Data Dragon Danika

Data Dragon Danika

by gusdefrog

After a great deal of preparation, Danika begins her new digital dragon's life in a very small way.

They say the "Living Jade Empire" creates individualized quests. They say it can read your mind. They say you can find your heart's desire. They say that there's never been a game like it, and they're right but… they're also wrong.

The game is a data mine, built to retell the old tales that humans have been telling each other since language was invented. It doesn't read your mind, but it reads your search history, your favorites, and your blogs. The "Living Jade Empire" is literally crafted from fables, legends, fantasies, and maybe just a bit of stardust.

But in the end, will the game be able to figure out what Danika wants most? Will the desires of other players take priority? Or, will playing it change her, until she desires what it can give her?

A journey is always made up of many small steps, and this game has still only just begun.

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Table of Contents
477 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1000 Karma ago
5 Karma ago
Learning to Fly ago
Level 1 ago
A Dragon's Strength ago
A Dragon's Breath ago
A Dragon's Energy ago
Advantageous Inventory ago
Skill Strategy ago
Rabbit is Rabbit ago
Why Slimes Carry Pocket Money ago
The Battle for its Heart ago
Warning : Kitten ago
Reward and Temptation ago
Into the Darkness ago
True Beginning ago
Pixie Songs and Elven Mead ago
An Adventurer's Egg ago
Answers Provoke Questions ago
How to Survive until Hatching ago
A Dragon Hatches ago
To Be or Not To Be ago
Un Quest Complicare ago
Toadally Invisible ago
Olive View ago
Waspish ago
Moonflower Seeds ago
Meteor Shower ago
Artificial Beauty ago
Warm Ash and Cold Blade ago
The Descent ago
Frog Soup ago
The Temptation of Reward ago
10,000 Nuts ago
Redheads Have A Reputation ago
Transient Spring ago
A Bit of Tail ago
Budding Extortionist ago
A Dangerous Spark ago
Human Reaction ago
Ubiquitous Merchant ago
The First Major Update ago
Fairy Mice ago
Ordinary Stones ago
Say that in elvish? ago
Famous Last Words ago
A Harrowing Tale ago
The Way of The Cat ago
Inside the Dark Heart ago
Skill Swap ago
Another Job, Another Quest ago
Cute Shrubbery ago
Competent Enchanter ago
Golden Messenger ago
Fan Service ago
A Silver Ring ago
Contradictory Words ago
Status Games ago
Of Mice and Gardens ago
A Common Pain ago
Familiar Question ago
First Snow ago
Windbur ago
Never Never Never ago
So Fluffy ago
Spider Trap ago
Web Spinner ago
Poisonous Mistake ago
Hidden Treasure ago
Christmas Goblins ago
(Side Story) Three Goblin Cats ago
Unseasonal Storms ago
Pirates and Ice ago
Black Turtle ago
The God of War ago
The God of Balance ago
The God of Storms ago
Into the Goblin Fortress ago
Icy Heart in Darkness ago
Twelfth Night's End ago
The Balance ago
Clear Blue [End of Volume 1] ago
1: Enchanted Garden ago
2: Kit and The Travelling Merchant ago
3: The Consequences of Her Actions ago
4: Hidden Gods ago
5: A Little White Gift ago
6: Words Unspoken ago
7: Measure of Affection ago
8: Intricate Gnomeworks ago
9: Leading Hearts ago
10: Doubtful Heart ago
11: Trusting Others ago
12: Mountain Guardian ago
13: Safety in Stone ago
