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As the title suggests, this time there will be a lot of crafting.

I was planning to have Lavenna make a single artifact for like nine pages in MS Word but then I decided against it, but there's still a lot of crafting here.

~Hope you enjoy!

After all was set and done we returned to our mansion. It was an oversight on my part but at first, the servants couldn’t see me which rose a bit of a fuss at the mansion… I kind of forgot that our servants were mortals. Ooops. Well, even if mother did return home alone you didn’t have to panic all that much, right? Especially you, Elvia, Lesha, Pieri and Lana. Those girls were outright crying when they couldn’t find me… Aren’t you supposed to be professional soldiers or something? Oh, and Lana is my fourth personal maid. I still think it’s too many though.

Anyway, after I had to adjust with the enchantments again, we made up a lie of me carrying a protective talisman that erases my presence when I have it on, so that was why they couldn’t see me. I probably won’t have to release my presence in front of the servants but just in case it’s good to leave a backdoor to make myself invisible during an emergency. I wouldn’t want the people who so earnestly took care of me to turn into zombies after all.

Anyway, the next week went like normal, with me and mother living in the mansion and doing basically nothing, though now that we knew each other’s secrets it was much more enjoyable to do nothing together.

At the end of the week, mother began to quickly go and visit some people from some Temerian clans to announce my successful awakening as well as gather the materials I requested and very soon we had all the needed stuff. I asked once why she wouldn’t let me come along but she said there were some kinds of circumstances that have to do something with the traditions of the clans but it was all fine, so I didn’t pry any further.

And now, with all the things I needed in front of me, I could successfully create god-repellent tools!

I wanted to teach mother the basics of artificing because she requested it, so I called her along too.

I needed some space and we decided that mother’s study was the perfect place for doing it. It was a very spacious room with a huge library and a lot of empty space. The empty space here was apparently needed for making magic circles. I will use it to refine the artifacts though.

“Now, when speaking about artificing it’s pretty much impossible to avoid material-enchantment and alchemy and usage of runes when talking about it, so I’ll start with that. I won’t get too deep into the technical side of things, I’ll just run through the basic concepts briefly.

“There’re many materials that will have different effects when magic power is run through them. For example, this metal”, I take a small nugget that’s yellow in color but glistens with all the colors of the rainbow if put under a strong source of light, “in my previous world it was called orichalcum, by the way, will get tougher if infused with magic power.

“So, some people long ago tried to understand why that happened and why different effects occurred with different material and thus, material-enchantment was born.

“Mortals usually only know that if you run some power through this material you will get that effect, so material-enchantment is something only immortals do. Well, it requires a lot of knowledge and experience, so it’s actually something that only witches and wizards do. Well, there’s also demonic artificing with lifeforce but I myself don’t quite get how that works, though the basics are the same.

”Obviously not all the materials will have any effects when infused with magic power, only certain ones do, and if we try to understand why we’ll find out that it’s because those materials have the thing called mana-vein. Living beings also have those, but they work a bit differently. Anyway, those mana-veins, when affected will cause the density in magic power to change and that’s why such effects happen. So, there were a lot of attempts to rationalize and categorize the effects of mana-veins of different elements and maybe even create artificial mana-veins but only certain sorceries have the capabilities for that. But some attempts had a certain degree of success, for example a certain high wizard called Sarin Rgell’T proved that a single type of mana-veins has a limited range of effects that it can produce and with the increase of those types the range of effects will change depending on the compatibility of the veins and their locations.

“There was also a high witch that went by the name Martha O’Brian that proposed a method of regulating the density of the magic power in a vein that is considered to be both the most popular and easiest to understand so far, she proposed a method of using combinations of different types of magic powers to block and increase the sizes of the veins by virtue of leaving magic-power infused marks near said veins and she called those marks “runes”. It was a very hard and delicate process that was very time consuming so for a long time creation of artifacts with simple effects was something only a few people could do and very few were willing. That’s how the information on runes ended up being spread all over the place since no one put much value to it anyway.

”Such a situation continued until the high wizard R’Qoup created the basics of a system of symbols that acted basically like runes but were a lot easier to use but much more inefficient. If, for example, Martha’s way of rune-making if executed well enough would make use of around 80% of the material, R’Qoup’s way of rune-making would use only 1%. Well, it really depends on the materials and the skills of the person doing it, so don’t take it too literally.

“Though inefficient, it still was extremely valuable so of course R’Qoup wanted to keep the secret for himself but there was a leak of information and that led to a lot of chaos being spread around a few dozen worlds were destroyed and in the end, the system was made public. Nowadays, every witch and wizard uses their own take on the system and their runes are all unique. Before I met Stella I also had my own system of runes that had around three thousand runes for each type of mana-vein on average and those runes combined into clichés that are generally referred to as enchantments. Though after I met Stella and researched her abilities of a high-spirit I figured out a way to use runes on my soul which boosted my own abilities tremendously and allowed me to achieve a ridiculously high level of control over my perception and magic power, so I stopped using my old way of enchanting materials and began using Martha’s way with the help of my soul. In fact, many sorcerers have their own way of manipulating individual veins and I’m not that great at it in comparison to some of them.

“But since I can’t use my soul's abilities to the fullest now I suppose I will have to use my old ways. I also have a sample of an enchanted piece of mithril so I will show it to you now. This little guy can take in magic power from its surroundings and release it if I give it the command”

I take out the little plate I enchanted around two years ago and hand it over to mother. It probably looks chaotic to her, with many random scratches and she won’t make out much out of what she will see, but I still wanted to show it to her, just for the sake of showing off. I don’t like working with mithril as it’s not that great of a material, maybe a bit better than gold, but it’s comparably easy to find.

She takes the little scale and examines it closely. I love the fascinated look on her face right now, it was really worth making the thing back in the day.

“May I keep it?” she asks

“I don’t mind, it’s not that important anyway”

“Thank you!” She carefully puts it into a silk bag and puts the bag away into her ring. I examined the ring and it was densely packed with a lot of geometric figures and drawings of roses and birds. I have no idea how this world’s enchantments work, but they seem really easy in comparison to my previous world’s ways. Though I detected no abnormalities when examining the ring with my spirit sense. But at least those enchantments can’t make a weapon to kill gods. I hope. Or it would be a slap to my and every single witch’s and sorcerer’s faces, or the things some of them have for faces.

I will get to the bottom of it eventually, I hope.

Anyway, I have to make the toys now.

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