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Chap 9: Adventure in Alwen


YX continued with its trajectory while the party riding it was now discussing what to do next still jittery from narrowly escaping a giant flying firebreathing lizard, Githiom then from his bag produced a map of the continent where they were at and pointed to the direction of Alwen, Alwen was known far over as a bustling country full of sights to see and people that were straightforward and industrious

a fact that could be seen from its bustling ports and markets and its towering spires and wind-kissed plains were also worth seeing, Zogg and Papaya had never seen such an idyllic place before, but Githiom had been there and described his experience to the two while YX was still hovering and
carrying them.

"Alwyn is a country full of wondrous sights, I've been there and I'm sure you'll be enthralled to see the also had an academy of magic and swordsmanship that's renowned all over for producing one of the most famous heroes, Zogg and Papaya were excited, Zogg's curiosity was stoked for he was always eager to learn new magic spells to cast and gripped his axe giddily,Papaya was interested in learning from those so-called fighting professors that Githiom had been describing, wanting to know how skille they really were.

Githiom also had an interest in the academy to ask around if any of the professos had ever heard of the land of the outerspace kingdom, noon soon broke in and seeing that they were now far away from the dragon, the three camped in for the night, Papaya then made a fire as Zogg and Githiom went out to forage for food successfully capturing a pair of rabbits and some wild potatoes for roasting over the fire, setting all the ingredients Githiom then skinned and cooked the rabbits and seasoned them in a pot, displaying quite the skill in cooking food as Zogg and Papaya had found out all three sat around the fire as YX quietly was on standby mode.


Githiom then displayed the cooked rabbits to the eagerly awaiting two and carved up the food for their hungry mouths, Papaya asked the Paladin about his skill in cooking the food.

"where did you learn to cook good food?"

Githiom then answered

"when you travel a lot like me, you learn to make use of the skillet to feed yourself"

Zogg then hungrily grabbed more of the rabbit meat and helped himself to the delectable feast, while Papaya took the rabbit's leg and eagerly ate the juicy meat. This sight filled Githiom with satisfaction as he took a bite himself and chewed on with fervor. He then mentioned to them something he heard of while traveling across Alwyn.

"Aside from the academy, I've heard of a contest of skill in the fighting arts to take place in Alwyn, perhaps you two would be interested in taking part of it?. There will be a lot of skilled and strong competitors there for you Zogg

"Zogg's face then lit up as he was chewing his meat, raising his axe high in the air he then went on with a monologue

"Zogg will be there! at last, strong opponents to battle, Thokk will be pleased!"

Githiom then turned to Papaya who was also excited

"Papaya will take part! more skulls to bash!"

Githiom could only grin.

 Morning then broke as the three unceremoniously woke, packed up and then rode on YX once more to the kingdom of Alwyn, to recount there was a lot for them to do, as they were walking towards the kingdom's gates the three discussed their plans

Githiom then huddled Zogg and Papaya together as they discussed their plans

"right. so now that we've arrived we must plan ahead to do what we have to do.

since I'm from Illumia the locals will likely trust me more out of the three of us and I wi..."

Zogg then stopped him right as he was speaking and added

"what is wrong with me asking them?"

Githiom then paused a little and said

"well...I don't think they will shine up to a hulking six-foot tall barbarian Zogg...."

Zogg then said


Papaya then interrupted and pointed to herself

"what about me?"


Githiom thought to himself for a while and was actually agreeing,

"hmmm yes, I think a woman would get more information more readily...."

Papaya smiled, Githiom then outlined their plan of action, there will be a tourney taking place here in Alwyn and we're taking part in it, but before that we will be checking out the country for any information regarding to where this Outerspacia is, Zogg will go and register us for the tourney, the signing place is at an inn called the white pony, you'll find plenty of warriors and wizards there Zogg, so try not to bash them all at once,

Zogg merely grunted and smiled.

Papaya will go to the academy and see what you can find out about anything that will help our quest, Papaya nodded , the mech should stay out of sight for a while so we should deposit it on the outskirts of the forest near the kingdom's walls, "I'm going to the markets to find supplies and gather information for us, so all three of us will have to split up, Zogg and Papaya nodded to this and then after additional deliberation each of them went their own way, each would be going on their own separate adventures as the story goes on.

Papaya stepped into the large courtyard seeing the students pass by, catching looks from the male students as she strode into the renowned school, the Amazon herself was quite the beauty unsurprisingly as the male students were enamored of her, "is she a new student I hope? they said amongst themselves, Papaya was merely content to walk forward as she approached the academy's hallway, her purpose there was to gather information but Githiom never mentioned at what she was supposed to do there as she was only given a task, so she took the time to look around the school, one woman professor approached her mistaking her for a new student and asking her, "are you lost miss? the registrar for new students is over the hallway to the right" Papaya looked around and saw the woman professor up close, she was a beautiful bespectacled woman with a large mage hat and had a stern look to her nevertheless she was very pretty and seemed to sincerely want to help her,

"I've never received a student like you before, though this school has received students of all kinds all over this is the first time I've seen your outfit....where do you hail from miss? the woman professor pushed her spectacles inward and smiled slightly, but had a hint of confidence in her gaze



Papaya straightened herself out and proudly proclaimed, from Ixiltah, referring to her jungle home, the woman professor then was impressed

"oh! an Amazon? oh my! this is the first time I've ever met one...I've only seen your kind in the books, this is quite unprecedented, please...allow me, Mivera, instructor of the arcane arts to welcome you to the Alwen Academy of Adventurers, Papaya then took the opportunity to ask her about any information about her quest, she was about to ask her when she was pulled by Mivera towards one of the classrooms in the hallway, the bespectacled Mivera took the time to introduce in lengthy fashion the facilities the academy possesses,

It would look like Papaya would not be allowed to ask her anytime soon so she merely let Mivera describe the school to her she then pulled her to one of the classrooms where a lecture

of magic was taking place, the students especially the male students and even some of the females took notice of the Amazon, Professor wiltoh allow

us to observe you for a while, so carry on with your lecture.



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