Supervillainy and Other Poor Career Choices

by SoggyRedToast

Original ONGOING Sci-fi Cyberpunk Harem Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

When a down on his luck machine shop owner ends up coming into possession of a rundown suit of power-armor, he sees an opportunity to make some quick cash.

Unfortunately for him, the world of Capes is not one that you may enter and leave at will.

What should have been a quick sale to pay off his debts quickly grows into an ongoing series of events that serve only to drag him deeper and deeper into the criminal underbelly of the city he calls home...

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  • Overall Score

I'm pretty sure some inspiration was taken from d-list supervillain, but it veered off the tracks right away. Very good so far!

  • Overall Score

As of Chapter 14, this is easily one of the better superpowered stories on RRL. I agree that it does remind me a little of D-List Supervillain, but there are more than enough differences for it to stand on it's own. There's good action and excellent world-building. I look forward to reading more.  

  • Overall Score

Full of life and a party of plots within plots

This story is truly something else. From harem stories, this isharem done right or at least to my taste. One of the few things that destorys a harem is in its lifelessness of the harem members. And this story is the opposite to that. The characters, all of them, are overflowing with personality that it sorta is  part of why it is so entertaining and interesting. (I am not a good reviewer of stories in RRL and often times I'm a mere lurker here and there.)

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Honestly one of my favorite on here so far. I normally don't like Sci-Fi too much, or rather find it hard to get into since I prefer magic and fantasy, but this is pretty cool. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Ikhmal Hakim
  • Overall Score

Just take my star.

Well, what can i say, i love the story. The character feel fresh to me, everyone is living, mc not typical mc (idiot beta male), the side characters not always on mc side. 

I just hope maybe after this mc will become real artificer where he combined mech with human flesh, created new limb or body like half cyborg but working cyborg. I mean you cant blame me, his name is literally mechromancer. Where author get from Necromancer (get it?)

  • Overall Score

I will say that one of the things that I enjoy about it is that it actually applies all the little details when it comes to superhero worlds. It looks at how supertech might affect the world and takes a much more ground level look and approach to everything.

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I just really like this story

It's a good story so far iv even been re reading it. Now take my review with a grain of salt this caters to everything I like. 


I like anti heros, I like logical thinking, I like robots and mundane people doing good vs individuals with crazy powers. The story is solid there are spelling errors but nothing that takes away from the story. The plot is good the world well built. Yup I give the author a atta boy and say keep it up you have tallent. 

  • Overall Score
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The story of an NPC doing NPC things

I read 10 chapters before I had enough of this. Power armor with energy shields and lazer cannons that somehow manages to look like a failed steampunk project? That makes little sense.

Mob boss daughters throwing themselves at the protagonists cock like he's the only man in the world? That makes even less sense. One of them was already fawning over him when he was just some nobody running a repair shop in the first chapter.

5000$ a month 'tax' to mob boss for a little repair shop? And that's something the protagonist labels as 'cheap' for a failing business? The numbers aren't adding up very well.

Mechanic goes from fixing things and being shocked after his first kill, to mass murder in less than a month? He doesn't have a moral leg to stand on no matter how much he is still pretending that he does.

The problem that bothers me the most about this protagonist however is that he isn't really much of a character, he has no agenda or plans of his own, he allows himself to be roped into being a two bit villain's sidekick with zero resistance to the idea, I mean he gurmbles about it, but if he really wanted to he could have just taken that power armor and ran off with it before things went to shit.

It's irritating as hell, he just goes along with whatever happens without even stopping to consider whether he wants to.

He's basically just like a robot that follows whatever order comes next in the pipeline. If someone tells him to jump naked off a building, he'd probably do it. Compliant to a fault. The guy had like 5 different ways to avoid getting dragged down to the level of a two bit villain's sidekick, he never even considered them, like literally the thought of telling his shitty situation to fuck off and running was never mentioned. Even if supposedly he got into this situation because he's exactly the kind of person that would run away at the first sign of such trouble, so his background clearly tells us nothing about what kind of person he is.

The story is flawed, it's characters broken, I don't get what others are seeing in this story, in fact from my perspective, story feels like the wrong word to describe whatever the hell this is supposed to be.

Maybe script would be more fitting.

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Good Side Characters, Bad MC.

Side characters and world building are great. They women are not cardboards with boobs and have personality, you might like or hate them for it. Same for Hard light who was properly portraited in the first arc as brute and violent villain.

The main problem lies with the MC. He's really unlikeable. A engineering geek that gets intimidated by everyone and everything but building/fixing stuff. All he does during the 20 chapters I've read is to get pushed around by Hard-Light and his daughters, while complaining to himself but shitting himself of fear while doing it. His most rebelious act was planing an escape after something went wrong that I won't say because spoilers.

This passive MC is like a small boat going with the flow, and for some time we can stomach it and wait for his development, which when it comes it's worse than before. His development is becoming a true third rate villain. The type that kills innocents to keep a secret, that betrays the people that just saved him for petty gains and that we simply can't empathise with at all.

By chap 20 I started hating the MC and just wished he died and the story focused on Gravity/Olivia instead. A good villain must have likeable qualities while solving things in a more violent non-moral kind of way, but still having a proper meaning behind his actions. This one, though, is just a murderours ungrateful stupid fool that goes with the flow and has no other agenda than keeping his incompetent ass intact, while complaining like a loser and being overly imcompetent in anything he does. 

Two other small complaints are: The Mecha part of the story is too rushed and not really developed. He just builds the mecha and stomps people. The only thing we got in mecha development was a small explanation about types of shield and how lasers need coolants. Other than that the author also wasted a full chapter on some scrubs getting killed by the first antagonist but just ignored HardLight's battle altogether. Maybe it was for suspense and it'll come later, but having fillers while the cool parts are omited is not nice.

Anyways, this is a really good novel that just went in the wrong direction with it's MC. The author is very talented, with good grammar and good science knowledge. The way he explain the powers and the equipment that boosts them is great and I appreciate it. He doesn't use the hollywood tactic of adding 'quantum' to anything 'sciency' that needs an explanation. 

I just hope he reads a few posts or videos on what makes a villain great and redirect or even rewrite the path this MC has taken. A goaless psycopathic fool that gets bossed/bullied around by everyone while only trying to save his hide is not a likeable one.

  • Overall Score

adult story masquerading as sci-fi/fantasy

Story is written for the more vocal adult audience, it was interesting enough until it dropped the curtains to show what it was really about. So if the following is more your style, you might like the story.

“That's it.” She moaned. “Bite it. Make me feel it.”

He obliged, and she let out a shriek of pain, or pleasure. Likely both. They seemed to be one and the same to the woman.

“Punish me.” She groaned. “Call me a slut!”

As for me? I find this sort of thing way too much. The actual story itself is interesting: A down and out engineer/mechanic struggling as a mouse in a world of wolves, dealing with the local authorities (both legal and illegal varieties) and all the trouble entailed in trying to keep his garage running. Sort of thing I like too, but sadly for me it’s more about the super sexy ladies who caught a whiff of his MC pheromones, and how much of a secret badass the MC can be. Now I don’t mind a good power fantasy, but I’m just not into porn, and the porn is too big a part of the story for me to move on with. Especially such uh… tasteful… porn. To each their own, I guess.