Stupid Cat

by Escribo

Six months ago Ichi was abducted and sent to live with his Grandpa in a small rural village in Japan. He isn't allowed to have a smartphone or computer, so he spends his free time watching VHS tapes and reading old books.

Everyday he goes to school, where him and five girls are the students with no teacher and no homework. One girl, Renya, started walking with him to school everyday. She says she loves him, but Ichi feels for sure she's lying to him.

His escape is heading into the forest. One day, he goes too deep and meets a talking bear who calls him a "Tanuki". Ichi saves a cat from the bear. Ichi's ascent to gaining strength to change the world began there.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1-The Forest, The Mountain Lord, and the Stupid Cat. ago
2- The Mountain Lord ago
3- Tanuki Meets Miko ago
4- Single ago
5- Friendly Mountains ago
6- Girl Tomorrow ago
7- Date ago
8- Sex and Violence pt. 1 ago
9- Sex and Violence pt. 2 ago
10- Last Boss pt. 1 ago
11- Last Boss pt. 2 ago
12- Last Boss pt. 3 ago
13- Moonlit Concerns ago
14- Homestay ago
15- Golden Eyes and Burning Brain ago
16- Shadow Society ago
17- Slime Door ago
18- Stick of Balance ago
19- Bow ago
20- Mountains ago
21- The Mist Girl, The Homunculus Girl, and the Stupid Cat ago
22- The Mist Girl, The Homunculus Girl, and the Stupid Cat pt. 2 ago
23- The Mist Girl, The Homunculus Girl, and the Stupid Cat pt. 3 ago
24- Ichi's Imagination and the Methods of Irrationality ago
25- The Witch's Mansion ago
26- Fox ago
27- No Plan ago
28- The Worst ago
29- Friend of a Friend's Dad is a Financial Angel ago
30- Groping Myon's Chest ago
31- Microwaving ago
32- Three Second Escape ago
33- Moonlit Confession pt. 1 ago
34- Moonlit Confession pt. 2 ago
35- Moonlit Confession pt. 3 ago
36- Moonlit Confession pt. 4 ago
37- Moonlit Confession pt. 5 ago
38- Moonlit Confession pt. 6 ago
39- Moonlit Confession pt. 7 ago
40- Moonlit Confession pt. 8 ago
41- Moonlit Confession pt. 9 ago
42- Moonlit Confession pt. 10 ago
43- Vs Worst pt. 1 ago
44- Vs Worst pt. 2 ago
45- Vs Worst pt. 3 ago
46- Vs Worst pt. 4 ago
47- Vs Worst pt. 5 ago
48- Vs Worst pt. 6 ago
49- Vs Worst pt. 7 ago
50- Vs Worst pt. 8 ago
51- Vs Worst pt. 9 ago
52- Vs Worst pt. 10 ago
53- Vs Worst pt. 11 ago
54- Vs Worst pt. 12 ago
55- Vs Worst pt. 13 ago
56- Vs Worst pt. 14 ago
57- Vs Worst pt. 15 ago
58- Vs Worst pt. 16 ago
59- Vs Worst pt. 17 ago
60- Vs Worst pt. 18 ago
61- Ichi loses to Tama's chest. How pitiful! ago
62- Vacation ago
63- Worrying Rikya ago
64- Flight from the Breasts of Time Distortion ago
65- Maid Knight Renya ago
66- Grabbing the Turkey ago
67- Cat's Out ago
68-Of The Bag ago
69-Short Dark Teatime of the Soul ago
70-Normal Journey To Adulthood. ago
71-Isn't it a Giant Robot? ago
72- Isn't it a giant robot? pt. 2 ago
73- I'm still driving ago
74-Eternal ago
75- 'As a druid'? ago
76-Intent ago
77-Unhealthy ago
78-Syon's Journal ago
79-Not-Last Boss pt. 1 ago
80-Not-Last Boss pt. 2 ago
81-Not-Last Boss pt. 3 ago
82-Oni's Curse ago
83-Head Maid Fubuki ago
84-Maid of Solitude, Wavr ago
85-Fubuki's Duty ago
86-Discussion ago
87-Fubuki's Smile ago
88-If you say things like that no one will understand you, you know? ago
89-Avalon ago
90-Hopefully ago
91-The Bakeneko Scourge ago
92-Bakeneko Lord ago
93-Stupid Cat(s) ago
94-A Big Blue Bulb Swimming with Stupid Cats ago
95-Danberu ago
96-"let the little girls act as slaves like any sensible person would." ago
97-"Let me be stupid, or I'll become even stupider!" ago
98-Fast Loss ago
99-"This is dumb." ago
100-baka baka ago
101-The Massacre Begins ago
102-An Unexpected Invitation ago
103-Hormesis ago
104- Bugged ago
105- The Cat in the Cage ago
106-Was Not Thinking ago
107-Master's Impromptu Nap ago
108- Stupid fairy maid ago
109- Danberu's Fears ago
110-Renya's Oath ago
111- Fubuki's Discipline ago
112- Fubuki's Pride, Fubuki's Misunderstanding ago
113- Math is Hard ago
114- Responsibility ago
115- Dead ago
116-Healing Via Transformation Is Really Useful- When You Don't Forget It Exists ago
117- And Then ago
118-Danberu's Soliloquys ago
119- Ichi's Intent ago
120- Just raining is all ago
121-Gja-what? ago
123-breast thing ago
123-s e x ago
124-New Lord of Avalon ago
~The End~ ago

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Apart from me not liking the story, there are only a few points that I'd note in a review. I quit at chapter 4 and did not read all of it.

After the author fixed some things I pointed out it is fine.

Story itself looks fine, just not my thing.

e g Jameson

I tried. I really tried.

12 chapters was as much as I could handle. It's like a schizophrenic watched the Monogatari series and wanted to do a fan fic. It's like he describing an anime and doesn't realize there whole swathes of context missing. Is the main character a tanuki? Does he know it? If not, why does he accept so many strange things without blinking an eye? Why is he insistent on keeping the cat possessing him? WWhodoes he have to the death against the girl the want to force the possession upon? Who the duck is the Council of Seers? These questions and many more are never even hinted at getting answered.

When I say it sounds like a schizophrenic talking, I speak from experience. I had a friend I hadn't seen in years and he had gone schizoid. When we met he tried to tell me his comic book idea. This is what it was like reading this story. It's like you know the author thinks he's telling you everything and that it makes perfect sense, but he's not, and it doesn't.

The Vale

Nonsensical. Might work in a different medium

 It's basically on the verge of being incoherent over the first few chapters. Lacks structure, and fails to establish a context and framing for what is happening over the first few chapters. I sped through to about chapter 5 and got the feeling that I was reading a story written by or for a very young child - it holds some similarity in style to a child's picture book.

Honestly, dropped after chapter 1 but read through the extra chapters to get some more information for review.