What I would do if I was in another world with my memory still intact!!! Let's become a pround knight!

by Gunda Frikks

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Child:" Grandpa, How did you become so powerful?"

One child and one eldery man sat on a tatami! The child asked some questions to the elder man as stars illuminated his eyes! He was pretty cute with his baby fat rounded face.

Elder:" I will answer this question once you will have proven yourself worthy of shouldering our burden my dear grandson *gently smiles* . Now come here and give a hug to your granda little rascal *open wide his arms*"


Elder ( ahhhhhhhhh * whine in an unmanly manner* my grandson IS SO CUTEEEEE!!!! CUTENESS FOR THE WIN ^^...... But i won't go easy on him for that, in fact i need to triple the training routine that i had in mind for him. I hope he won't break eheheh)

 ps; i am trying to write an action comedy fiction but don't hesitate to give me ideas in the comments. The chapters will be short at first... and sorry in advance folks!

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The author is troupe and the story is kinda weird...