14: Upwelling Spring ago
15: Casual Kiss ago
16: Costly Proposition ago
17: The Walrus' Charmer ago
18: Trouble with Boundaries ago
19: Kitten Snatching ago
20: There's Always Time for a Spot of Tea ago
21: Kitten Kiting ago
22: Do you think you're a god? ago
23: A Disparity in Feedback ago
24: Abandoned in Stone ago
25: Quick Rejections ago
26: Preparations ago
27: Interview or Test ago
28: For the Birds ago
29: Blossoming Thoughts ago
30: Perchance to Dream ago
31: Circling Closer ago
(Side Story) Eight Years Ago ago
32: Drawing Lines ago
33: No Promises ago
34: Familiar Trouble ago
35: Incandescent ago
36: Your Fairy Dragon ago
37: A Little Light ago
38: Reality Check ago
39: One step closer to the Great God Repede ago
40: Rocky Foundation ago
41: A Druid's Whereabouts ago
42: Inside Out ago
43: Moving in Darkness ago
44: Flying By ago
45: The Essence of a Thousand ago
46: It's My Life ago
47: Overriding Affection ago
48: Closer Than The Moon ago
49: Hollow Town ago
50: Fruitful Exchanges ago
51: Double Belted Stone ago
52: Heart Moon Rising ago
53: Week of Heart ago
(Side Story Short) Valentine's Day Concert ago
54: A Familiar Face ago
55: Crafted From Legends ago
56: Heavenly Office Space ago
57: Restrictive Reality ago
58: Sweet Opportunity ago
59: Building Connections ago
60: The Memory of A Life ago
61: An Amusing Little Cataclysm ago
62: 'Till The End of The World ago
63: A Historic Line ago
64: No One Can Resist ago
65: The Dignity of a Celestial Servant ago
66: A Dragon's Dragon ago
67: It's Elemental my Dear ago
(Side Story Short) Electric Dragon Rider ago
68: Thanks for the Memories ago
69: O' To Be A Dragon ago
70: Layers and Scales ago
71: Simply Enrage a Goddess ago
72: Officially Decided ago
73: Home Sweet Home ago
74: Mirrors and Flames ago
75: Library of Legend ago
76: The Light on The Water ago
77: Traveling the Sound of the World ago
78: The Hedgepig and The Star ago
79: Inappropriate Questions ago
80: Enchanting Reality (End of Volume 2) ago
(Side Story Request) His Perspective ago
(Side Story) Deconstructed Flames ago
1: First Day ago
2: Manipulating Patterns ago
3: Weeping Dragons ago
4: A Harp's Song ago
5: Four Lost ago
6: Not Quite a Unicorn ago
7: Ryullusion ago
(Side Story) A Tail of Light ago
8: Warning ago
9: The Harp's Dance ago
10: Containing the Cursed Harp ago
11: Mortal Necessities ago
12: The Harp's Last Song ago
(Side Story) The Legendary Bard [1/2] ago
(Side Story) The Legendary Bard [2/2] ago
13: Sweet Conflict ago
(Side Story) Logical Heart ago
14: The Core of Endless Song ago
15: A Wife Interrupts ago
16: Endless Song Begins ago
17: A Squirrel's Blessing ago
18: Creating A Shared Future ago
19: Photographic Evidence ago
20: Luck and Skill ago
21: The Hidden King ago
22: In Search of a Broken Curse ago
23: Dare Something To ago
24: A Cat's Opinion ago
25: Fallen Sky ago
26: Insufficient Words ago
27: Repeatably Unforgotten ago
28: Truth and Forgetfulness ago
29: Oblivion ago
30: Blood over Water ago
31: In-between ago
32: Sky Topped Tree ago
33: Heart of the Empire ago
(Side Story) The Fool ago
34: Unexpected Choice ago
35: Carried by a Song ago
36: Bright Stars ago
37: Digital Life ago
38: Where Were ago
39: A Wizard's Curse ago
40: Wielded Words ago
41: Entangled in Truth ago
