The Sunset Squire

by Zavon

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Eleazar Hern has had a rough young life.  He’s had to lie, cheat, steal, and worse to survive on uncaring streets.  That all changes when his best friend and lover, Lilion disappears one fateful night.

To save Lilion, Eleazar embarks on a journey that will take him across an empire that spans worlds.  In the Trovian Empire, he discovers that he has the powerful latent magic of an Archon. If Eleazar is to save the woman he loves, he must survive their academy, master his new eldritch power, and learn to pilot the Warhull; magical golem constructs with incredible arcane firepower.  But first, he must find a way to live with his rage.

Disclaimer:  Book has graphic violence, adult language and situations.  Recommend reading is 18+

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dan kirkby
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An interesting read so far! A pretty well done take on the Lit Rpg Genre, where the system is intentionally developed and managed by an empire in order to foster its people, much like in the story Twice Lived, which imI certain is at least part of the inspiration due to the character named Obran in the latter early chapters.


The author understands the appeal of the genre, giving us the snarky MC with a dark streak and the morally dubious empire that he must serve, their isn't much here to judge a style, but it is certainly entertaining.


The author has shown that they know how to start a story, leaving little flags everywhere to be brought back later, foreshadowing the future without telling it to us out right, lots of room for possibilities.


Is definitely not a downside, I find it hard to judge someone on grammar because if it was bad enough to notice than I likely would just stop reading.


The main fun so far, though the only chacachar with any real development is the MC at this point, he is a snarky kid who grew up on the streets, and his sense of humour and attitude relfect that perfectly, lots of room for him to rise and fall, the best kind of MC.

I hope you give this a shot and I hope my review was helpful!

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This takes the LitRPG trope and elevates it to a new level.  Our MC in an act of vengeance and hope finds out he has the rare ability to use ether (magic).  Not only can he use it, but his ability is also of the highest tier.

LitRPG elements exist.  The MC has str, int, wis, etc.  But he also has disciplines similar to paths and related to his chakras that allow him to evolve and grow.

The author does an amazing job with infodumps, weaving the world-building into the story seamlessly.

Well written, well developed, well plotted.  Definitely worth the read and a 5-star rating.


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the only problem I can find with this fiction is that I want more chapters.

honetly, I didn’t think I’d like it, but I couldn’t put it down.

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 Ok so I’m going to make this short and sweet. You want to read this book. You will read this book and you will enjoy it. I did not notice and bad grammar while reading, so for people that are very scrutinizing about grammar this should pass. 

Im writing this review after reading chapter 14 (the most recent release currently) the potential this boom has is like trying to measure goku with a power scanner. World building is great, details now that will lead to future events are great, characters are for the most part fleshed out and three dimensional. Also it’s very eldritch heavy and there’s going to be mechs in the future. 


So so do yourself (and me) a favour and start reading this story so then the author will get more views and will then make more chapters so then I will be able to read more chapters. Seriously, I ain’t joking here. 

And author this is genuinely one of the only books that had ever actually exited me when in the middle of reading it, fantastic work

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I agree with the other 5/5'ers.

High quality in every way.

The system and the explanation and the worldbuilding. Its just superb.

Trying to figure out what this story lacks but, as for chapter 17 even if he releases no more im still glad i read it. This guy is a real pro.

Very fresh take on old concepts.