To rewrite, or not to rewrite? That is the question.
Option 1 in text.
37.5% 37.5% of votes
Option 2 in text.
12.5% 12.5% of votes
Option 3 in text.
12.5% 12.5% of votes
Option 4 in text.
37.5% 37.5% of votes
Total: 8 vote(s)

A rewrite would allow me to tighten up the narrative and/or description, add more topical humor (or "other" humor), or maybe just fix some of what might be flawed logic in a couple places.

At this point it is down to three or four options, as shown in the poll.

1. Rewrite, keep the same overall plot and humor.

2. Rewrite, now do it in 3rd person perspective instead.

3. No major rewrite, just fix a few small things here or there.

4. Do not change a thing! Keep going!

I may admittedly be slanted toward a rewrite anyway; but in the absence of reader commentary I wonder how this story is doing.


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