Kiri to Shinkirō | Mist and Mirage

by gusdefrog

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Fate is meeting at the right time. Love is cherishing every moment and continuing to grow together.

Hikaru is secretly paying her brother's tuition, enduring conflicts with her new step parent, and there's a new sibling on the way. As if life isn't busy enough, her band is working toward publishing their first album, and then she meets him randomly on the street one day...

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Word Count (16)
Top List #100
2nd Anniversary
Royal Writathon April 2020 winner
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Hotter than the sun. ago
Sweeter than the rain. ago
A recurring sweet refrain. ago
Mirage. ago
When someday comes. ago
Do tell. ago
Just breathing. ago
Unscheduled rebellion. ago
Standing here before me. ago
So deep your kisses run. ago
Shop, Play, Practice. ago
A thousand little fingertip touches. ago
Sea turtles. ago
Dinner attempted. ago
Tearing me apart. ago
Yours and mine. ago
My hero? ago
Waiting in the rain. ago
Your fan. ago
The bitter end. ago
Concentrate. ago
I want to. ago
That night. ago
Pandas and butterflies. ago
Down a wishing well. ago
Closet space. ago
Time only rushes faster. ago
Turtles for life. ago
Mother. ago
Final Countdown ago
Blazing Mirage. ago
Kitten in the rain. ago
Reluctance. ago
Amusement. ago
Parting so soon. ago
Mother in law. ago
Cold night. ago
Pirates of Mirage. ago
Deal. ago
Taking sides. ago
Permission and acceptance. ago
Rainy nights. ago
This grade is final. ago
Colder than the sun. ago
Recorded Dead ago
Unreachable. ago
Counting the days. ago
Surprise baby. ago
Going on. ago
Video dreams. ago
Familiar strangers. ago
Mirage's light and shadow. ago
To grandmother's house. ago
Let gravity do the work. ago
Sputtering firework. ago
Everything changed when nothing changed. ago
Famous last words. ago
Mermaid scales. ago
Star crossed. ago
High notes. ago
Heart stopped. ago
Promise forgotten. ago
Night Dreams. ago
Under the dolphins. ago
Fantasy interrupted. ago
Cakes and mirrors. ago
Closets and illusions. ago
Akira's shadow. ago
Endings and beginnings. ago
Diamond butterfly. ago
Songs ago
The Ebook ago

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Silent Rain

Heartwarming and Happy <3

An absolutely wonderful work of art. It’s all I could ever want in a romance novel. It has the right amount of good and bad. 

What I really enjoy is that a lot of the situations are realistic. This novel is easy to relate to for me from my own personal experiences, but it doesn’t dry out. 

The flow is smooth and the reactions from characters are realistic. Some people may disagree with me when they read about Izumi and his actions, but honestly. I’ve met people like him and I’ve lived through worse experiences personally. 

It reminds me of how me and my fiancé fell in love, except this was perhaps a whole lot sweeter haha. 

To sum it all up. It’s fantastic. Give it a read.


You write it, I'll read it. 

This is a very heart warming slife of life with good character growth. 

The mcs husband is a tad unrealistic but that's what stories are for. 

Grammar and punctuation are solid.

Give it a read.