Magic Barbarian



Chap 12: Zogg brawls in a Tavern


Zogg entered the inn, the frames of the door decorated with a sculpture of a horse etched into the frames, narrowly missing a drunk patron thrown out by the tavern's barkeep, Zogg immediately liked the place already,

"good ambiance!" stepping over the knocked-out drunk. Zogg entered then place and saw all sorts of adventurers drinking and making merry, from mystic sorcerers to comely healers to muscled swordsmen, it was buzzing with activity as they all were there to join the annual Alwyn fighting tournament, Zogg approached the barkeep and then asked about the details of the contest, the barkeep a sultry woman busy passing drinks to the patrons then noticed the barbarian and then spoke

"here to join the contest I suppose? well I wouldn't wonder, the contest attracts the strongest in the land"

Zorm immedietely liked hearing these words,

"when Zorm sign up!?!" giddy like an excited child,

then someone stopped Zogg holding his shoulder, Zogg could feel a vice-like grip clamp onto his shoulder turning to his back he saw a burly man with a large sword strapped to his back, Zogg then turned to see this man and sized him up, he was almost as tall as him but was just as
muscled, and had some fairly expensive adventurer armor on him, indicating that he must be a skilled fighter, Zogg then uncharacteristically was chatty and asked the man,

"who grips Zogg's shoulder like a gorilla?"

the man only chuckled and then explained,

"now see here big man, this tournament attracts the strongest adventurers in the land, glory and riches are rewarded to the winners of this contest

of which I will win"

Zogg then drew this hand to his chin and asked him

"and who are you then boasty man"

the man then put his hands to his hips and the announced

"who am I?!" surprised that Zogg did not recognize him

"why I just happen to be one of the winners of the grand tournament of the kingdom of tournaments! they call me Wurlow!! along with my party we steamrolled our competitors to win and become the grand champions" Zogg was unimpressed. but Wurlow continued

"but enough about my exploits real warriors talk with their swords....or axes pointing to Zogg's weapon,

Zogg then drew his weapon ready for a brawl, Wurlow sucker-punched him of which he was able to dodge hitting another bystanding swordsman who knocked his head into another drinking man, who spilled his ale onto his armor, upset the drinking man then punched the man who knocked him
and then a domino effect happened as the entire tavern erupting in a brawl, mages flinging spells and swordsman clashing swords much to the barkeep's horror, Wurlow and Zogg then traded weapon blows on top of a table while chaos ensued, Zogg finding out that Wurlow was not
actually just all talk, his skills with the sword were formidable as he parried and counterattacked Zorm's every move, Wurlow on his part was impressed with Zorms skill even almost being overwhelmed, the entire tavern was alight with spells and thrown chairs but at the center at it all
were the two combatants Wurlow and Zogg, Wurlow twisting his sword to change the direction the sword will swing, Zogg blocking with his axe then twisting it to brush the sword away, it was a melee of sword swings and axe slashes, but neither one of the combatants could land a hit, finally with a swing thrown too soon goaded by Zogg, Wurlow was caught in a vulnerable position as Zogg raised his weapon and hit the handle of the axe on Wurlow's jaw staggering the swordsman a few paces, Zogg then formed his stance placing his feet wide apart,

better to enable him to strike with more power and accuracy, Wurlow did not take the blow very well and charged Zogg which what Zorm was expecting, then howling into the air Zorm
cast a fireball spell which surprised Wurlow who did not expect a barbarian to fling spells.

"magic!? that's not possible!"

Zorm then released the spell. flinging it at Wurlow. the spell was then swatted away by the swordsman but not before coming into contact with his sword and singeing Wurlow's hair and eyebrows a bit, then Zogg cast a lightning spell and cast it on Wurlow shocking the warrior and a nearby swordsman and mage, but even with this and the swordsman and mage dropping to the floor Wurlow did not drop but instead went straight at the barbarian. Zogg then howled some more and enchanted his axe with the lightning element and went straight at Wurlow once more the two warriors locking weapons, each time Wurlow would hit Zogg's axe with his blade he would get a jolt, forcing him to retreat a few paces but to his horror he would still get jolted by the lightning element enchanted axe Zogg held, Wurlow then charged onto Zogg holding his sword poised for a downward strike not minding the electric jolts whittling away at his stamina, Zogg then also charged as sparks kept tingling out of his axe, Zogg swung his axe downward Wurlow dodging it by inches, then howling a mighty bellow Zogg swung downward hitting the floor with his spell-enchanted axe unleashing the electricity stored in his weapon the discharge formed a circle of zig-zagging electricity, and swept the floor around Zogg knocking some of the fighting adventurers and hitting Wurlow the electricity arcing around Wurlow,

but the damage did not fell the warrior as he kept himself up despite the
damage he took, Zogg was impressed and then formed stance once more to attack, Wurlow smiled and swung his sword in form around him preparing to also meet his foe, then a flash of a skirt went was seen in the middle of the charging Zogg and Wurlow and in an instant the barkeep then came between them and angrily cried out, making everyone fighting in the large hall stop immediately

"Stop destroying my property you buffoons!!!" the temporary peace then was broken as one of the patrons broke a jug of ale on his opponent and the ensuing chaos continued once more.the barkeep, ignored and sighing went berserk and jumped into the fray. now the momentum of the battle changed as the barkeep knocked out the patrons one by one with her fists, slamming men to the ground and throwing bodies to the floor.

