, most of the arguments out there have been said once, twice, thrice ― maybe more times by now.

"Haa ― I need to call for a moratorium on talking through this. Art and Chester, please do try to continue harvesting the wood, those of us who have nothing to do can either find ways to help them, or find some other resources to collect. I'll tell you a secret, if you have some ability or trait of taking care of land or the plants and animals, if you go searching for them, you can collect them now and have them in your decks. If nothing else, if you increase the sizes of your decks in amount of Cards, you will benefit in some way."

"But the broken system-" One or two of the people are calling this out.

"Yes, the system may be broken, but I really am trying to find a solution. Until we do have a firm plan and the ability to perform it, why not do what we can, here and now?"

Some of them grumble a bit, but otherwise continue. The size of the group going with Art and Chester has grown now to over ten people; two separate groups are going other directions, one to the west northwest, and another to the north northwest. At least if they find something which goes along with their overall abilities, they may have something to benefit themselves.

Patricia excuses herself from this meeting. "Bread dough to knead, recipes to practice. Later, John."

And in the meantime, I'm going to deal with what Cards I have, what Cards the Town Hall and well have, and more.


"Hmm? What you need, boss?"

"Ah, very informal are you? It's okay, but ... I just wondered how you were doing."

"As long as I got Mitna with me, I'm good. But you can call me Zeke. I see you now know what most all of the 'waiting to be summoned' souls know already. This world is so broken, those of us who are glad to exist in the mortal realm one more time are also simultaneously saddened at having to be part of it. For in all existence on this world, all of us who live again are once again readapted to the Card System, no matter how close we get to exiting from its deathly grip upon us."

"Whoa, that's saying a lot. Is it really like this for you?"

"I would not have said so if it were not so. We don't have a life in the endless realm of limbo; we only float around and wait for another time to exist as a physical body. Even Mitna and I could not ... do things ... in this limbo, other than just float in close proximity. That, and recount our past lives-"

I let out a laugh without thought, but then stopped. "Sorry, it must be real traumatic. So, what do you think the solution could be?"

"Break the system. It's the only way. Break some of the Cards so they have a greater or lesser effect on our lives. Decrease the benefits of those Cards. Either that, or find some way to swap over from the current Card System, to the more correct Card System that Korrabelle's mother and father had created. Talk to them about it."

"Huh? Talk to-"

"It is known or highly suspected, at least one of the two parent deities is essentially 'trapped' in a maze like structure. The plan was for the parents to lure their child into it, to keep her busy while they devised a way to deal with how a child demigoddess could see into the mortal realm while so young. Instead, the child surprised the parents and ― at least one parent went into the trap, maybe both. How this helps you, I do not know; I only know it is an option."

"Aah, this explains much. Thank you for these words, Ezekiel."

"No prob, boss."

"Then, you can call me John as well."

"Sure thing, boss."

"Mitna, off we go into the Town Hall-"

"Hey, want to go ... do something with me instead?" Heather intuited.

"I'd love to, but I'm feeling under pressure to do something with the Cards, and the building decks," I answer honestly.

"If it's that kind of stress, why not let me do something for you? A quickie?"

Another hand from behind reaches out to me. Zinia Henkel, the future doctor for here.

"If it's about sex, it's been a long time for me too. I'm not saying here and now, but ... I have that thought for later. And you're cute for a young man."

Oh for crying out loud; is this just going to turn into a day of nothing but sex? Fucking around?

I only can grin shyly, but think Patricia is getting left out of having her say, now. "Let's all wait til later, when we're closer to the evening."

"Right. I've got the store to run, so at least I can go play by myself for a while." Heather excused herself, passing an odd look to Zinia, and went on her way.

"John, I have a Building Card for a small medical clinic, but I still am not sure I'm capable," Zee worried. "And then I have an Item Card for a bunch of medical lore, I think they're research and study books too. And other items for medical practice. But no clothes, no clothing item cards in my deck, not even a doctor's lab coat-"

"Heather can help with the clothes, I think."

"But that's the thing, she doesn't want to sell to me. I think she's still holding on to my past ... status. Holding that against me. Says she has a right to refuse to serve someone-"

I tripped. After coming back to the standing I had just before, I groaned. "Zinia, try again; if it won't work, we will all talk later tonight, I promise. But for now, I think Mitna and I have to do our rounds and see what it will take to open the Town Hall."

