Abandoned Card System

by SlaveToMyLusts

Original HIATUS Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strategy Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

Multiple humans from various places on Earth get killed by a horny, moody, pissed off young goddess, and brought to her world.

All appear nude, constrained inside a space by a so-called goddess of questionable qualities or motives in the first place ― these humans are supposed to be the only civilized beings on this planet. In the goddess' group summoning of 256 humans, they are forced to pair up and procreate at her command; to 'fill the world and tame it'. Or, at least they are alone now ― since she more or less killed off everyone from before ... because she's now at a horny pubescent goddess stage. A stage where ― sometimes when she mates with mortals ― the lesser beings sorta kind ... explode. And then when the other mortals rebel against her or try to fight her, she feels like killing them. This same pattern may have happened before in this world. Needless to say, the MC might be mortified when said goddess seems to have set her sights upon him....

Also because of reasons, all the people ― even the whole world itself ― is now 'attached' to some 'Card System', which may or may not be as it says. Items like clothing to food to soulbound slaves can be obtained through cards; actions and skills can have a boon through using other cards; and ... it's broken, but it's all they'll have. To live their lives they can continue to use this Card System, but using it means you are locked into never getting out of it again. Somehow that might not stop some from trying, at least as they find out the bounds of this broken system ― or, is it the goddess who is the damaged one?

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