One by one each of the taverns patrons along with Wurlow and Zogg were thrown and kicked out by the barkeep lady who turned out to be a past tournament champion. Aluma that was her name, feared for her martial prowess and renowned for her beauty. all the patrons and including
Wurlow and Zogg were lying on the ground all spread out like dried jerky.


Zogg got up and brushed himself off and Wurlow did the same along with all the patrons in the tavern, all even the mages and swordsmen stood up all gawking at Aluma who still cross-armed looked at them with eyes like pointed daggers,

Wurlow and Zogg then looked at each other then laughed at the state of the situation and then offered apologies to Aluma for breaking her establishment

Aluma then placated said

"all your uncollected tabs will go to fixing my tavern, and that includes all of you lot!"

a series of grunts and protests were heard from the thrown crowd but all agreed reluctantly, lest risk incurring the barkeep's wrath and getting banned from the tavern indefinitely,

Wurlow then patting Zogg on the back

"you fight well barbarian!, it looks like the strength and skill of the barbarians are not just all hearsay and stories!"

Zogg then returned the gesture

"Thokk would be pleased with your skills, swordsman!"

after all the pleasantries were done, Zogg sat down with Wurlow, pouring ale into his mouth and recounting his adventures with Githiom and Papaya

Wurlow took his turn and told of his adventures with Danas the comely mage and the owner of the swords of light and darkness in the kingdom of the colosseum, of how they won and ultimately passed into legend as the mythical three,

Wurlow then listened intently when Zogg explained his Quest find the Kingdom found among the stars and then passed on an interesting piece of knowledge

"hmmmm....during my travels I did come across some travelers speaking of stories about a land found in the sky but it is common knowledge

there are flying mountains to be seen locally, remote but they do exist, I did not pay much attention to it but I did hear that the story goes that there was a lost adventurer who found himself lifted from the ground and seeing the sky up close and even touching the clouds,

Zogg then received the registration scroll brought up by the tournament scribe and signed it with a pen, rather clumsily, Wurlow then had an idea

"say Barbarian, how about teaming up for the contest? it needs five people to participate and I already have another member on board"

Zogg considered this and then having seen Wurlow's strength then asked"

Who is the other member?"

Wurlow then answered

"sadly though the one owning a powerful pair of swords is far away from here on another land, but the second member is none other than one of the winners of the contest, Daneas the mage,

the scene then focuses on a comely lady posing in front of the two,

"yes it is I Daneas!" the mage then shifted to another pose, and then sat her buttocks on the table where Zogg and Wurlow were

"Daneas is a very powerful mage, she and I won the tournament with another swordsman" said Wurlow

Zogg smiled and then said

"then we're complete I have two other companions to join us on this contest,

Githiom the Paladin an Illumian and Papaya the Amazon"

Daneas then added

"Oh! an Amazon? I've only heard them in stories. and an Illumian? we've fought them in the Kingdom of the tournament"

Wurlow then bid the scribe to come and with his own initiative signed all of them in as one party.
the burly swordsman then continued on with his story about the flying mountain as Zogg continued listening and Daneas still sitting on their table and listening

"to what I've heard, that adventurer described being abducted by a flying disk and then whisked away while he was on that said ship he was

able to see and touch the clouds, and having quite the journey across the sky, he was able to walk on the land among the stars, but I couldn't tell if it was true or merely a story made up by drunks to pass the time.

Zogg's curiosity was piqued

"where and how did that man get taken?"

Wurlow then chose to withhold the information and then said

"I'll tell you when we win this contest"

Zogg then stomped his mug on the table, slightly surprising Daneas who put her hands in front of her

"tell me now Wurlow or I'll force it out of you!"

just then Aluma shot him a look and Zogg then reluctantly had to capitulate Wurlow placating Zogg merely said

"I know the place where this man whom we are referring to was taken, don't you want to know where or how he was able to go back?"

Zogg then lowered his axe and then said

"If we win this contest you will go with us to this location you speak?"

Wurlow eagerly then answered him

"of course! now drinks to everyone!"

just then a man in bright armor came into the tavern and immediately made everyone notice his presence, it was not hard, his armor and weapons made him instantly definable as an Illumian, Zogg called out to him and beckoned him to sit with Wurlow and Daneas

Githiom obliged took his seat and introduced himself to Wurlow and Daneas, Daneas mentioning that they had fought with Illumians before in the tournament and how they had almost been beaten by them. Gitiom then said "they must be strong then", but did not tell the two adventurers that they actually had fought youngling students from the knight school at Illumia and that they were doing an assignment which was to go and participate in a contest to test their skills against powerful foes,

Githiom then after introductions were given then told of his foray into the markets for information to Zogg while Wurlow and Daenas listened,

Wurlow then said to Githiom, that merchant may be selling you rubbish Illumian, they have been known to scam people around these parts

Githiom then considered this but the chance may be too great that what the merchant may be telling could be the truth,

Zogg confidently then said to Githiom

"no worries Githiom, I will take care of that what we need is win the contest"

this delighted Wurlow who took his turn now in the conversation

Wurlow then explained his plan to Githiom and Zogg

"this is what we'll do.

step 1 go to the contest...

step 2 win the contest...

step 3 get the prize and everyone is happy...

Githiom and Zogg paused for a while and then clapped their hands in sarcasm

while Wurlow basked in the glory of his plan



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