42: The Answer ago
43: Distinctly Nervous ago
44: Untasted Breakfast ago
45: Argumentative Bonds ago
(Side Story) Before Underneath ago
46: A Little Thief ago
47: Lazy Afternoon ago
48: Sweet Evening ago
49: Invasive Dragon ago
(Side Story) Fickle Memory ago
50: Leveling Resumed ago
51: Aye-Aye ago
52: Hidden Power ago
53: Realtors ago
54: Cultural Assumptions ago
55: Blue Dragon ago
56: Rose Colored Glasses ago
57: In Essence ago
58: Moon in Claw ago
59: Luck Returns ago
60: Domestic Beginning ago
61: Hanging Dragon ago
62: Untelepathic ago
63: His Place ago
64: Luxurious Accommodation ago
65: Familiar Expressions ago
66: Views of the Future ago
67: Compatibility ago
(Side Story) Untamed Wild Heart ago
68: Of Cats and Kings ago
69: Of Cabbages and Kings ago
70: The Laziest of Kings ago
71: Following the Way ago
72: To a Cat's Eye ago
73: The Elder's Challenge ago
74: The Once and Future King ago
75: Hidden Skills ago
76: Comparative Speed ago
77: Family Time ago
78: Nabataea Before ago
79: Wee Bit of Breaking ago
80: Late Warning ago
81: Destruction and Creation ago
82: Glass Bubbles ago
83: Something Shiny ago
84: Fire and Water ago
85: A Lot of Sand ago
86: Living Jade Empire ago
Volume 3 Afterword: ago
(Side Story) Snippets of Time 1 ago
(Side Story) Snippets of Time 2 ago
(Side Story) Snippets of Time 3 ago
(Side Story) Snippets of Time 4 ago
(Side Story) Snippets of Time 5 ago
(Side Story) Snippets of Time 6 ago
(Side Story) Snippets of Time 7 ago
1: A New Boundary (Volume 4) ago
2: Heart Erased ago
3: Regrets ago
4: Importance ago
5: True Words ago
6: A Thousand Ways ago
7: Independence ago
8: Hidden Intelligence ago
9: Believe in Me ago
(Side Story Short) Just Another Show ago
10: Self Conscious ago
11: Questionable Identity ago
12: Expanding Song ago
13: Song's Recollection ago
14: Weight of Stone ago
15: Field of Clover ago
(Song Request) The Little Dragon's Notorious Tale ago
16: Perspective ago
17: Questionable Cats ago
18: Curious Questions ago
19: Work and Play ago
20: A Leaf at a Time ago
21: Gnome Home ago
22: Logically ago
23: Exposed ago
24: Sweet Taste ago
25: A Heart's Instance ago
26: The Quest ago
27: Layers ago
28: Changing the World ago
29: Play On ago
(Side Story Short) In The Garden ago
30: Their Connection ago
31: So High Above ago
32: Thread of Light ago
33: Careful Investigation ago
34: Flight Paths ago
35: Song Under Wing ago
36: Into the Sky ago
37: So Close, And Yet ago
(Side Story Short) Lost at Sea ago
38: Nothing Lasts Forever ago
39: The Jade Emperor ago
40: Presentation ago
41: Favors ago
42: Everything ago
43: Hovering Closer ago
44: Assumptions ago
(Side Story Short) First Kiss Again ago
45: Seed Within Stone ago
46: Flight Speed ago
47: Caught by a Dragon ago
48: Swallowed Sand ago
49: Tumbling Down ago
50: Strange to Pet ago
51: Rodent Recovery ago
52: The Ripple of a Stone ago
53: According to Plan ago
54: The Question ago
55: Time ago
56: Access ago
57: Industrial Revolution ago
58: Light Revelation ago
59: Cat Politics ago
60: Appealing Ears ago
61: Punk ago
62: Flowers ago
63: Ambush the Ambusher ago
64: Smoke ago
65: Another Way ago
66: The Best ago
67: In Support of Piracy ago
68: Like Lightning ago
69: Step Forward ago
70: That Kind of Game ago
71: Upgrade ago
