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Ch 2 Extra! The most boring and anticlimactic large-scale battle in the history of three planes


A note from F-rank Human

An extra for chapter 2! There wasn't much battle and I didn't get the chance to show Stella's fighting style, so I decided to write this to showcase her power and style of fighting. 

Ch-2 Extra! The most boring and anticlimactic large-scale battle in the history of the three planes!


The thunder was roaring through the dark skies that were occasionally lit up by white streaks of lightning.


The ground was shaking due to the amazing amount of soldiers marching on it.

“Soul Witch Aurora Tertitian! The blasphemer! The imperial forces offer you to surrender now and we will only give you a quick and mostly painless death!”

A cold and proud voice that was louder than the thunder and the marching army was heard. The man who said such domineering lines had no doubt that today he will become the hero of his race, no, the hero of the myriad races living in the three planes, for he, the great Fey general Albert Reigh , will take the head of the horrible monster that has been terrorizing the many worlds and realms, the accursed Blasphemer!

How could he doubt his victory? After all, he has brought a great army numbering in tens of thousands, each soldier of which is at least ranked C, each officer at least at rank A! Though in the eyes of Albert, who was considered a rare genius they weren’t much individually, the numbers turned them into a terrifying force! With such an army he could easily subdue a hundred Young Dragons, not to mention some High Witch of human origin!

Though admittedly, the way to the stronghold was pretty hard for the army, with various traps and monsters guarding the way. The whole army was tempered thoroughly, bad seeds eliminated. Even Albert himself secretly felt respect for the lowborn witch for laying out such a strong defensive line and his blood was boiling as he knew he found a worthy opponent. Though he would never admit it to himself. Anyway, ahead was waiting a hard battle as they haven’t encountered any of the witch’s subordinates yet. Surely, she saw the power of the army and decided to preserve her strength and exhaust the army’s!

Meanwhile, inside a beautiful room with walls carved out of the finest jade with countless decorations that looked extremely precious, on the huge bed in the middle of the room peacefully slept an unfairly beautiful woman with raven black hair. On her chest a little fairy with blue hair and dressed in tiny blue pyjamas was sitting. Judging by the expression on her face she was very discontent.

“Stupid idiots. Sigh. They actually think that cutting our domain from the world into a separate realm and storming it with numbers will do anything more other than annoy us! Hmph! They hardly got through our junkyard and think they’re so high and mighty!”, She mumbled.

A featureless humanoid figure in a butler uniform asked with a neutral voice:

“Your Excellency, what should we do with the intruders? If you command, we will eliminate them.”

“Haaa, no need, no need. It will be too noisy if you do it and Aurora will wake up. Give me a minute, I will deal with them.”

“As you wish, Your Excellency.”

With that, the butler bowed and left. Stella stretched, snapped her fingers and her pyjamas were replaced with her favorite outfit, the blue mage robe and a pointy hat with wide borders.

She flew up, no energy in her posture, looked back on her ‘bed’ with pitiful eyes, and, with no enthusiasm whatsoever, flew through the wall of the room.

*Thum Thum Thum*

The army was advancing steadily and walking through the narrow passage in the artificial mountains in front of the witch’s castle. Some of the people were flying above the mountains. For some reason, no scout troops could advance ahead of the army, but it didn’t matter. The roof of the giant castle was already in the view.

“This is the last warning! Come out, Blasphemer!”

“Shut up! So noisy!”

The general was rudely interrupted. A small blue light was brightly shining in front of the army.

“The betrayer!”

“You people can’t come up with good nicknames to save your lives. The Betrayer doesn’t roll of the tongue and sounds kinda… stiff?”

“That’s who you are, a betrayer of the Fey!”

The general’s face was as red as a tomato and his teeth were about to break, that’s how tightly he clenched them. It was natural as his army was faced with the greatest shame of the Fey community, Tristeran Ark Benel, also known as Stella the Betrayer! Even though she was a genuine fairy, something only around one per cent of the Fey could be proud of, the ungrateful wrench still sided with such a monster and even spread that information around at every opportunity! Even a thousand deaths would not redeem her crimes! Oh, what luck! To think that the Betrayer would be here as well!

“Haaa, I was never with that bunch of brain-dead idiots in the first place”, Stella said lazily, as if every word she said cost her money.

The general was livid! While the trained soldiers didn’t say anything, in their hearts they wished for nothing more but for the general to order them to attack that shameless stain on the history of Fey!

“You, you! You dare! Bitch, you will not see the light of day! Boys, kill that wrench!”

Albert completely lost his cool. He was incredible as a fighter, but truth be told, his ability to command soldiers on a battlefield was bad. That’s why his instructions couldn’t be considered proper at all. Thankfully, the officers and the soldiers were more fit for their roles than Albert for his. The army began the advance.

The professionalism of the soldiers was useless, as with a snap of her slender and tiny fingers, Stella froze the soldiers who rushed towards her in neat, organized rows.

“How about you go home? If you do, I won’t kill you all. I’m drowsy and I wanna go home too, so don’t waste my time, okay?”

“As if such a thing would ever happen! Come soldiers for the glory of Fey!”

“”"For the glory of Fey!””"

“Haaa, so be it.”

Albert thought that Stella was bluffing. He was sure that she was here only to buy time while the despicable witch was preparing for the assault.

Of course, the idea that the fairy in front of him was genuinely willing to spare their lives because she was drowsy never crossed his mind. Well, fairies didn’t need to sleep in the first place and Stella was a special case and her power was way outside the norm, even for her race, so it wasn’t unexpected that Albert wouldn’t believe her. But her drowsy mind didn’t bother with such little details and even if it did, killing them was a lot faster than negotiating, so their fates were set in stone.

The running army began to disappear when they got too close to Stella and for some reason, they couldn’t stop. They couldn’t even scream in terror, as the will of the blue fairy overrode every other will, including that of nature, to accommodate her desires. Before even half of them died, Stella turned around and flew back to the castle, while the army and a good chunk of the scenery popped out of existence, leaving behind a perfectly smooth crater with a spherical shape, obviously making no noise.

“Fix it” Stella mumbled, as her wings unsteadily carried her back.

“Yes, Your Excellency!” Countless invisible servant spirits quietly but vigorously answered.

Like that, the most boring and anticlimactic large-scale battle in the history of the three planes ended and Stella went to sleep for another century.


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