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Chap 4: Githiom the Paladin


The entire armies cheered on for Zogg who was still pumping both outstretched hands into the air celebrating his win, the two kings then sheepishly set aside their differences in order not to be headbutted again by Zogg, who took the orb of great intention out
of his pouch and asked the two kings,

"Do you know where the kingdom of outerspacia is? do two kings know what the orb of great intention is?"

both kings looked at each other and shook their heads, as clueless to the orb as zogg was, by now the two kings were tired and spent after their duel and from being beaten by Zogg, but the soldiers were now in a celebratory mood as they could now go back to their families unscathed, YX was silently at Zogg's back ready to shield him even though it was not necessary anymore, one of the soldiers then came forward to Zogg, an elderly man still strong but was captain of rank, his hair already white with age but drafted into the army anyway.

"I may have heard of that orb, master Zogg, when I was a child I had heard of a kingdom among the stars that had a treasure of great importance but it was merely a bedtime story told to me"

Zogg then asked the old veteran,

"Does white hair know more? how can one get there?"

the old man then shook his head, not knowing the answer.

"the orb of great's a royal treasure possessed by the royalty of the kingdom among the stars......"

Zogg looked around and saw an armoured man, bedecked with shining plates and a massive shield behind his back, it was a paladin from Illumia, the Holy kingdom of light, riding a large two-legged armoured beast with two massive tusks and a long tail,

"I must thank you barbarian, you single-handedly put down the war between these two kingdoms,
I was sent here to stop it myself but you had beat me to it!"

the men around them then gasped and stood in awe of the armoured man who strode forward with his steed and promptly stepped down from his saddle

"It's Githiom! from Illumia! one of the five Royal Guards protecting the king over there!" the men said.

Zogg then looked at him and sensed his strength and will, Githiom sensed the same with the barbarian and hailed him saluting with his right arm, YX stepped forward arms and blasters on ready, but Zogg had made it stand down.

Githiom then dropped his salute and then challenged Zogg,

"If I may be obliged Zogg, let us match our skills with our arms if you might allow it"

Zogg then raised his axe and then readied himself for the paladin, YX stepped forward as well but Zogg had told it to observe"

"Thokk guide me!!!" then swung his axe around his body to form his fighting stance,

"for Illumia!!!" Githiom shouted back and then charged forward the same time as Zogg....



Githiom brandished his sword hitting Zogg's axe and locking with him in place, both king's Roven and Simol watching with their

armies around the two combatants, not one of them able to say a word, closely watching the battle between the two heroes, even YX stood by being ordered by Zogg to stand down, Zogg's axe swung and chopped but only hitting the large shield of the paladin, Zogg had a hard time finding a mark as the Paladin was fully armored from head to toe, and was incredibly skilled in fighting and defense, Githiom moved around Zogg flanking him and attempting to find an opening but Zogg anticipated this and leapt backwards raising his axe and casting a firespell, flame blast, casting it with his axe and unleashing the spell on Githiom, covering him with flames, Githiom, stood back then waves his shield in front of him, removing the flames from his body, Githiom then raised his sword and slashed downward which was dodged by Zogg who did a frontal thrust with his axe, only hitting the paladin's shield,

The armored warrior then raised his sword another time an unleashed a Holy element sword skill, Holy slash!, covering the barbarian with searing light blasting him backwards, Zogg was knocked backwards but was still standing, a spinning shield then went his way almost hitting him, Githiom had thrown the shield towards Zogg, the shield thrown like a boomerang returned to the paladin, locking in place on his arm, Zogg now howled and gathered his strength, flinging his boomeraxe towards Githiom, but the axe bounced harmlessly again on his shield, spinning and returning back to Zogg's hand.

Zogg now realized how powerful this Githiom was and now stoked his battle fury, howling again and forming a stance with his axe, Githiom merely stood in place and waited for his attack to come, by now the gathered armies were now watching closely and were in awe to the highly skilled battle going on, Zogg charged forward screaming and howling with his axe casting a lightning spell and flinging it towards the paladin, while he raised his axe ready to strike, Githiom anticipated the spell and the oncoming attack and blocked with his shield, a glowing aura then started to cover the armored warrior

a nasty surprise was then set by the paladin for the barbarian, as the spell hit its mark and Zogg swung down with his axe, fully hitting Githiom, Zogg then noticed he had taken damage as well sensing himself getting hit whenever a blow landed on Githiom, Githiom blocked his blow once more and then Zogg was once again hit,

"Surprised? said Githiom

"this is my an aura of reflect damage, one of the Holy skills of Illumia"

Zogg could hardly believe it, his attacks are bouncing off of the paladin and hitting him, every time he attacks he gets damaged as well, Zogg then leapt backwards and then concentrated screaming into the sky, he waved his axe preparing to cast another spell, Githiom sensed this and went forward

"no you don't!" Githiom said preventing the Barbarian from casting he charged sword and shield in hand and locked weapons with Zogg.

