Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Fantasy Historical Romance Female Lead Magic Martial Arts Reincarnation Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

She was betrayed but instead of retaliating she gave up and drove to her death. But she was pulled by a force and was sent to an unknown land.

When she first opened her eyes in this unknown world, she was surrounded by 8 people in white ancient Chinese clothing.

"Reincarnation?", she thought. "But why are these people looking at me like this?"

She was brought to a dungeon, tortured by weapons and by magic... Finally, she is sentenced to death in front of thousands of people. Apparently, her arrival in this world caused the release of a Demon Lord that was sealed 5 years ago.

"So unlucky even on my second life." She smiled mockingly to herself then her eyes dimed... She lost all hope...

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Ah yes, let's give our heroine a tragic backstory and have her raped and tortured, and let's write all that with the care and subtlety of a raging bull in a chinashop.