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Ch 2 A fairy, an evil god and an eldritch monster Pt 6


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“Oh, don’t be like that, uncle! I told you I’m sorry!”

“I said that he would get depressed, didn’t I?”

“And I knew, but I never expected him to sulk to this extent!”

In the middle of the room where every day, almost all times of the times of day the most important decisions concerning the future of the three planes were made stood three beings each of whom could easily bring a world to its end: an elegant-looking lady in a black dress with a troubled expression on her face, a sulking man, dressed in a black and white suit with a creepy atmosphere and a beautiful fairy dressed in blue. Naturally, the girl in blue is me, the lady in black is my new daughter, Luna and the sulking mess that ruins his whole “evil overlord” image with his whining is uncle Jim.

I didn’t even get a chance to explain how Luna came about and uncle began to whine. Is he even a god? Where can you find such an evil deity nowadays?

“Stop sulking! And I already apologized! Why are you even so sad anyway?”

“Stella, I’m yours and Aurora’s old friend. The sh- things we’ve been through, some people out there can’t even begin to imagine, we’re so close, you even call me ‘uncle’ but you didn’t even bother to ask at least a little advise, just a small opinion on how to name your firstborn!”

“Aurora also took no part in the naming!”

“That’s even worse! The girl literally died and you go naming your child in her absence!”

“So, I was supposed to wait to find her, which, probably, at least will take more than a year and during all this time Luna was going to be nameless? Besides, she can always give Luna a second name. She likes those a lot.”

Unable to refute me, uncle stops talking, though he still looks hurt. It’s understandable, in a way, I and Aurora are the closest thing he has to a family, and a big decision like naming a child is something everybody from the family takes a part in, right? Though I will keep Luna away from that bitch of a disciple Aurora had. And I admit, it was selfish of me to name Luna all on my own but I was very excited because of the realization that Aurora and I made a baby! A baby in a veery broad sense, yes, but a child nonetheless. Magic can do a lot of things, so a child being born between two women isn’t impossible, but a child between a human and a spirit is impossible. Especially when one of the partners can fit in the palm of the hand of other one.

“Okay, I’m alright now. I overreacted to the news, sorry. Anyway, how did you two conceive a child? And when? And while I’m at it I’m a little curious how it works between you two-”

“We didn’t “conceive” Luna technically. Luna is the one who was chasing me across the planes if you forgot-

“I’m sorry about that” Luna interjects. What a good girl.

"Not your fault. As for your questions, remember how I told you about the magic we used to reincarnate Stella?”

“Yes, but I didn’t understand much. Your explanation back then was horrible. This time it’s a lot easier to understand you now somehow though.”

Yeah, somehow I am not using my airhead persona. Maybe because of Luna?

“Okay, honestly, most of the preparations and fine details were left to Aurora, so I myself don’t quite understand how that magic worked, not that I would even if I worked with her, but the important part was that in the process a very big part of the materials making up her soul dispersed into the surroundings. Since it could easily affect the entire Multiverse if all the souls around were destroyed by the scattered parts I had to guide them away with my own spirit energy. Originally, the plan was for that soul essence to slowly fall apart over time and become a part of the River but somehow it seems that the essence and the spirit energy combined and formed a construct, probably in a way that will stop it from falling apart. That construct developed some sort of sentience, though it’s already far outside of my understanding. And then the construct detected me, whose spirit energy felt so very familiar and decided to follow me. And you know the rest.

“And, since the River is located on a plane far higher than the one we live in, the concept of time there also is a lot more troublesome, so I can’t really tell you when that happened. As for your third question, it’s really none of your business.”

“Sorry. Anyway, I think I understand how Luna came to be now. But if she could recognize your spirit energy, couldn’t she find Aurora easily too?”

“About that-”

“May I? I don’t think it’s possible. While I could recognize… Stella’s”

“Actually, can you call me ‘mother’, Luna?”

“Yes! While I could recognize… mother’s”

“Good girl!”

“Stella, stop interrupting Luna, would you?”

“So, while I could recognize mother’s energy, souls are a lot harder to detect as soul essence doesn’t leave signs as obvious as spirit energy does. And the souls from the River, as you call it, have a connection, of sorts, with the material world, so their movements are very hard to understand.”

“That was probably why running from you was a lot more efficient than actually jumping between Realms and worlds, right? Because you were unaccustomed to the ways space bends and twists here, while teleporting was simply changing locations, right?”

“Yes, though I understand it much better now that I have an anchor in this world.”

“Luna, why did you take on the appearance of your mother then?”

“I don’t know. It just happened?”

“I think it was because the seal we made was able to forcefully keep a more or less material body on that plane. It also allowed others to get there personally, though it would take a lot of work. Though when I came there, Aurora’s physical body was already showing signs of change, it began to transform into basic ideas.”

“So, in the end, we still don’t know how to find her?”

“Yes, but I chose to trust her. It will take some time for Aurora to regain her powers but I’m sure she’ll find us.”

“Alright. And what are you going to do now?”

“Visiting places, checking how our plans are going, making visits that are long overdue and introducing Luna to all our friends? Besides, I may have given her a lot of information through info but there’re still things left to show her.”

“Oh, those demons of yours are gonna go crazy! Mind if I tag along?”

“If you want.”

“By the way, what did you do to the people here, Luna?”

“… The information I know tells me it’s a bad idea to tell what I did”

“Let’s go!”

I cover everyone in blue and we leave the Realm. I encounter some resistance spells, but even the Realm itself doesn’t want us to stay here for much longer, so we smoothly leave. There’re many places to go, I wonder where to go first?

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I think I will come up with better chapter names next time. The ones I made so far are pretty bad.

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