Grave of the Goddess

by CrystalSquirrel

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The Labyrinth was a test crafted by the Goddess, an unending and deadly place filled with worlds inside of worlds which threatend to devour any who entered.  Many of the people who had tried to pass through to the final floor never even came close, a large amount failing on the earliest floors.

One soul fought his way through and managed to reach the final realm, facing off against the final trial and barely succeeding.  In the end his life was the cost for that, and with a final breath he accepted the end of his life with dignity and grace.

Then he woke up.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Vol. 1 Chapter 1 - The End ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 2 - The First Step ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 3 - Only A Slave ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 4 - The Not-So-Deadly Tower ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 5 - Dead End ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 6 - Waterfall of Memories ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 7 - Foxy Lady ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 8 - Ambushes Ambushes Everywhere ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 9 - The Curiosity Of A Fox ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 10 - Foxes And Goblins ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 11 - The Vulpine Capital ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 12 - Home Sweet Home ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 13 - Lisa And The Armory ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 14 - Enter The Orcs ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 15 - Tricks, Traps, And Annoyance ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 16 - The Ones Beneath ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 17 - The Long Valley And Beyond ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 18 - Preparations And Deals ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 1 - 4 Years Later ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 2 - Markov's Legacy ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 3 - A Casual Stroll ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 4 - And Then They Were Five ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 5 - Luticia's Daughter ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 6 - The Nest In The Garden ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 7 - Rest For The Weary ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 8 - Plea Of A Child ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 9 - Skill Of The Godslayer ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 10 - The Shapeless ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 11 - Into The Nest ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 12 - A Moonlit Walk ago

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A review to help the hesitant:

Originally hosted on, Grave of the Goddess is about an individual who reaches the top only to be cast down, leaving him with unfinished business. The story follows this individual on his quest to finish his job and finally rest.

The story itself is good and the MC is near singleminded in his goal to tie up loose ends.

Grammar is great, i had no trouble reading it before and I'll enjoy rereading it now.

As for the characters, I like them.

P.s. Will update eventually as i reread... Still waiting on Volume 3 of Cracked earth, btw @crystalsquirrel/crystaldemon.

  • Overall Score

glad to see this story again

This story is interesting because the main character has already won.

This is how his previous experience affects his life as he's reborn years later. To find everything has changed. This is his search thorough the ruins of his former existence.

Welcome to RR!

Im glad this story is here its funny I was just thinking of going to see if there were any new chapters and bang! This is here! Yeah!

I'm exited to see it continue. Good luck