Westward Soul: Duskwood Online

by ScottM

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Historical LitRPG Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Supernatural Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Samuel has had a weird day. He found out he's dead and he's been transferred to a world based on the Wild West. Now one of the thousands of, technically dead, people populate the game world of Duskwood Online, but only some are aware that they are in a game.

All he has to do is adjust to his new life. He has to figure out who are the real players and who are part of the Active Cast, like him.

That is until he finds out a special contest open to all of the Active Cast.

Complete an impossible quest and earn a new body, constructed to specifications. It won't come cheap. Targets range from creatures of myth and folklore to legendary characters from history. The quest spanning the known world is the easy part. Samuel has to put his chips All-In. 

One life, no respawns. Death means he fades away into the background cast, no longer aware he's just an NPC in a game.

Saddle up for a LitRPG adventure that runs from High Noon to Full Moon.


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