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A note from F-rank Human

This is the last part of chapter 9! I wanted to have more scheming and trapping each other, but then it turned out weird, so I had to rewrite it to make it more fitting for the current situation of Lavenna and co.

I will probably explain the behind the scenes/Lavenna's POV sometime soon, maybe in the next Lavenna chapter, or maybe in an extra.

Anyway, what would you prefer for the next chapter?

One about Lavenna? Or one about Stella and Luna? I have a few fun ideas for both of them, so I'll let you pick.

There won't be any updates the next week because life, so I'll check the results when I can.

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~Hope you enjoy!

Well, that was rather fun. The capabilities of the Clutches of Sin formation are slightly more than I have anticipated, which is a pleasant surprise.

Though I’m a bit disappointed that that… what was her name again? Did I even ask that? Eh, whatever. I’m a little disappointed that the girl was so easy to control with just a few suggestions and minor techniques, you would imagine that someone who probably specialized in mind-control magic would be able to fend off against it well, but… the reality is often too disappointing. I had even spent some time preparing my sophistic arguments to get her to the dark side and corner her rational mind but a bit of rough behaviour followed by some nice flowery words were more than enough. Whatever. I can always come up with some other fun things.

Speaking of which, there was a game human children are crazy about nowadays, I happened to overhear our servants chatting about it. Hm… I think I have a very nice idea, huhuhu.


High-level god Protox was enraged. Recently, he and some fellow gods were attacked by a certain goddess that before was on their side and had very good relationships with some of them even.

Her name was Thea, the goddess of order, and to Protox she was like a niece. He cared about her a lot and she respected him too, if Protox had heard that his ‘niece’ would attack him with so much hostility before that happened, he would never believe it.

Thea took the lives of three low-level gods and heavily injured one mid-level and she didn’t intend to stop, so Protox had to put an end to the massacre with his own hands, much to his grief.

It didn’t require too much time to figure out the reason behind the incident: the culprit behind the strange and disturbing activities on the Extererr mountain and the disappearance of the low-level god Werben, Lavenna Mehliac. At first, the group of deities suspected that it was her mother, Heralfia, but after a bit of investigation, the daughter was the most likely suspect.

Protox, in his fury, used his vast influence to command a few dozens of low-level and three mid-level gods to attack the mansion Lavenna resided in. Naturally, since she didn’t even think of concealing her location or running, it meant that it was likely she had confidence in her own abilities, so in order to avoid an incident like the one with Thea, it was agreed to first test the waters with a small group of low-levels.

In conclusion, after but a day after the attack, Protox received a letter with the words “The results of the game match” written on it. It appeared in front of him right out of thin air.

Protox was surprised at first but then understood that it was probably a way for the little devil to show her strength, to say that she could get them even in Pantheon and that none can hide from her. It didn’t matter to the god what delusions of grandeur the little devil possessed, he wasn’t afraid in the slightest.

He took the letter and read it, though it took him a bit of time and some investigation to understand the contests.

“Fight #1

Team Lavenna: Player1, TheSuperWitch123 (HP: over 9000, MP over 9000);

Player 2, TheRuthlessTemerian.(HP: 100, MP 280)

Team Protox: Player 1, TheBurlyGod (HP 600, MP 999)

Player 2, GreenTree (HP 709, MP 330)

TheBurlyGod uses <Fireball>!

TheSuperWitch123 dodges, TheRuthlessTemerian blocks! It was ineffective!

TheSuperWitch uses <Intimidation>!

TheBurlyGod and the GreenTree are petrified! It was super effective!

As TheBurlyGod and GreenTree are petrified, they lose a turn!

TheSuperWitch123 uses <Super Inferno Punch>!

TheBurlyGod’s HP reaches 0! GreenTree's HP reaches 0!

The victor is Team Lavenna!


Fight #2

Team Lavenna: Player1, TheSuperWitch123 (HP: over 9000, MP over 9000);

Player 2, TheRuthlessTemerian.(HP: 100, MP 280)

Team Protox: Player 1, TheBigCockroach (HP 800, MP 960)

Player 2, ManShark (HP 405, MP 900)

TheBigCockroach uses <Appearance>

TheSuperWitch123 faints in terror! It was super effective!

TheRuthlessTemerian uses <Wake up> on TheSuperWitch123! TheSupperWitch123 wakes up! It was effective!

ManShark uses <Meteor Kick> on TheRuthlessTemerian!

TheRuthlessTemerian blocks! It was ineffective!

TheSuperWitch123 uses <Brute Strength>!

TheBigCockroach and ManShark are stunned and both lose 100 HP points each! It was somewhat effective!

TheBigCockroach and ManShark use <Profound Escape Arts>!

TheSuperWitch123 uses <Gluttony>!

TheBigCockroach and ManShark have been trapped! It was super effective!

TheSuperWitch123 uses <A Lot Of Brute Strength>!

TheBigCockroach and ManShark lose all of their HP!

The victor is Team Lavenna!

Fight # 6

The victor is team Lavenna!

Not long after the mangled bodies of the fallen gods were found in the Pantheon, which caused an uproar. The witch treated the lives of the gods not much different as she would treat toys and mocked the prestige of the Pantheon by displaying such a grotesque scene there. It earned her a lot of fear and enmity from many gods of all levels in Pantheon.

A great number of them attacked the mansion where she lived but none returned and what was surprising, the mansion didn’t suffer any damage and no mortals were alarmed by so many gods descending.

It was eerie and more and more gods began to fear the witch. They all hated her but chose to do nothing. The braver ones tried to use schemes and threats but they all ended up dead, with the mocking letters left describing their deaths.

After ten months a new letter arrived, this time the contests were different from normal.

“I’m bored. It was fun while it lasted but I guess I’ll end it soon. Anyway, it was a let down you had only six high-level gods and no stronger ones. But I guess if there were stronger ones, would pose me some trouble, so maybe it wasn’t that bad. Anyway, I’m done with all of you as I have no time for games. I left a present for you all too.”

A few minutes after the letter was unsealed by the fuming Protox, the entire Pantheon went up in flames and then everything exploded, leaving only the high-level gods alive.

The highly-concentrated Divine energy left in the place after the deaths of so many deities was quick to find its new hosts in the six high-level gods, forcing them into slumber to refine it and truly make the energy their own, making them reach higher levels of Divinity.

As they were falling into slumber they were endlessly cursing Lavenna, wishing for her to suffer.

Like this the witch’s game with divinity has come to a temporary close, both parties being too busy accumulating power.


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