The battle then commenced each warrior trading blows with their weapons, Zogg was the faster one and hit Githioms armor many times but Githiom was the better one in defense, each hit the Barbarian landed reflected damage and returned to Zogg, who despite his powerful attacks was on a disadvantage, as his attacks were coming back to him, despite this Zogg fought on, each blow he landed damaging him in turn, Githiom merely needed to block, Zogg rolled to the side, and for the first time on the match was on the defensive, Githiom sensed this and now shifted his stance from one of a defensive one to an attacking one.


Zogg was on the defensive as Githiom charged and swung his sword downwards hitting him with a Holy element attack, pushing Zogg backwards and temporarily blinding him with it's light, Zogg now thought to himself on how to fight the Paladin and could not find out a way,

"that man is very strong! Zogg thought to himself.....and strained on how to properly fight him, but the answer came to him and Zogg decided on the best way to fight the armored man, Zogg then moved backwards far away from Githiom, and then chanted while holding his axe imbuing it with lightning, Githiom then took his shield once more and prepared to block the oncoming flying axe, but this time it was different Zogg instead of throwing it in front threw it to the side, the crowd around them panicking and moving backwards to avoid from getting hit by the spinning axe.

Githiom wondered to why the barbarian threw it off direction and immediately found out the hard way as the axe rotated on its direction and hit him on his back, unprotected by his shield, the axe bounced off from his armor but the message was clear as Zogg was too far away from being hit by his reflect aura, Zogg then finished his chanting and then unleashed a flame spell against Githiom who blocked it with his shield once more but instead of blocking it the flame spell explodes on contact and spread on Githiom body, Githiom then laughed and waved his shield and put the flames out once more, then held out his hand to stop the match.

"Halt! this match will go on and on Zogg, you have shown me your skill and strength and I have judged you worthy!"

Zogg's axe then spun back to his hand as he was still in the middle of casting another spell.

YX then trudged forward and put itself in the middle of the two, and voiced itself

"Auto-sentry mode active, Target's vital signs on critical...." indicating that Zogg had expended a lot in fighting the paladin

"Zogg still alright!" but then his movements were slower now and the barbarian had difficulty moving. much less fight. Kings Simol and Roven and their armies who were watching now came forward certain that the battle had ended, and declared it a draw, as Githiom went forward to Zogg


Zogg was out of strength after the duel with Githiom and plopped down from where he stood and waited for Githiom to come over, the Paladin then came forward and shook his hand, his face lit up with a jovial tone Githiom praised the barbarian for his skill and tenacity.

"Finally I have found someone who is up to the task, even finding the item is one less trouble for me said Githiom

Zogg merely grunted....

Githiom then gave him a friendly slap on the back and continued with his monologue

"the orb of great intention, it is actually real! and in the most unlikely hands too, I've never seen a warrior skilled in the axe cast spells so skillfully one would think that you have studied in one of the magic colleges" said Githiom,

"I've never been hit with such a powerful type of magic, where did you learn those spells pray tell barbarian?"

Zogg then gruffly stood up and answered him

"I read books, Zogg likes books......"

Then stood there towering over the paladin who was already considered tall himself.
the two king's Simol and Roven now went over to them and talked to them saying

Our war is now over.....even though it's not in the terms we approve of, but still our word is to be kept, we will now go back to our kingdoms, eliciting a cheer from the men of the armies around them, Githiom then spoke

"yes, I was sent here by my king to put an end to your differences but my work was done for me thanks to Zogg!" then held Zogg's arm and raised it high celebrating the barbarian as the hero of the war, eliciting more cheers of approval from the soldiers,

YX silently was in the background monitoring the events as they unfolded, Zogg was in his state was rather bewildered at the events that were happening but merely went along with it, and did not mind the attention given as long as he had shown a worthy battle to his God thokk,

Githiom then now had joined Zogg along with YX-1293 and bid the two kings goodbye as they went on their way and prepared to continue with Zogg's quest, Zogg then found the wisdom of having an extra sword to fight with him in glorious battle and welcomed the Paladin to his warband.

"Githiom is good sword! we will do glorious battle and thokk will cast his pleased gaze upon us!"

Githiom then said "I'm not exactly sure who is this thokk you keep on talking about barbarian but it sounds good the same to me!"

and so they go as a Robot, a Barbarian and a Paladin in Zogg's party.


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