Magic Barbarian



Chap 6: Casual Conversation


Papaya, Zogg, Githiom and Yx all now went on their journey to send the orb of great intention back to the fabled "kingdom among the stars" but first they had to find where it is in the first place, Githiom's kingdom Illumia might offer the answers they seek, thus their quest begins.

a sinister aura permeated the large dark hall where a lone large and imposing figure sits on a throne of metal.
"Olzen! where is the assault mech that was sent to retrieve my orb!" said the large brooding man
the old gnarled minister was reluctant to give the news but was forced to anyway lest he be subject to the wrath of the large sitting man,

"my liege...I am sorr...sorry to report but unit YX-1293 has been taken offline... its whereabouts are currently unknown.

the sitting man in the darkness then stood and then said, "tell me, wretch! tell me as to how one of out most powerful mechs had disappeared, and without my orb!"

the old man winced and capitulated his pose,

"My liege, the last signals of YX-1293 were that of an encounter of a human from down below"

the large man then strode forward and imposed his piercing gaze towards the minister.

"and what are you trying to tell me? that a single man had beaten and assault encounter mech?!"

olzen then stood there unable to speak as the large man turned back to his chair eliciting a sigh of relief from the minister,

"send more retrieval units and find that man!, search every corner of the world if you have to for my prize! "

"I the great Yordac will have that orb, even if I have to tear down all the kingdoms to find where it is hidden...."

while the party was walking Papaya had eyed the orb that Zogg was hiding in his pouch, looking intently at it as he pushed it deeper into his pouch, Papaya then spoke

"Tell me muscled did orb find itself into your hands of all people" Zogg spoke and answered

"it landed and blew up Zogg's house...."

Githiom then looked at Zogg and said while snickering

"Did it now...well at least you are lucky it didn't land on your head...."

Papaya elicited a light chuckle as well as Zogg's pride was slightly bruised

"Pretty lady from within orb asked me to return this, which Zogg will do so Zogg can find strong opponents.

Zogg already had found you two and is convinced that he will be able to fight gloriously."

Githiom then "Yes,Thokk was it? your god? the god of battles..."

Zogg then thumped his chest in reference to this,

"Thokk my god will be pleased with the battles I will show him!"

Papaya then spoke and asked "where does this Thokk you speak of live?




Zogg then spoke to her describing his god,

"Thokk is the god and master of battles, he is found in the highest peak of the land of barbarians constantly watching us

those he deems worthy are blessed with the strength to do incredible feats of skill"

Githiom then speaks about his deity "this thokk can't be as benevolent as the Goddess luminaria" Zogg looks at him and

then asks

"who is this Luminaria?

Githiom then answers "Luminaria is the Goddess of light, her power is the power to heal and bless us with her radiance, all Illumians revere her for hernurturing care and benevolence."
Papaya then spoke of her goddess both of your deities are nothing compared to Meeza the goddess of the amazons, she was the first amazon and her bravery was the fabric of legends,
as they were walking and comparing their respective gods and goddesses, the party then came across a lake by the side of the path they were walking on, as they looked further inwards they see a large lump of what seems to be a mass of grass and moss, only it was clutching a large club
by its side.

Githiom then readied his sword,

"It's a water troll! to arms!, it is very aggressive and dangerous!"

Zogg and Papaya then excitedly drew their weapons, ready for another battle,

YX the mech then changed into battle mode and went straight for the troll, blasting it with shots fired from its blasters, the shots pierced through the troll dropping it instantly, but as the party went closer the troll stood up more angrier than ever. Zogg then spoke

"How did Troll get up so quick?"

Githiom answered back It's a troll! it can regenerate it's wounds, we're going to have a hard time felling it now that it's enraged" Zogg then sprang into action throwing his boomeraxe then chanting an earth spell to deal with the monstrosity the axe spun fast and buried itself into the troll's skin yet the troll did not even feel it's bite,

Zogg then finished his spell and unleashed it upon the monser, a large wave of earth spiked shot out of the ground impaling the troll yet it merely broke all the spikes that stabbed it and then regenerated its wounds, Papaya then nocked her arrows from her bow and shot true hitting the troll, but it merely broke all the arrows and went forward once more towards them, Githiom now was in front of it and raised his shield as the troll bludgeoned him hitting his shield

Githiom was unharmed as his shield and armor had protected him from the blow, Papaya then rushed in and with her spear stabbed the troll from behind as the troll winced in pain and then turned to her to smash her with its club, Githiom then assisted Papaya by blocking the blow from the troll once more with his shield, then letting the troll feel the bite of his sword, Githiom then cried out to Zogg, keep the spells coming Zogg!, it's weak against magic!

YX then went in and wrestled with the troll as the three warriors regrouped.

Githiom then cried out to to Zogg,

"Keep casting spells! trolls are weak to magic if it keeps getting hit!"

which Zogg did as he concentrated more on his spellcasting




Zogg focused his chanting and paused for a while, while Githiom and Papaya kept the troll busy,

Papaya took her spear and stabbed the troll from behind but no matter how many times she wounded the monster its regenerative ability kept it coming, Githiom also did the same with his sword and activated his reflect damage aura, returning the troll's damage against itself but it still was not fazed, Zogg cried out and then released his spell, a fireball then sprang forth and hit the troll but still it had no effect, Zogg then cried out to Githiom and Papaya, as YX still wrestled with the creature.

