Reincarnation Giver (Editing in Process)

Reincarnation Giver (Editing in Process)

by Dragopath

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

A unique reincarnation story where the main protagonist is the God. A story that diverts from the usual, God reincarnates human to something and the one reincarnated become the main character. A story about a God King, Nebulus and his unveiling of his mysterious past as well as the calamity that awaits the future. An age where the Gods chooses souls from worlds to reincarnate them to their governed world. For the Gods each reincarnated soul's achievements are counted as the God's achievements which in turn gives them power. As the Gods struggle towards supremacy. Only one God, the weakest known God King in the pantheon, Nebulus, refuses to join in the God's political struggle. Nebulus then promises to himself that he will never use a soul for his own advantage. One day he noticed a beautiful yet amusingly violent girl. She catches his attention in return receives his blessing which is to create a link between them and lets Nebulus use his skill unique to all of the God's but decides if to use it or not. After time has passed and a tragedy occurred, will Nebulus stay firm on his views? This story is about a God King who managed to get his hand on a skill that lets him interact with his world. Watch his adventures in his world while he interacts with different people, battle with those that go against him as it gets harder and harder to hide his powers and slowly unravel his past in the Great world of Alxia. Author's Note: Thank you all for your support be on the lookout of the special series: """"Continuous Reincarnation (Reincarnation Giver)"""" It is a series based on the current God Emperor and how he finds a link with someone named Estral in the common world and keeps reincarnating him into different worlds each volume with his memory intact. The story of CRRG can easily surpass 400+ chapters. It has a random release. A combination of different genres all in one. It includes both Sci-fi and Fantasy. For now enjoy the main series RG.

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125 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A Violent Maiden ago
Prologue 2 - Troublesome Occurence ago
Prologue 3 - Connection ago
Chapter 1 - Reunion ago
Chapter 2 - Realm of the Celestial God King ago
Chapter 3 – Magic Disruption ago
Chapter 4 – Elven Village Pilas ago
Chapter 4.5 - Under the Moonlight ago
Chapter 5 - Request ago
Chapter 6 - Information ago
Chapter 6.5 - God of the Earth and Sky ago
Chapter 7 - Wrath ago
Chapter 8 – Red Spirit ago
Chapter 9 – Corruption ago
Chapter 10 – Captive ago
Chapter 11 – Absolute Power ago
Chapter 12 – Forced Link ago
Chapter 12.5 – The Serpent ago
Chapter 13 – Forest of Spirits ago
Chapter 14 – Ritual ago
Chapter 15 – Harvest ago
Chapter 16 – Warning ago
Chapter 17 – Plan ago
Chapter 18 – Lifeless Village ago
Chapter 19 – Double Team ago
Chapter 20 – Judging a Book by it’s Cover ago
Chapter 21 – Miracle (Volume 2) ago
Chapter 22 - Parting Ways ago
Chapter 23 – Tournament ago
Chapter 24 – Rampaging Black Fenrir ago
Chapter 25 - Niilos Wasteland ago
Chapter 26 – Floating City ago
Chapter 27 – Birth of My Friend ago
Chapter 28 – The Princess’ Challenge ago
Chapter 29 – Watching Over ago
Chapter 29.5 – Worry ago
Chapter 30 – Another Year in Uire ago
Chapter 31 – Invitation ago
Chapter 32 – Darklight Ball ago
Chapter 33 – Facade ago
Chapter 34 – Dance ago
Chapter 34.5 - The Beautiful and Mysterious, Variant God King of Creation. ago
Chapter 35 - Countermeasure ago
Chapter 36 – Guardian Beast ago
Chapter 37 – Domun Cave ago
Chapter 38 – Lord of the Cave ago
Chapter 39 – Unyielding Disciple ago
Chapter 40 – Mind Protection Bracers ago
Chapter 40.5 – Sage's Fate ago
Chapter 41 – Battle to the Death ago
Chapter 42 – Support ago
Chapter 43 – Cocoon (Volume 3) ago
Chapter 44 – Enter, The Godly Teacher ago
Chapter 45 – Class 82 ago
Chapter 46 – Acceptance ago
Chapter 46.5 – Admiration ago
Chapter 47 – Aptitude ago
Chapter 48 – Intention ago
Chapter 49 – Visit ago
Chapter 50 – Hiding ago
Chapter 51 – King’s Blessing ago
Chapter 52 – Kidnap ago
Chapter 53 – Fortress ago
Chapter 54 – Massacre ago
Chapter 55 – Reign ago
Chapter 55.5 – Fated Curse ago
Chapter 56 – Berserk Mode ago
Chapter 57 – Dark Changes ago
Chapter 58 – Fake Scouting ago
Chapter 59 – Familiar ago
Chapter 60 – Lesson ago
Chapter 61 – Nox Academy ago
Chapter 62 – Invasion ago
Chapter 62.5 – Nebulus Fragment 1 (Volume 4) ago
Chapter 63– Spark of War ago
Chapter 64– Peace before War ago
Chapter 65 – War Meeting ago
Chapter 65.5 – God King of Truth ago
Chapter 66 – Acting Dark Soldier ago
Chapter 67 – Ambush ago
Chapter 68 – Alphanze Underground Caverns ago
Chapter 69 – Guardian Beast Dolis ago
Chapter 70 – Taeka King ago
Chapter 71 – Malius City ago
Chapter 72 - Charm ago
Chapter 73 - Torment ago
Chapter 74 – War God’s Rally, Hopeful Flare ago
Chapter 75 – Retaliation ago
Chapter 75.5 – Divine Seer ago
Chapter 76 – Kingdoms of Void ago
Chapter 77– 4  Void Rulers ago
Chapter 78 – Vampiric Mode ago
Chapter 79 – Copy ago
Author Draws Nebulus (Updated) ago
Chapter 80 – Observer ago
Chapter 81 – Lifted Curse ago
Chapter 82 – Uncontrollable Situation ago
Chapter 83 – Deterioration ago
Chapter 84 – Soul Resonance (Part 1) ago
Chapter 85 – Soul Resonance (Part 2) ago
Chapter 86 – Soul Resonance (Part 3) ago
Chapter 86.5 – Genbalt’s Sacrifice ago
Chapter 87 – After the War (Volume 5) ago
Chapter 88 – Tailing ago
Chapter 89 – Disciples’ Reunion ago
Chapter 90 – Sword User Tournament ago
Chapter 91 – Grand Swordmaster Keltis ago
Chapter 92 – Evolution ago
Chapter 93 – Tainted Soul ago
Chapter 93.5 – Goddess of Law and Order ago
Chapter 94 – Murix’ Scale ago
Chapter 95 – Spreading of the Fallen ago
Chapter 96 – Conscious Disaster ago
Chapter 97 – Dark Metallic Weapon ago
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Chapter 94 and 95 are out!! :-) ago
Chapter 96 is released! :-) ago
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Mr Magic