72: Justification ago
73: Kidnapped by Pirates ago
74: A Measure of Trust ago
75: Troublesome Power ago
76: Tangible Power ago
(Side Story) Grim Fables ago
77: A Little More Time ago
78: Technicalities ago
79: Capability ago
80: Condensed World ago
81: The Heart of the Future ago
82: Priceless Jade ago
83: Consideration ago
84: Relationships ago
85: Most Powerful Woman ago
86: Capacity ago
87: Cutting Words ago
88: Heartbeat ago
89: Notorious Sparkle ago
90: Step Toward the Future ago
End of Volume 4: The Awakening - Author's Note ago
1: Cup of Tea ago
2: Sudden Storm ago
3: Assassin's Song ago
4: Quicksilver ago
5: Sticky Trap ago
6: Witchy Wind Elemental ago
7: Magical Cyan ago
8: Shiny Wings ago
9: Hooked ago
10: Personnel ago
11: The Other Woman ago
12: Confessions ago
13: Efficiency ago
14: Destructive ago
15: Chemistry ago
16: Time Spent Together ago
17: Jaded Development ago
18: Build Up ago
19: Sliding Into Place ago
20: Like Magic ago
21: Introspection ago
22: Promises Given ago
23: Dragon and Fire ago
24: Cut Down ago
25: Mended ago
26: Small Concessions ago
27: Capacity Limit ago
28: Nuances of Attitude ago
29: Beautiful Emptiness ago
30: Underlying Civilization ago
31: Unimaginable ago
32: Personal Data ago
33: Basic Interactions ago
34: Age of Questions ago
35: Compiling Data ago
36: Love Like You Will Live Forever ago
37: The Emperor Worm ago
38: Lightning Clad ago
Not A Chapter - Books ago
39: A Tiny Plot Hole ago
40: Airship Down ago
41: The Show Must Go On ago
42: Sweet Music ago
43: Turducken Dragon ago
44: Unbreakably Broken ago
45: Jade Hands ago
46: Jade Perspective ago
47: Intertwined ago
48: Musical Pattern ago
49: Possession ago
50: Confiding Love ago
51: Heart to Heart ago
(Side Story Short) Celestial Curves ago
52: Box Seat ago
53: Mother of Jade ago
54: Evasion ago
55: Touch the Sky ago
56: The Game is Rigged ago
57: The Luckiest Pig in the World ago
58: A Pig's Entrance ago
59: One Path and Many ago
60: The Path of Blood ago
61: A Dragon's Puzzle ago
62: Thimblepot's Conundrum ago
63: To the Heart ago
64: Jade and the Emperor ago
65: Entry Song ago
66: Energizing Promise ago
67: Core Resonance ago
68: Status in the Green ago
69: Broken Cup ago
70: Appropriate Expectations ago
71: Daunting a Dragon ago
72: Divine Titles ago
73: Preparations ago
74: Emerald Foundation ago
75: The Weight of Gold ago
76: Kiss Kiss Love ago
77: Planning a Lifetime ago
78: Stars that Flash By ago
79: Looking Forward To Time With You ago
80: Connective ChitChat ago
(Side Story) Heartfelt ago
81: Northern Lands ago
82: First and Last ago
83: Ending and Beginning ago
84: After the End ago
(Side Story) Vacation ago
(Side Story) Jade Life Beyond Limit ago
Ebooks: ago
(Side Story) Tales After ago
(Side Story) Continued Existence ago
Audiobook Production ago
1: Another Beginning - Book 6 ago
2: Moms Are The Same Everywhere ago
3: Harmony ago
4: The System Targets Eric ago
5: Stars Aren't Black and White ago
6: Secret Sky ago
7: The Beginning Of The End ago
8: Crumbling Foundations ago
9: The Humanity ago
10: Climb to Top of the Sky ago
11: Onward ago
12: The System Unlocks ago
13: The Living ago
14: Life ago
15: Another Self ago
16: Dangerous Moment ago
17: One Question at a Time ago
This Isn't A Chapter ago

