Magic Barbarian



Chap 3: Zogg and the two kings


The mech followed Zogg down the mountain, a silent sentinel following its new master, Zogg didn't mind at all and actually was welcoming of the idea of having a sparring partner based on his last battle with the mech,

"You are good fighter, Zogg likes that.."

The mech then responded back to Zogg in a robotic voice.

"assign new target to neutralize...."

Zogg laughed and continued on his walking, telling the mech stories of his adventures outside of the land of barbarians, he then came to the realization that he loved to tell the machine stories of his exploits and was pleased with himself that day as not only did he do glorious battle that more likely pleased his god Thokk, he also gained a new companion as well, Zogg the asked the mech a question.

"what is your name friend?, so that I may call you by your name as we enter and do ferocious fighting with challengers?"

this was the first time the mech received a command so thus responded accordingly

"unit designation, YX-1293 heavy autonomous assault"

monotonous metallic voice sounding off while still following the barbarian

Zogg puzzled with the name then said back

"hmmmm, Waiexx? that is strange name"

he then turned back and told the mech his name, his gruff voice sounding as a barbarian tells to a companion on a journey

"I am Zogg, a barbarian!"

proudly tapping his chest with his clasped hand, then turned to the path they were taking as the mech followed along, the path then led them to a lightly forested valley, Zogg saw something that was all too familiar to him, it was the flags and smoke of war, the valley was a battlefield, two armies were on each end preparing to charge each other,

it came to be that the two kingdoms Rendoll and Ishvall declared war on each other, and the two kings, King Roven and King Simol were at the forefront of their armies meeting each other discussing the terms of the battle, the battle was about to start. and Zogg and YX were in the middle of it......


King Roven met King Simol and barked his demands for his surrender of both his army and his lands

"you have encroached upon our lands for far too long Simol! these lands belong to Rendall and we are prepared to fight to the death to protect it!

King Simol of Ishvall then shot back at his demands,

"lands that your ancestors stole from us! don't think that we do not know!, there are rich deposits of gold here and you would not be interested in acquiring this land if it not for it, this land was ours to begin with and to let a cur like you stand upon it is unforgivable!!!"

"King Roven then sneered at this remark and spat on the ground, showing his contempt for the other king"

"enough talk!, you know what will eventually come to pass! only one side will win, I challenge you King Simol

to one one one battle and whoever wins between us both will be the winner and gain this land!
King Simol then agreed and then shot back, which will be me! let us armies fight until only one
of us is left!. Roven and Simol then drew their swords flinging themselves at each other

thus the battle started as both armies clashed with the two kings fighting one on one in the middle of the chaos both kings were masterful lords of both men and arms and fought with great skill, meanwhile, Zogg and YX were watching from the edge of the battlefield seemingly indifferent to the events transpiring

Zogg then looked far and saw the two kings fighting intensely their armies around them doing the same, fighting fiercely for the right to own the land under their feet as is usually the case with wars being fought for. Zogg then mused his observation to his Robot friend YX.

"Look Waiexx! those two men with shiny metal caps are hitting each other with their swords, they look strong too!

YZ then voiced to Zogg

"awaiting orders......"

Zogg then cast a spell and summoned a lightning axe in his hand and prepared himself, his insides tingling then said to YX

"we go where strongest are and fight!!!"

YX then voiced back"

"orders confirmed, attack mode engaged...."

then transformed into it's fighting mode following Zogg into the battling armies.

Zogg ran into the fray chopping and spinning disabling and dropping men by the dozens with his spell axe while YX stomped and shot through shooting its blasters and taking out soldiers, stunning men from both sides, the duo cut a swathe

through the fighting armies, both sides noticing the large muscled man and a giant metal Golem fighting, dropping men one by one and

going straight for the two kings.



The two armies now were in surprise as to the appearance of the stranger with a "giant fighting beast"
Zogg went straight for the two kings who were fighting in earnest, the kings Roven and Simol traded swordblows not allowing an opening on their defences lest the other take advantage of it, Zogg moved with incredible speed followed by YX who kept of shooting all incoming enemies dropping them with its blasters. Zogg then reached the two kings and immediately chopped in the middle of them surprising the two kings as to who this stranger was, the fight then into a three-way battle as the three were fighting each other

Roven and Simol then shouted back at the muscled man with the mech behind him,

"Who are you interloper!! for you to interrupt our duel means death"

Zogg then answered back and howled with all his might

"I am Zogg and I am here to do battle!!!"

Zogg then put both of his outstretched hands and grabbed the two kings by their heads and with one mighty blow headbutted the two
kings, knocking them unconscious.

both armies were shocked and froze in their tracks, completely stopping their fighting,
"look there!!! said one of the soldiers that muscled man has defeated the two kings!!!, the War is a draw!!"

"nay!! said another, that man has singlehandedly stopped the war by himself!!!" according to the conditions set by the two kings

whosoever defeats the other will be the winner! that man is the winner!! the war is over!!.immediately both the two armies raised their arms in cheering for Zogg, who pumped both hands in the air in a celebratory pose,

the two kings below him knocked unconscious, but unharmed except for a bump in their heads. YX the mech was behind Zogg silent and on standby mode

stranger tell us your name! asked one of the soldiers

"I am Zogg"

the soldier then thanked him and said "you have saves us all Master Zogg! this war has taken its toll on both kingdoms, you must be sent by the
goddess to put an end to this conflict!"

the kings Roven and Simol then woke up and saw that they were just beaten by the stranger, Roven and Simol then looked at each other and were ready to take up arms once more until Zogg stopped them,

"you want to have another go with Zogg?"

the Kings Roven and Simol then relented seeing how futile it was to fight a man that could take both of them on and win. Roven has already given his word and agreement with Simol,

"Whosoever defeats the other will be the winner" which was Zogg, the armies gathering around them then chanted Zogg's title,

"Zogg the Warstopper"

YX then went to the side of Zogg silently guarding him. Zogg raising his axe to the gathered armies around him.


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