These are my thought's Enjoy.

Reincarnation Giver has become one of my favourite light novel to read on a daily basis i find my self looking forward to the next time the chapter might be released and think ' what is he going to do now' or 'how is he going fight that person'.

To be completely honest i put off reading for a long time because i thought it was going to be about a very violent girl reincarnated and i don't like reading story where the persons like 'you accidentally touch my breast so i'm just gonna shatter your balls and talk shit about being a pervert because you did that' i just have to say if i met a girl like that in real life i would not care i would just punch her so hard in the face she would come out looking like Shrek's sister i'm not a violent person but i just hate that so much i cringe when ever i see it. sorry i got to much into writing about that for a moment i forgot i was giving a review. to say what i'm thinking about is thank god it wasn't about that 

it is an original novel well from what i have seen it is original; it has a very good way of doing thing and i really enjoy reading about how Nelus put some who is extremely cocky in their place.

I felt a little disappointed  when every one find out Nelus is a god and is like 'that's cool i guess' there was no *WOW* factor everyone just go's along with it like it is an everyday thing.

other than that i didn't really have any problem with it so thank you for finishing if anyone read this because you know this is like my life *Jokes i'm not that old*.

I have to say i love the regular updates because most of the time i start getting into something it just stop on a cliff hanger and then i'm like  *WHY* and have a cry *jokes again*




 I have read the entire chapters in a day.I just cant stop reading. 
usually i dont read side stories cause most of it are boring but in this ff for me no chapters were boring
Thanks for sharing your story.Keep up the good work!


I like the story but the females characters are just kind of like, “there”, to fulfill the harem tag which is an issue.  They instantly fall in love at first sight.  Romance seems forced and lacks proper courtship.  At the moment, there just isn’t enough information or depth for me to actually care about any of them as a character.


Grammar is okay and does not deter me from enjoying the story.


Love it, truly a work of art

Truly a great piece. With a overly thick headed main, to hardly see what is going around him but the way the act upon how he needs to just take the cake.

NO matter the trouble he will finish it, kind of feel, he won't let anybody he cares for suffer, and a true person to himself, and OP at it.

Psychedelic Cavalcade

Major descriptive deficiencies.

UPDATE: I wont have time for a full review for a while but the author has fixed my major issue with the emotions being where dialogue should be, increased my rating by a star. It reads quite a bit better than it did before.


(I have read until chapter 15, past that point I cannot guarantee this review will be accurate.)

Uses *emotion* to replace any dialogue or descriptions of how a character is feeling, it gets to the point where in the story it gets legitimately distracting and frustrating to read these descriptions that could easily be put into actual sentences.

Reila: *Blush* Sir I’m sorry for before… U-uhm c-can I get your name please.

Mila: Oho! Reila… *grin* whats with that reaction?

Reila: *Embarrassed* I-I uuu…

Nelus: Its Nelus *smile*

Reila: *Blush* *fidget* I-I see nice to meet you sir Nelus.

I understand its hard to get across a mood for some writers but what the hell. These are very basic emotions you are trying to convey, could they not have been described even with a simple sentence, was there a need for you to take up dialogue space for this laziness in writing? It is one of my biggest personal pet peeves in writing when authors seemingly purposely attempt to take their readers out of the story for no reason.

Spacing is decent. Descriptions sometimes make zero sense. Basic grammar errors in more than a few places. MC reveals himself to be a deity and people are only mildly amazed while on Earth, if its on Earth and someone showed proof they were able to be described with the term “deity” I cant imagine someone not freaking out, very unbelievable. 

Overall not too bad, but the lack of useful descriptions and utter laziness when it came to certain parts of dialogue drops it down a star. The other flaws in believably, grammar, and spelling drop it down another half star.


One of my new favorites

I really enjoy this one, it has most of the things I look for.  It is fun, funny, exciting, and seems to have a well fleshed out setting.  The characters have personalities that are not too outrageous, and room for growth.  I am very much looking forward to the future of this series.


 I'm a simple man, I read a story with an OP mc and a harem. i give 5 stars


Well fuck I like it. Le me see how it will go on.


I love it its really unique atleast for me

This a really intresting FF i havent read one like it itll be fun to read and see where it goes. so far its  good i reccomend it. i also dont see any problems  with the story or writing style or any grammar mistakes that are noticeble.all in all i really enjoyed your story and hope you will continue it.

PS.only my second review so it might sound weird not sure anyways gud luck on your FF.


I like the story, and I like the idea, but the English and the characters emotions and depth are basically non-existent