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Small adventures in a large world.

This is VRMMO story with a fresh twist to the usual trope.

The small size of the MC makes things so much different, it really shows what a tiny character in a VRMMO can do, and how they interact with being far smaller than everyone else. The focus of this story is on the MC just having her adventures in the game.

The way of how the VR game is built, is just unique, its a living world of legends, yet it also behaves like a actual game more than even most of the VRMMO stories i have read on this site.

 Good writing, its easy to read, noticed only some small mistakes which usually get noticed and fixed.

 Im interested in just how the story will develop, there are just so many possiblities there.


Try to read the small details, they hint at stuff that will happen later on in the story.

(By the way, there are some sidestories posted on the patreon of the author and on webnovel, they are as enjoyable to read as the rest of the novel.)


My advice is, go read it, its a relaxing read and pretty unique.


A cute odyssey of side-quests

A VRMMO story of small proportions. There's a great war going on... somewhere, there's a desperate battle between the titans of PVP the next valley over, but meanwhile..... here's Danika. She's entered this virtual space as a tiny dragon, and she's determined to boldly go where none have gone before. 

It's a cozy read, give it a go and you won't regret it!


I'm having a great time reading this story. It's cute and funny with good characters and a fascinating virtual world full of interesting quirks and fun little twists. I especially like the messenger animal mechanic.

This is not a hack and slash heavy action conquer one mountain only to discover it was just a foot hill kind of VRMMO story. This is a slice of life story about the trials and tribulations of a 20 something girl discovering a new game with friends and romance, good times and bad.

One thing that I like about this story is that it's not all set in the virtual world. Too many VRMMO stories talk about the "real" world at the beginning and then never mention it again even though the main character can't possibly spend all their time in it. The main character has real world problems and interacts with some of the other characters in both environments.

So far (start of book 4) there is no overarching evil or nemesis plaguing the story trying to inject heavy drama or urgency into it. That’s not to say there's no drama or sad and happy moments, but the ones so far have all been the everyday kind of situations that we all can face.

I don't usually like stories that switch up the POV, but each time the author does it here it works really well. It can make me rethink earlier actions as seen from the alternate POV and gives good insight the personality of that character. The same is true for the side stories, which are mostly from another characters POV. Those side stories seems to me to give great color and depth to the world.

Bottom line, this is a go to guilty pleasure that never fails to entertain.


What is slice of life

(written in the 3rd book)

I am not generally a slice of life fan. I am following many stories on this site, and just about every one of them has a pretty grand plot driving it forwards. Despite that, DDD relentlessly demands attention. The author has built a fascinating game world, and has delivered on several interesting personalities to explore the potential and boundaries of that world. There is also romance and emotional moments building up the characters and relationships as the story develops.

As a daily release, this story seems designed to give you a smile and a giggle once a day, then move on.

Done Well

The world building is excellent. The environment the author has created as a world for their characters is interesting and diverse. It will also leave you disappointed with every other MMO though so... You've been warned.

The character interactions are well done too. As a slice of life story, this is an important one. There is joy in watching how each character reacts to the situations thrown their way by the author.

Good Enough

The characters. This is actually something that has been improving in the third book, but newer readers progressing through the earlier books might be put off by it (if it isn't just me). The main character Danika is a bit of an unreliable narrator. When the POV follows her (as it does most of the time) she doesn't do a good job of representing her own emotions, and sometimes even the emotions of others. This has the unfortunate side effect of making the characters sometimes seem flat in situations that should be emotionally charged. As time has gone on, this has improved, especially with more alt-POV chapters that are being released in the thrid book. There is a lot of depth to the emotions and reactions of Danika that have been missed in the earlier books that is very evident in these scenes.

The Things I Don't Like

As someone who generally doesn't follow slice of life stories, I find myself wondering sometimes where the story is going. What is the grand plot. Where is the big bad. This... isn't a problem if you enjoy slice of life type stories. I'm generally not bothered by it either. I didn't take points off for this because it is never implied that there is anything more to the story than just growing as a person and in relationships.

Should You Read It?

The core question of any review!

Do you like slice of life? Then yes, read it.

Do you usually not read slice of life, instead preferring some of the more action oriented stories available here? Well, I would recommend giving the story a chance. It offers a nice daily break from the high velocity, high impact stories you usually read here, and should give you a good laugh and smile once a day.


Pretty fun Slice of Life. Character and game elements are well used and the System stuff is as sensible as it is robust. No regrets burning through this on a slow workday.

