Magic Barbarian



Chap 11: Githiom goes Shopping


"Good day sir.," said Githiom

the merchant then recognizes the paladin as Illumian and then straightened out his clothes, not expecting such an illustrious figure visit his shop

"as to you too," said the merchant, "Popol the weapons and magical trinkets seller at your service, now don't be shy take a look at my goods Illumian

you'll find all the things you'll need for whatever quest you may plan to take, I have a special on heal potions, buy three take 1 free only for today!"

Githiom actually considered the offer but snapped back to his objective and asked Popol,

"Quite tempting sir, but I there's another purpose that I'm after, as a man of commerce, you always encounter all sorts of adventurers passing by right?"

Popol proudly said, "that is correct sir!"

Githiom then went to the point and asked the merchant,

"have you ever heard of any land or kingdom called the kingdom among the stars?"

Popol, thought for a while and tried to recall which took several minutes

"hmmmmmmmm....a country located among the stars....." he thought some more about such a ludicrous question

"ah yes!, there was once I heard among the merchants about a legend told long was just an old tale are you interested in hearing it?"

"of course!" Githiom's face lit up

Popol then stretched out his hand and opened his palm,

"two silvers for a precious piece of information..."

Githiom's face then sunk and then said

"two silver coins?! I could buy half the items in your shop with that amount!"

Popol then slyly but politely smiled.

Well it seems you are eager to know and you must know good sir that I'm running a business,
I do need funds to run my shop" Popol then stretched out his hand and asked "two silver coins for precious information and I can guarantee you

Illumian that you will like what you hear"


Githiom then looked over his money pouch and stared into the contents, he had 15 coppers and 4 bronzes, enough to buy lodgings for several days at a local inn or buy a sword, but not enough to pay for the information that the merchant had offered him.

Githiom walked out of the shop and pondered his next action, then remembered the contest that Zorm was to register them,

"perhaps the reward money will be enough, then remembering that the prize money last year was actually a gold coin and an exceptional

weapon Githiom then made a line for the inn called the "White Pony" to rejoin Zorm.


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