"keep troll distracted! , Zogg will cast a very strong spell!" Zogg said

Githiom and Papaya then went in front of the troll once more as YX held it at bay, the troll then took its

club and bludgeoned the robot, but YX did not move an inch and continued its assault with the amazon and the Paladin behind it, Githiom then focused on his blade and with a strong swipe, cast a Holy element sword skill, Holy strike, hitting the monster on the chest, the troll howled in pain as it toppled over from the searing light of the skill, but still it rose up and took another swipe at the trio fighting it, meanwhile Zogg was still busy casting his spell, as the two warriors and the robot, kept the troll at bay, Papaya then flanked the troll and then screamed a battle cry as she went forward and used one of her amazon fighting skills, a powerful spear thrust towards the troll, which pierced
its sides, the troll winced in pain but still managed to swing its large club before Papaya dodged it in time, leaping backwards and avoiding the bludgeon, Githiom now hollered at Zogg ,

"anytime now Zogg!, we can't keep this troll company forever if you must know!".

Papaya then went straight for the troll once more with YX behind her and used her spear like a pole vault and launched herself off the ground nimbly somersaulting in the air and in a daring move landed on the troll's shoulders then with all her strenght stabbing the troll on the head with her spear. the troll then like a log dropped to the ground with a loud thud, as Papaya jumped off and neatly cusioned her fall by rolling when she landed, Githiom impressed then spoke

"well done amazon!"

Papaya smirked at him,

they then moved in closer to inspect the troll when it burst back into life once more pulling out the spear lodged in its cranium and then throwing it at Papaya, who promptly caught it with her hands then pointing it once more to her enemy, Zogg concentrating at his spell the elicited a comment from Githiom saying

"if he keeps at that we'll probably be troll food by then"

Papaya then also spoke and said

"what is big dumb barbarian doing!? chanting a ritual prayer!?"

but Zogg still was focused on his spellcasting paying no heed to the two warriors. Papaya then spun her spear and then once more with Githiom charged the troll as it swung its club on them, YX kept firing off blaster shots towards the troll, while Githiom and Papaya traded blows with it from their weapons, Githiom blocking with his shield and slashing with his sword while Papaya keeping her distance darting in and out while stabbing the troll with her spear, the deadly dance was now afoot as all four were dodging and striking with their weapons, even though the troll was swinging haphazardly it did not matter as it would only heal its wounds.



The troll then with a bestial howl then leaped forward taking them by surprise Githiom raised his shield while Papaya

dived sideways to avoid the monster, while YX stood its ground, not budging to the sight of a massive hulking monstrosity coming at it at

full speed, Githiom stood fast as well and as the troll landed on impact the force buffeted him but otherwise, he was still intact, same as with the mech, Papaya managed to get away and then doubled back to inspect the scene, seeing the troll bare its twisted features Papaya then raised her spear and prepared to fight once more, but this time Zogg shouted from back and shouted to them,

"get back!!" as Zogg released an ultimate spell, fireblast a large ball of flame dropped from the sky towards the targeted troll, as such Papaya

and Githiom and even YX frantically scrambled to safety to avoid the massive spell, Papaya and Githiom dove into the water as Zogg ran away as fast as he could to avoid the blast, while YX hid in behind a boulder, the troll then had little time as the titanic ball of flame dropped on it and incinerated it, not even it's regenerative ability could save it as Zogg's spell had beaten it.

Zogg surveying the blast area then looked for his companions and saw them drenched from a dip in the river, Zogg then triumphantlysaid to them

"Troll in now beaten!" Githiom then shot back to him

"were you also aiming for us?!" Papaya was at a loss for words but still kept her calmness, Githiom took a look at the destruction and said to the victorious Zogg, "by Luminaria man! what kind of spell was that? not even master level Illumian mages can cast a fireball of that magnitude! the entire area was now a smoking burning hellish blast area done in by Zogg, Githiom asked Zogg where did you learn such a destructive spell?

Zogg then answered him "Zogg read it from spellbook somewhere....." Githiom then deduced that Zogg must have been reading too many spellbooks to be that proficient in such an arcane art. Papaya then surveyed the area and found the troll now cooked and incinerated , she then took one good lookat its skin and then took a knife to skin the leather off of the monster, Zogg and Githiom looked on as Papaya took the leather of the troll which surprisingly was still soft and saw that it regenerated itself in front of their eyes, Papaya now had a regenerating Trollskin cloak, tough as steel yet as soft as silk and regenerates too!. Papaya was as happy as can be as she sported her new clothing and Githiom and Zogg looked around and saw a small cave and within it was loot from the troll! they then picked up the treasure which was a modestly sized hoard of gold and jewels and loaded

them in bags and tied it to YX, for carrying which the mech uncomplaining did.


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