Two dings in my opinion:

1) The 'romance' on the male side (for the most part) feels a bit... 'yikes'. Their dynamics seem unbalanced, but it might be because it reminds me of another story which was a horror/romance that specifically played into/explored power dynamics. In a slice of life, the same mannerism feels unsettling, even if its only a vague similarity.

2) The 'classes' of the game are split into three broad 'paths'- Magic, Physical, Crafting- which seem to have sub-class 'paths'. The character has been adamant about refusing any paths so they could learn everything. But all their time has basically been on magic stuff. Basically nothing relating to crafting, and off the top of my head their one physical-pathy skill is arguably an innate-type since its a claw attack. After 800ish pages (as of this review) that seems like a weird character beat whenever it crops up since its never truely used except as an excuse to make things super inconvinient for her to learn things (but she has a special way of learning things anyway...) It was also a bit frustrating, since with the equipment size issues I was kind of expecting her to get tailoring or some kind of adorable tiny jewelry-smithing (which would effectively be blacksmithing/armorsmithing due to her size) so she could have equipment.


Good history, but not really what I expected from the description.

Reviewed at: 5 Karma

It's an interesting read and a very well written one, the grammar is good and the pacing altho slow isn't bad. The way things are presented is plus as well. The characters are interesting and their interactions really made remember some nostalgic moments when playing my first MMORPG.


However, after book two up to chapter 40 on book four, which is what I managed to read, the history focus a lot more on romance than the game as I was expecting. I knew romance would be part of the history, but after book two it's more like the romance is the focus instead of the game and how the game changes and how Danika is affected by the game. I often found the chapters describing Danika's workday more enjoyable than the countless ones of cuddling and flirting with Aishin.


For those who like cute and sweet romance slice of life, the history is a worth read. I'm still curious about the world and the game itself, but for me, the clingly romance is taking too much of the history to make it enjoyable.


For once, an enjoyable VRMMO!

I don't usually like VRMMO stories, they're often far too destructive with more emphasis placed on the game system than on the characters. Not so with this one, the focus is on character development and the MC isn't a psychopath. I look forward to reading the continuing adventures of Danika.

The prose is simple but effective, and you'll only be dissapointed by the grammar if you're particulary picky.


Tl;dr it's a cute, feel good read that will put a smile on your face.

It's an adorable read about Danika playing as a tiny dragon in a mmo. Feels very slice of life in style and the plot lines so far are small quests, but are interesting to read still.

No issues with grammar and lifelike interactions with characters. 

Looking forward to more chapters :-D 

Luke Scheffe

This is a LitRPG story with a dragon MC, what more do you want to know!?!?!?


This is a slice of life VRMMORPG tale. Not a human MC (dragon, yay!), not an OP MC (didn't I say dragon? How is that not OP?) and all in all a very low key story, except for the cuteness factor :-)
Tropes are turned upside down behind every corner, very refreshing!

Yes, there're wars and OP high level (beta) players, but Danika isn't interested in the former and didn't play the beta, so no OPness for her. But she may be interested in one of the latter so fair warning, romance may be ahead! (extremely low key though and not for the first few dozen chapters - whether that's a pro or a con depends on you, give it a try either way ;-) )
What I especially like is that this is a game. Danika plays for fun, not to earn the cost for her [enter heartrending story here], she's not blackmailed to win XYZ or her little sister get's it, there's no evil AI/hacker/corporation that wants to take over first the game, then the world.
It's just a game and we can all enjoy it with Danika, we're not supposed to enjoy her struggles as she plays because she's forced to do so, like so many other LitRPGs out there.

The writing is pretty close to perfect. Typos, mixed up words and left-overs from editing are pretty much eradicated.

The story itself is great. Aside from lots of cute, there's actual stuff happening, quite a difficult feat in a slice of life environment! True, it's often kinda meandering but there are lots of quests that actually advance the world as well, besides all the slices of life we get to see. Being a miniature dragon is sure exhausting^^


Just had to reread after the big reveal in the 50th (which was very anticlimactic and calm despite me categorizing it as 'big reveal' and no, I won't tell you what I'm talking about, read yourselves :p) and suddenly everything just jumped out at me. Nice setup!