Mitna and I entered the town hall, closed to all but me as the mayor and her as the summoned personnel. She sniffed softly, then turned to look again at the interior of this space.

"Many times in the past it would happen like it did for you."

"That stressful for the people?"

She nodded calmly. "First time I have seen it direct, and not heard of such second hand." She added a chuckle, with the words, "At least, thanks for picking Zeke; if not for me, at least to have him here. You don't know how much I missed holding him, and doing-"

"It's alright, I understand. You might want to have a family too?"

Mitna returned a dead look. "The summoned ones are ... infertile. No children allowed to us. The best we can have, is a mutual romance. That, and fuck like rabbits."

How horrible, I think; to say even having children is taken from them-

"Eh ... well at least I consider you family. I can't speak for any of my new wives; but at least if any of us would have need of a nanny or substitute godmother ― not sure your past lives here had such a concept ― I'd say you could take care of my children. As if you were my own sister, and their aunt."

"Thank you, the offer means a lot to me; it really does. If I have the opportunity, I promise to perform well in this regard."

I look around too, and see to the next issue. "Aah, the next day's Card draw for the Town Hall. What do we have now?"

At a glance I saw five Coin Item Cards, four Paper Item Cards, three Personnel Experience Action Cards, two Clerical Personnel Cards, and one Guardian Personnel Card. Huh; quite a haul of cards, for this day.

Mitna took a cue and began to explain what she knew of these cards.

Coin Item Cards produced the selection of coins written on their faces; in this case, each card was marked as being able to produce a random amount between ten and twenty copper coins. Being of such low value, they were quite expendable to the past summoned humans, who wanted bigger or more impressive amounts. But merged together, two of them became a card for a "sure thing" twenty copper coins, no variability and no randomness. I merged four of them to become two 20 Copper Coin Item Cards, and then activated the lone coin card to start Town Hall's empty treasury room.

Paper Item Cards produced a few sheets of paper; the card definition itself had durability up to one ream of paper, up to 500 individual sheets. Each of the four cards held differing amounts: the least could make ten sheets, the greatest could make fifty one. And apparently they were of different papers too; this world's Letter size sheets were larger in width; while the Legal size sheets ran much longer. Some were different by their use ― as professional letterhead, as interoffice memoranda, for notation, et cetera. I sighed, seeing none which could be merged, and passed the papers off to Mitna to store after we were done here.

Personnel Experience Action Cards did just what the name indicated: gave summoned personnel some experience. These three were also of low to medium value experience ― or so I gather, by Mitna's soft sigh when seeing the amount. But still, they merged together, the two of lowest value experience coming together to make 157 out of the maximum 2000 experience this type of Card could hold. I held back the lone experience card for use in a bit.

Clerical Personnel Cards summoned forth from the void a type of personnel dedicated to supporting the building summoned into, in this case the Town Hall, and by extension Mitna as the chief officer in it. But by merging the two Tier 01 cards, they surprisingly became a Tier 02 card of the same type, but ended up again at the back of the building deck. I think, Mitna is okay with being the sole worker here, for a short while ― or at least until this village begins to grow and fill out in functionality.

Guardian Personnel Cards ― Mitna shivered, to tell the tale of the heavy lumbering guardian monster which could be summoned to protect the building it got summoned into. This shivering wasn't one of fear, however; but one of anticipation, of how a town hall was considered much more safe when it had one. The last one she'd seen had been like an angelic savior, once she described him to me. Maybe a head taller than I, unclothed but for a sheet of material around the waist and groin for courtesy, widespread wings growing out the back, and the whole of him glowing with a holy aura. I want one.

But when I summoned a guardian, a Tier 03 Personnel Card no less, what I got instead of an angelic form was a beastly minotaur male, no less nude than I had been when first summoned, and already in a fury to ask, no, demand someone to mate with.

"Boss. Rando want pussy! Get me a bitch to fuck, now-"

Aha, I have to set a few ground rules for this guardian, or else ― can't have him trying to hump all the females in this village, no sirree. See there, he's trying to grab for Mitna, and she's already screaming to Zeke to help her. I call out a loud "STOP!" to both of them, and then lay out the basic operational rules for this bullheaded guy to follow. I see he understands but it does not make him any less easy to deal with.

At least he calls me "boss" too, like Zeke does; so there's that. Oh; and in his upgrade screen, I see he's near ninety percent of the way to reaching his qualifications to Tier 04; so there's this too.

"Mm? Master?" Mitna is pulling on my sleeve. "One of this guardian's cards is for sex acts, which is why he is acting this way. Need to rearrange his cards to upgrade, and then he may think and act a different way."

"Oh yes I did think this; but right now the options are limited. Do I have him use an experience card or an analysis influence card? One might make him more apt to gain experience and level up; the other might force him to studiously be looking at and examining everything and everyone. Not sure, what's the better objective.

"Eh ... John ... we may have another serious problem," Heather pulls on my arm again. "About the Building Cards and our village's options for the next one."

She explained the situation and I see how this could be so huge.

Basically, one of the silent girls has a "brothel" type of card (and possibly those types of abilities or skills) ― which Korrabelle will not allow.

Name: Huang/Mie
Race: Human
Age: 15y 03m 06d 09h 12m
Profession: {error, cannot have "madame", 01d 19h 10m 24s until terminal effect}
- STRN:05 CONS:09 DEXT:11 HLTH:13
- INTL:09 LORE:07 PERS:07 WILL:11
- Trash Girl
- Private: %&$^%$&$^*&
- Public: Pillow Talk
- Public: Nocturnal Dominatrix
- Light Blue Pattern Boxer Shorts (8/8)
- White Clinical Laboratory Coat (15/15)

The poor girl, she's probably been terrified this whole time, since appearing "dead" and then "not dead" in Korrabelle's domain.

I've seen her walking cautious but polite, giving out a weak "xie-xie" while responding to others (mostly guy's flirtations) in appreciation.


I bet I am going to have to intercede to Korrabelle in her behalf, aren't I.

For now, this Mie is hiding any sign of emotional fear or trauma; but as I well know, such can boil deep within the mind and heart, if you let it.

Hey; I don't want to have to solve every person's problems, at least not on my own ― I don't think it's my role as a mayor to be "fixing" all of it. But on the other hand, she's facing being murdered by a cruel, petty, vindictive- OWW~!

-just because of a misapplication of a 'profession'.


As I suspected; I am whisked away from this mortal realm, back into her waiting arms, in her bedroom, laying on the bed, nude, and on top of her too.

"Ready to go again, lover?"

I forced myself to roll away, before she causes me to do more with her than I'm ready to do.


Why is it whenever I appear here, she makes it so I am once again naked, all my bits exposed to her or anyone else? She just wants access to my dick and balls.

"You know what issue I see next, for my village-"

"Yeah well I don't care, she's supposed to have been one of the throwaways anyway. If she dies then her mate can just take one of those two extra girls off your hands. That means, one less human wife for you, and more time for me! Yay, we all win, right?"

I am stunned at the idiocy of that statement, only for a second, but then let my one thought leak out to the room.


"Okay let's-"

"NO! I mean FUCK IT. An expletive, to say 'I cannot believe how stupid you sound when you say stuff like this'."

"I'd rather you were ready for sex than avoid it though. I'm still fertile and horny, and I want to make sure I'm pregnant from your seed-"

At that moment, a brilliant thought comes to me, and I express it. Artfully, if I do say so myself.

"You know what. I do have a deal for you. First, retract the 'terminal effect' upon that girl, while I work to fix it. Second, let me have greater oversight over the Card System, a day or two to work over the details, the ability to setup a changeover to the old Card System. And third ... then I will ... do those things with you, once every fifth day. Willingly, and with my full awareness and consent. But only if I can work at fixing the broken parts of the system-"

She's grinning, and giggling, and of course why wouldn't she; she's going to get me to do that willingly.

"YES!" And she leaned toward me, kissing me with that forked tongue, coiling her tail around my phallus, and hugging her arms around my waist.

I feel the head pressure, and suddenly new knowledge flows into me. Well; a minor tradeoff; she kissed me before I was ready to do that; but at least now I can proceed with some card editing potential.

Now, to return and see if Mie is still on a terminal path or not.

And then, next, to figure out how to tell my potential wives of my bargain.

Thoughts for the moment, of how the day is going so far? A whole string of fucks, the system is broken. And maybe so am I, for coming up with such a tradeoff.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I am so, so broken, the system is so broken-


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